Tutorial: Eye Make Up for Hair Loss

[Speaking: Charlotte] Hi Lurline, so I’m Charlotte, I’m a Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisor Tell me, how does your makeup routine differ since you experienced hair loss? [Speaking: Lurline] I’ve had problems with putting makeup around my eyes, and knowing what to do with my eyes because I’ve lost my eyebrows and my eyelashes. I really would love some tips on how I can highlight my eyes. [Speaking: Charlotte] That’s probably the advice I get asked for the most, “How would I recreate my brows and my lashes?” So, I’d love to help. So we’re going to start off with the brows.
What I’m going to do is use a sculpting brow pencil, which is a fine edge. I’m going
to make the shape first of all with three points, to recreate the brow shape. So, it
always wants to be in line with the nose, so what I’m going to do is to make a small
edge there. And what that is going to do is be the starting point of where the brow
is going to sit. If you now look straight ahead for me. I’m going to do small marks
here. That’s where the brow is naturally going to arch. My last point is going to be where
the brow will finish. So I want this to be at an angle and in line with the nose. What I’m going to do is short strokes with the brush. This helps to create a really natural
brow look, because it’s recreating hair strokes. It’s really important that when you’re doing
the brows, you do shorter strokes rather than large, arching ones. This will make it look
far more natural. When we get to our arch, what you’ll find is that you’ll naturally
need to switch the angle of the eyebrow pencil and blend it downwards. On the end of this
brush we have what we call a spoolie. This is basically a brush that helps to soften
the product. Okay, so you can see there already, it’s starting to recreate the fullness of
the brow. Now I’ve got the initial shape, what I’m going
to do is start to pop on some powder, and that’s going to help to build some of the
texture back into the brow. So we’re using a matte brunette powder and a hard angle brush. The slimmer the brush, the better, because again, it creates a more natural looking brow. What you’ll find with your brows is that you’ll never have completely symmetrical brows, so
it’s all about balancing the facial features. That’s why when people experience hair loss
that sometimes it comes as quite a shock, because one of the facial features that’s
most prominent isn’t there any more. So we’re going to go back to the brow pencil.
A great tip is to warm it up slightly with the back of the hand, and then if there isn’t any hair there, you will find it will sit
on the skin a lot easier. So what I’ve done
is created a little bit of an arch. But still kept them soft. So, we spoke earlier and you said that your brows were a little bit thinner, so hopefully you’ll find that this still feels natural for you.
It really helps frame the eyes. [Speaking: Lurline] That’s looking very nice [Speaking: Charlotte] Can you see the difference? [Speaking: Lurline] Thank you, yes [Speaking: Charlotte] If you get a slimmer edge when you’re using a brow pencil, it makes such a difference. Some people would maybe use more of a pencil
that’s… You have people say that have used eyeliner before on their brows. It’s obviously
not quite the right consistency. It’s always a bit better to go with something
that’s got that angle on it, it looks a lot more natural. [Speaking: Charlotte] Cool, how is that looking now? [Speaking: Lurline] Oh, brilliant! I’ve got eyebrows! [Speaking: Charlotte] Shall we move onto the eyes? [Speaking: Charlotte] When it comes to the lashes, it’s really important to use soft leaded eyeliner. I’m going to use a black today and that’s going to recreate
a fuller look on the lash line. What I’m going to get you to do is look down, but I’m going
to apply this on what we call the upper lid. That’s going to sit where your root would
go for your lashes. So, if you look down for me. It’s great if anyone hasn’t got any natural
lashes coming through the lid line, as it helps to re create some depth there. Short strokes again, very lightly, go along the top of the lash line. Softer the pencil, the
better. You can already see the difference there, it really makes this eye stand out. [Speaking: Lurline] Definitely. [Speaking: Charlotte] So, we don’t want to leave it looking harsh, we always want to blend it out. So what I’m going to do is use a soft
hard angle brush. So if you look down for me. We’re going to blend that outwards. If
you could close your eyes. What you’ll find is that the texture of the pencil will blend
itself upwards. It makes the lash line look very soft. But also a lot more natural. Again, you can really see the difference there. [Speaking: Lurline] Yes, I can. [Speaking: Charlotte] So what I’m going to get you to do now is look up to the ceiling for me. And again, we’re going to focus on where the lashes would grow from. You want to bring the liner into about the middle of the eye. We’re going to do exactly the same and soften. You can see that it really helps bring the eye makeup
together. [Speaking: Lurline] Oh, wow. Yes it does, it makes such a difference. [Speaking: Charlotte] Yes it does, absolutely. So it’s just putting a little bit of colour, a little bit of depth, where the lashes naturally grow. It gives
the illusion of a fuller looking eyeline. You’ve obviously got some lovely little baby
lashes that are coming through, so we’re going to apply some mascara there. So this mascara is great for sensitive eyes,
and it’s got a fine comb. What you’ll find is that it will pull on the baby lashes, but
it’s not going to be too tough on them so they won’t come out. If you could look down to your lap for me. The finer the comb, the more defining it will be. So it means you can get right into the
corner of the lid. Then what I’m going to get you to do, if you just look to my shoulder. I like to put a little bit of mascara on the bottom lashes, again for definition. So then
if you see the difference there. It really helps the eyes stand out and frames the rest
of the features. Where a lot of people go wrong is they will put the liner on the waterline,
which can sometimes make our eyes look smaller. So by placing the liner at the root of the
lash it actually opens up our eyes a lot more. It’s a lot more comfortable to wear. Perfect, have a little look at that. [Speaking: Lurline] Absolutely fantastic. [Speaking: Charlotte] How does that feel? [Speaking: Lurline] You’ve done a great job. It feels good. [Speaking: Charlotte] Do you think that’s something you could do
at home? [Speaking: Lurline] Yes, those are great tips that are not too difficult to follow. [Speaking: Charlotte] I think it’s
just knowing how to. All you need really is a soft pencil, and a soft eyebrow pencil,
and then it’s just blending it that really makes the difference. What you can do to finish
it off, we can put some lipstick on, if you really want to emphasise some makeup. Putting
a bright colour lipstick on takes away the focal point of the eyes. So if anyone’s a
little bit conscious about hair loss around the lashes or brows, a bright colour lipstick
will always help to bring confidence as well. [Speaking: Lurline] Thank you. [Speaking: Charlotte] No worries! [Speaking: Lurline] Thank you for watching this video, I hope you found it useful. Why not check out our other videos dealing with wigs, headwear or
our personal experiences in dealing with hair loss.

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