Trying Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Makeup With My Boyfriend • Saf & Tyler

Ty: So I don’t think I did it right Saf: Hello friends and welcome to another video. Today we are going to be doing something in honor of Valentine’s Day. which has already passed. So I ordered Kylie Jenner’s Kylie’s Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection. And I ordered it on the 2nd (Feb) and you know God Bless Kylie but it did not arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. It actually did arrive ON Valentine’s Day, at like 6 or 7pm. So obviously too late for us to film a literal Valentine’s Day video. (Right) but I really wanted to film a Valentines Day Collection video with my valentine. Awwww And he’s not just my Valentine on February 14th, he’s my Valentine EVERYDAYOFTHEYEAR Ty: That went from sweet to creepy slash golomy, very fast. Saf: *My precious.* Ty: That’s proof that Safiya will inevitably cast me into a volcano at some point, it’s gonna happen. Saf: this represents firey burning hot passion of my love. Ty: I’ve been there for purchasing many Kylie Jenner products, Saf: Okay [this is true]. Saf: Last December when I was running around like the LA-area, basically, like trolling craigslist, trying to find the Kylie Lipkits Tyler came with me to Orange County to meet this girl to buy the Kylie Lip kit off of her and we like met in a Starbucks, and we like exchanged cash (Ty: in a parking lot), And ever since that time, I’ve tested a decent amount of Kylie makeup, I feel like honestly Kylie puts it out as fast as I can test it. Listen, you thought you were finished when you bought the Holiday collection. Nope, Valentine’s Day, less than two months later. You know next year, I bet you: Labor Day. Kylie Labor Day collection. So if you hang out with us on NextBeat, you might remember a room where I put like KyMajesty on his lips And like kind of like (Ty: TyMajesty). Put like little sort of like hearts and stuff of the other lipkits around his face so Tyler has had Kylie Cosmetics on his face before. But we’ve never formally tried them together Ty: but that might’ve been my only real foray into makeup but i can recognise quality I’m not gonna let somebody else take this seat I’m not gonna let it be Freddie, or gonna let it be Candace I wanna be the one that’s sittin’ in here I wanna try this make up, let’s see what it’s all about. Like this……..this What is this? What are behind those lips? It’s like looking at Picasso Or like, Da Vinci, just like– Whatchu thinking? Like, what’s–what’s next? Like, “Kai Majesty.” You know? Like, “Kai Destiny” So the first thing we’re gonna try is Kylie’s Diary pressed powder palette. Do you wanna do the honors? Of course I do. Ah, let’s see here Ooooh, here, here you go. Gotta get that second camera shot there. Here is the Kylie Jenner lip kit. Basically, her diary palette is like an eyeshadow palette…plus two blushes [Ty] Got you, ok. Am I wearing this out tonight? [Saf] If you would like to. If you guys wanna see this, in the description below, you’ll see my going out tutorial You can check that one out, it’s pretty good, um It”s pretty good. I haven’t made it yet. *both laugh* So let’s start by swatching all the colors so they can see the colors. And then we’ll put a couple on our face. Let’s do it… Ty: We got a nice, smoky blend there Right, look, nice metallic. Comin’ in with this light pink one; it’s kinda got a bubblegum flavor look. Ahh, that’s a nice smoky one. I’m not getting anything on my finger, am I? Saf: No, I think–I think you’re doing well Ty: I did not space this out correctly. *laughs*
Saf: Yeah. Ty: *laughs* I’m gonna be up my bicep by the end of this. Sike, I was doing that to show my bicep off guys, don’t worry about it. There you go guys. Is that *laughs* is that um–you guys getting a feel for the color palette? Saf: And there they are. Bae, Heartbreaker, Make Me Blush, Sweet Like Candy, Love Potion, Be Mine, Heart Eyes, Romance, and Loves Me Not I give you a couple of eyeshadow brushes that you can do whatever you want with. Saf: Yup
Ty: I was tryna stick ’em up my nose. Saf: Me too, actually. Ty: Does this turn you on for Valentine’s Day? Saf: Yeah, it does. Ty: What about this wine one? I wanna try the wine one
Saf: You want the wine? Ty: Yeah, that’s what I thought; what’s that? Saf: Ok, so go in for–
Ty: Heart Eyes. Saf: Tyler will be creating an eye look using Heart Eyes and Romance. Ty: So eyeshadow goes above your eyes? Saf: What do you think? You’re not doing too bad, actually. Ty: What do you mean what do–I don’t know. Uh…yeah. Here, you gotta get a little of that–ah Ty: Smokier shade, In the crevice of your eye. Ty: It’s much harder to have one eye closed and do this on the other eye than I thought. Saf: Yeah, I think eyeshadow’s hard. Ty: Do I look okay?
Saf: You look great. Saf: You kind of look like a runway model. Ty: Oh yeah?
Saf: In a way. Like, you kind of look like you’re doing some avant garde stuff. Ty: It looks a little bit like an allergic reaction. Turns out I’m allergic to this and I had to grab an EpiPen, just be like “D’UHHH” Saf: WAAAH! WAAAH! Ty: *makes stabbing sound effects* Saf: Are you stabbing yourself in the dick? So you can’t really see it, but there’s a little bit of a smoky contour there. Saf: I love it. Ty: You like it?
Saf: Yeah Don’t give me the credit, ok? It’s–it’s Kylie. Saf: I’m gonna use Bae, ’cause i’m sitting with my bae. Ty: Yeaaaaah
Saf: And I’m gonna put Bae, it’s kinda like a silvery shade like, under my browbone. Saf: To be honest, I feel like I’m not someone who uses super bright eyeshadow all the time. But I do like the mix of, kind of like the taupe-y grey stuff, in with also like the really Valentine’s Day-y colors. I feel like it’s hard to make a Valentine’s Day palette ‘Cause it’s like…red. Ty: You don’t wanna just do red.
Saf: And pink. Saf: The frosty blue really makes me feel like it’s really mid 2000’s. I went in with Romance in the crease. And now I’m taking Heart Eyes a little bit and putting it just on the outer corners. I don’t know really what I did. Do you like it? It kinda feels like– Once again, kind of Zenon-y Ty: It’s–you–you go Zenon. I al–when possible, I do go Zenon. Saf: I just got glitter in my eye.
Ty: Oh, I’m glad that I avoided that, actually Saf: *crying*
Ty: That did not look pleasant Ty: Is there something- Saf: *interrupting scream* It’s almost like a disco look. Ty: Yeah. Ok.
Saf: Kinda disco, ya know? Ty: Kinda like a themed party, right?
Saf: Yeah. Yes. Absolutely. Saf: The two blushes we have are called First Date and Virginity. Ty: Maybe virginity is kinda a weird name for valentines day Saf: Because it is almost like: “Don’t lose it tonight.” Ty: I’ll put First Date on my face Saf: Ok I’ll take Virginity, that’s, that is fine. Ty: So what am I supposed to be doing with blush? Ty: In, in general? Saf: Basically so what I do with blush specifically, like not bronzer, not contour or blush. Saf: Oh, you are just going for it. Ty: Yeah, no I was just- I’ll figure it out. Ty: It’s got kinda a Joker vibe to this right now Like… Saf: Ohhh yes. Ty: Right? Saf: I see that. Ty: Some people just like to watch the world burn. Ty: I’ve found a, I’ve found a ruby the size of a tangerine. (The Dark Knight quote) Ty: That was Michael Caine. Ty: I don’t see anything happen with blush. Saf: Really? I see it, I see it- Ty: I can’t tell if there is anything on my face right now. Saf: You look very pink right now- Ty: Do I look beautiful? Saf: You kinda look like you are drunk Ty: Oh. So I look like I have a little Asian flush? Saf: I kinda have like an ‘alien eye, but a normal cheek’ look going on. Ty: Ok. Saf: So it is a like kinda coming together. Saf: Even though Virginity is a very weird name for a blush, I do kind of like the Virginity blush, it is very natural lookin’, I like that. Saf: You like it?… You can’t tell? Ty: I think you look great, *laughs*, I have no idea what I’m looking for Ty: OMG I just saw it! Saf: Do you see like the little like- Ty: I look hammered. *Both laugh* Ty: I look so drunk. Saf: So that is the Kylie’s Diary palette Now we got to move on to the Kylie Lip Kits. Ty: I don’t think you can actually top KyMajesty for me. Saf: I got both the mini’s and the full size lip kits so we have eight Ty: Lip Kits to swatch- Ty: You really bought a ton of this stuff, You are really buying Kylie a new car huh Saf: Okay, the mini’s. Ty: The mini’s. Saf: So we got six mini lipsticks right here. Ty: I am excited, I mean like there’s a lot of them Ty: They look kinda cute, they are small. Yesss… consumerism… Saf: All the colors in the mini kit she sells at full sizes I’m pretty sure Saf: Some of them are older shades that she has like repackaged to be in this kit and some of them are her new Valentine’s Day shades- Ty: Specifically for Valentine’s day. Ty: Oh, these things smell good- Saf: Do they smell like butterbeer? Saf: Right? Ty: They smell like butterbeer. That is like the perfect fragrance, Ty: If you are going for something, it’s butterbeer. Saf: Yeah maybe start at the top. Ty: I’m terrible at water painting, pastels,… Saf: You are doing so well. Ty: I’m doing well? Saf: Yeah. Ty: You hear that guys? Saf: This one is Maliboo- I want a M.a.l.i.b.u Barbie. Saf: I actually like that color Ty: Yeah that color is kinda a Safy. Ty: Is me, uh, trying on makeup Ty: doing anything for you- Saf: Sexually? Ty: Sexually, yeah. Saf: I wouldn’t call it a boner jam but it is not a 100 percent boner kill. Ty: Gotcha, that’s big. Saf: This is Posie K. Ty: I like how like one of my big hairs is just sticking out of it. Saf: I love that. Saf: I love that they go from long and skinny to like short and stout. Ty: They have sort of like a alien markings look to them. Saf: What are those Pokémon, they are called unknowns. Ty: Yeah, they are like an unknown. Apricot, Maliboo, High Maintenance, Posie K, Head over Heals, Mary Jo K Saf: These shades are not up my alley, necessarily. Saf: So I don’t know that I would get this kit. Obviously they smell great and they have- they are kind of like the perfect amount of lipstick, if it is not your favorite lipstick. Ty: I look at it like a sampler kind of, if you go to like a sports bar right, and you’re going to get like some of the chicken wings some of the jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks,… because if you don’t really know what you want or you are not willing to commit to like an entire plate of mozzarella sticks then you go and take the mini’s. Saf: Alright, so these are the full size ones. Ty: I am very exited, Kylie Cosmetics goes back to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. Saf: That one is called Valentine and this one is called Head over Heals. I’m a little bit confused because Head over Heals is in a full size and in a small one. But Valentine is in a full size but not in a small one. Ty: Right. Saf: So I don’t know- Ty: This is the exclusive one. Ty: Oh. What is this there is something else in here. There are two things in here Saf. Saf: Yeah there are supposed to be two things. Ty: What is this thing? Saf: So you have a lip liner- Ty: Ah, it’s like that pencil thing. Saf: This one is called Head over Heals, so it is one of the ones we already got in the mini set. Maybe she just really likes Head over Heals and she wants everyone to have it. Ty: No I think that Valentine is the holographic Charizard. Saf: The best card I ever had was the holograpic Lapras. Ty: That is not that good. Saf: This one scares me, this one is valentine Saf: Woaah Ty: This thing is really, really pink. Saf: That one is like Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Ty: Yeah, I don’t like Valentine at all. Saf: I think out of al these colors my actual favorite is Maliboo Saf: But I feel like for the spirit of Valentine’s Day, We should do one of the Valentine’s Day colors, so whichever one you don’t want I’ll put on Ty: Imma have to put Valentine on my face Saf: Alright so- Ty: I feel like I’m gonna have to jump up the sword for this one. I’m gonna draw my line in pretty quick Ty: So this is how you draw between the lines? Saf: Yeah…. Ty: I just told you that I’m not good at this so… Saf: You are going to do great. Saf: So this is Head over Heels, what do you think? Ty: I think it looks really pretty. Saf: It kinda matches my eye look- Ty: I think it looks good. Saf: So it kinda makes sense all together, in a weird way. You fell on that sword for me thank you for wearing Valentine. Ty: I kinda wish I had chosen….. hers but.. This is actually in a kind of stressful sweet spot for me I’m not good in drawing, I’ve never been good in drawing, I have terrible handwriting Ty: Mom’s spaghetti that is all I got to say. Saf: Mom’s spaghetti Tyler. Ty: I thought they always say ‘Mom’s forget it’, he is nervous. Saf: Forget it moms, stop talking about it. Ty: I like how like squiggly my line is. Ty: Clearly I’m just like shaking as I do it. Ty: This is not that easy. Saf: Honestly I mess up doing liquid lipstick all the time Saf: You look like – Ty: Do I look like Kylie Jenner? Saf: You look like Miranda Sings. Ty: So very attractive looking? Saf: Yup. Ty: I have a ton on my teeth. Saf: Just uh, eat it. Ty: Eat it, it is edible? Saf: No. Saf: Before you putted the lipstick on I kinda liked the look. Ty: And now? You love the look. Saf: Listen Valentine is a hard color to pull of, and you are nailing it. Saf: I think that Tylers look is more cohesive then mine. Saf: I think my look is all over the place. to be honest, Tyler has a theme, he is sticking with that theme. Ty: This is amateurism. Saf: If I was gonna name your look, I would name it Madam Puttifoot’s Tea Shop Which is where Harry and Cho had their date. Where there was just Valentine’s Day shit everywhere. Pink,… red,… bwa… Ty: If you want more looks like this then uh. Check out my tutorials. You definitely have a Zenon vibe to it. You could be …. or….. There is definitely a Zoog Disney vibe to it going on. Hi I’m Safiya and you are watching Safiya Nygaards YouTube channel. Saf: Overall what did you think of Kylie’s Valentine’s Day collection? Ty: I thought there where a lot of cool colors in there. Ty: Right, because then you can explore different looks different options and stuff. Saf: I think that some of these shades have re-wear-ability past Valentine’s Day. I think some of them are like really red and pink, I don’t think you could do a neutral look with these things. They could be fun for a date, for a party,… Ty: Yeah. Saf: They could be fun for rollerskating disco,… Saf: They could be fun for a lot of occasions So if you are someone who is into bright colors this could be perfect for you. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you like this video make sure to smash that like button, and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button. And make sure to click that little bell icon to turn on post notifications so you get to see every time we post. And see this beautiful face. Ty: Really just you know,… next level tutorials Saf: You know you really look like a matchmaker from… Check out my social media handels, and make sure to check out my Nextbeat I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q and A’s on there And there are Tyler his social media handels, his Nextbeat and his YouTube channel. So go ahead and check that out. We re going to film another TIY soon, one of those are coming your way. Ty: Coming to you soon. Saf: Coming to you.

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