TSL Plays: Extreme Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

Thesmartlocal.com Hey guys! We’re currently at The Shilla Duty Free Store at Terminal 3 to film a very exciting video for you guys. And we have a special giveaway! So stay tuned all the way to the end to find out how you can win. Hi guys! Hi! I’ve only put camo cream before. What? Okay, you have to understand. I have a routine, morning and evening. In between the day, I also have a couple of products that I use just to keep my skin fresh. I own Gatsby’s blotting paper. Makeup wise, quite okay. I think I’m quite knowledgeable.
Ya! Her makeup quite on point. Can make people old, can make people young. I know Beauty blender.
Oh my god. Not bad, not bad. Actually not bad eh. Proud of you already. And… What else? I know there’s the highlights and shadows thing? Shadows? This is not VSCO ah. Mascara? Ya. BB cream? Is it BB cream?
Oh, not bad! Okay, let me go through my daily routine.
Wow, crap. Cleanse, occasional scrub. We’ve got browcara, which is a thing nowadays. What else is there? Concealer…
What’s a browcara? What is browcara? Browcara, it’s like the mascara for your brows. To make you Cara Delevingne? Ya, I mean you can do that with your browcara. Yes, yes, yes. There will be three segments: a trivia quiz, a treasure hunt and the makeup segment. Here are the teams! AJ Heck-it! And we are Fau– Ow! Fau-ow-nia! One, two, three! Faunia! I think he will do my makeup better than me. I’m pretty sure I will. Like really. Why am I with John Lim? I’ll get her ready for Halloween. In the first segment, the girls from each team will be asked a series of trivia questions relating to makeup and skincare. Each question will correspond to one makeup product. Whoever answers the question correctly will win the product Eyebrow, eyeliner– Browcara, eyeliner, lipstick! I’m proud that you listened to what I said just now.
Ya! Right? Fauzi’s so wise. Essence-in-foundation means you’re cutting down one step of your routine. You guys, I’m like talking to brick walls. Three! Naked! What are you saying? She’s asking you for the number! Six! Seven! Xenia: Naked Basics, Naked One, Two, Three…
John: I’m confused. I know Naked One, Two, Three, Naked Basics. Nine. Eight. Oh no! Wait, what did we get again?
I don’t even understand. Benefit something something tint cheeks. Wrong! Are you done? Oh my god, so close! Yes! Sun Protection Don’t! Don’t help la, walao! Sun Protection Figure? No! I don’t know, you send me some message again eh! Fixture. Field? Future? Sun Protection Factor! Yes! He was literally doing this, this, all the time! I was like oh my god, that’s so obvious.
How do I know what was that? X Factor! Oh my god! I don’t know. Milk? Ya, correct! Yes! I like how she’s like “I don’t know, milk?” Greece? Egypt. Japan! China? Actually, I’m very scared for John, for the fact that he’s going to have a lot of products to use. Actually, I think I should stop answering eh. The more I answer, you have to find more. Ya I know. I think you cannot find one. I don’t even know what they are. Enough la, I think we have enough. Oh! So easy. Eh? I thought drop! KIEHLS Yes! Oh… I thought KHI Oh my god! I quit this game! Fau come here, Fau come over here!
Eyebrows! The Face Shop. Innisfree! Yes. Yes! Nice one!
Oh my god! I saw a F in the logo. Then I was like, “Eh? Innisfree.” Okay la, now you suai la, okay? Perfume? The word is inside (the phrase). Shut up! Toilet spray? Oh my god! Toilet scent? Cubicle! Toi– Toilet water! Yes! Oh my god! Anyhow guess eh! So hard! Okay. EYEliner highlighter. EyeLINer highlighter. EyeliNER highlighter. Eyeliner HIGHlighter. Eyeliner highLIGHTer. Eyeliner highlighTER! Yay! Oh my god! Yes! Please do this all day. In this segment, the guys will have five minutes to find all the products they have won in The Shilla Duty Free Store. Three, two, one! Go! Let’s go to Kiehl’s, alright. Which is right there. Easy. Come, come! PD: What are you looking for first? I’m looking for the Bobby Brown Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil. It’s just supposed to look like a pencil right? Ultra Facial Toner… there you go! I am picking this up. Let’s go! Is this the pencil? Or am I missing something? Oh, oh! Perfect– ahh! Okay, okay, okay! Yes! Is that…? He actually got something. Can I just say, she actually prioritised what to get first because she got no faith in him. Maybe winning six items wasn’t a great idea. There you go! Ultimate Basics eyeshadow– I can’t pick it up! You’re all not worthy. Oh my god! Everything is colourful, and I don’t know what is what. Oh! PD: You found it?
Go-go tint. Yes! PD: Do you need to choose a colour? Frankly, I don’t know, but okay la, choosing colours is quite easy. That’s the only advantage we have, because Adria and I have the same skin colour. Look at me, look at me. No, this is too fair. Oh, okay. Oh actually, can la. They all look the same to me. I’m just going to take this. Hopefully it’s right. I’m sorry, Adria’s face. What colour should I go for? John, the other side. I think it’s at the other side eh. Ya, the other side have. Eh, don’t. The other side, below, below. Stop it, Xenia, stop it! Too sweet, too sweet. I need a bit more… red. I think I’ll go for this one. Rum raisin. Seems to be like a nice, easy, nude. Let’s go for some insane colour. I think this colour works. I know mascara. Mascara is a brush thing. I’ve collected all my products. Twenty seconds! Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Just anyhow take la. Two. Zero! Stop, stop! Okay, time’s up! PD: Just take the last one. Just take. PD: So is Fauzi being nice and helping you now? Ya, ya, ya. PD: Wow, teamwork makes the dream work. There. PD: Fauzi, why are you so nice? Why did you help him? Because obviously he needs all the help he can get. Shoutout, okay, to the sales lady. The only reason why I manage to get it was because she was like, “There.” Yes!
PD: Got help ah, got help. Lancome. Lancome, there. Okay, thank you so much. Wow, that is a really red lipstick though. Ya. I purposely chose that. Oh! She’s going to look like a geisha. I know what kind of colour Xenia likes. I picked the colours that she will like. He really chose the ones that I like. I chose the one she will like. Naturally. Now, the guys will have to use only the products they have found to create a full face makeup look for the girl under 10 minutes. The pair with the best makeup look wins! And the challenge starts now. Okay, I’m gonna start with toning her face.
Tone my face! I don’t know. I’m just going to apply camo cream. I’m insecure about one thing, and that is that I have a birthmark here that is two lines down my forehead. So you need to conceal that! Okay, I will, I will. This is her eyebrows now. I’m going to try my best to not to make her look like Crayon Shin-Chan. Oh my god. I keep thinking that he’s doing something right, but at the same time, I keep imagining that my face is going Stop making me laugh.
Going down! Stop making me laugh. Uh, okay. Fauzi! Bad, bad choice. Three strokes on the apple of your cheek. Is the three (strokes) like this? Oh wait, let me put on lip colour first. You look like… You look like Pikachu, I can’t. I can’t tell you, but just look at my face. There are two things that are missing. Your contour, right? No!
What? Your brows! Oh my god, your brows! Do you want Cara Delevingne? No! PD: Four more minutes. Oh, okay la. You do the… (spreading of lipstick). Wow, I’m perspiring. This is stressful. PD: Three minutes. I’m using my hand as it’s easier to contour. Okay, since there’s about two minutes plus left, do you have anything you want to touch up? I think… the blusher. What? You all are done? I don’t have a blush colour, so should I use the lipstick? Yes, yes. Oh my god, shit. My other finger had dirt on it. Open? I’m gonna do some “highlight the inner corners of her eyes”. Why does that side sounds so complicated? Are you happy with your work? PD: Five, four, I don’t know what to look out for.
PD: Three. Quite la, quite la.
PD: Two. I need concealer.
PD: One. PD: Okay, time’s up!
Okay, never mind. PD: Ready? And, go! Her makeup is very intense, like the saturation is like “boom!” Your whole face is nude. Ya, I like the nude look. PD: Ready? Three, two, one! What the…? My eyelid, it looks dirty eh. Honestly, right, I made a mistake, and I used too dark a colour. I think his brows are not bad, and brows are something that is very, very hard to do. But, you need more colour. Wow! Actually right…
Not bad, it’s not bad. Besides the brows. I’m pleasantly surprised by the lips. I thought you never put anything. His eyeliner is not bad. He has a little bit of the wing. Ya, he did the winged tip.
Ya, I tried. I tried. PD: Are you proud of what John has done? I am. I’m very proud eh.
Yes! Considering that before today, he didn’t know everything. I don’t know. Frankly, I still don’t know. I’m disappointed! I feel like he can do so much better.
Even I’m disappointed. PD: And the winner is… John and Adria. Yes! Nice! Okay la, not bad la. Okay, I must say I’m really quite proud of you. PD: So the prize is that… We have a prize? PD: You’re going to get your makeup done by Fauzi. How is that a prize? One, two, three, go! I look like I was punched. I really look like the Joker sia. And he says, “Why so serious?’ The trivia was challenging the girls and the guy seemed to know a bit more I think the challenge in that is because we didn’t get the key products that we need to get. – Especially for my look.
– Colorful ones. I think we were lucky la. Especially those things that we really need, I was like “Eh, we need to get that shit.” The running around part was the hardest for me Cause you go down and see all the brands right, Then I see right next to me that had SHU UUEEUUMERA. Yeah, yeah, What sia? I feel like it was easy for me in the sense I I knew all the lot of the brands Easier for me to go like, aim in and go for it There was actually tons of brands So very hard for me to not be distracted. By all the different brands in Shilla So I was a bit like “oh shit should I stop here and look at it.” The prices are much cheaper compared to what you will get outside So actually it’s so convenient if you need like new makeup products And you are on the way to travel somewhere Go and buy. Actually whenever I fly over I use this. I think you should buy this now Thank you very much to Shilla for making this video possible Now if you guys didn’t already know Shilla offers a wide range of beauty products with high price savings For more information you can check out the description box below And we have a giveaway Because we have 3 Shilla goody bags full of beauty products for you to win All you need to do is like this video, Subscribe to TheSmartLocalTV and comment down below Which product we used today has the highest price savings It’s as easy as that And as always thank you very much for watching. You can watch our other videos right there. And until next time, BYE!

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