100 thoughts on “Trying A Full Face Of Japanese Drugstore Makeup

  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy part 3/3 of our japan series!! and thank u for understanding that i was totally out of it this past week, i'm trying to get back to more regular posting in July! love u guys <3 ALSO, pls submit your ideas for my first tattoo along with your name to [email protected]! im thinking smol and simple, maybe something like text or a symbol? THANK U!

  2. Watching Safya low key freak out over trimming her eyebrows, for some reason made me think about Jenna Marbles shaving hers. They should collab.

  3. Does anyone know where I can get the eyelash curler, eyeliner and mascara? Or at least the brand name? It looks so good and I really want to try it out

  4. I wish you would make a video explaining your daily makeup routine – you put your makeup on in such a different order than how my mom taught me. I guess I never questioned her …! Would love to see you go through your day-to-day routine though!

  5. You know the part about the under eye puff there’s a infection called a stye but it pink so you can put a bit of eye shadow on there and it will be the same thing 😂

  6. I feel like it all comes down to how good the person is at using makeup. A makeup expert will make someone looks way better, even with cheap and minimal products. I'm not judging their makeup because I know that someone who knows to use it will use it well.

    In my opinion, you seem fairly good at applying makeup. The problem is the color you chose. You seem to have a warm undertone on your face, so warmer colors would've suit you better. Regarding application of the blush, I feel like you should've applied it a bit lower and more lateral. I'm not tryna judge, just give some tips for it to look a bit more natural.

  7. That makeup look actually looks REALLY GOOD on her!! It would be really nice for summer. Maybe go a LITTLE lighter on the cream blush around the eye/cheek area but otherwise it’s really nice. Especially for “no makeup” makeup days. Rather than the foundation she used you could use just a light BB or CC cream instead.
    I find it interesting that in Japan they try to make their eye shape more rounded and downturned/straighter like Westerner’s and we try to make ours more elongated and lifted upwards like most Asian eye shapes. Always want what others have I guess. But I think the slightly downward liner would actually work well at making even non-Asian eye shapes seem larger without using thick lines of eyeliner. I know that’s how I used eyeliner for the longest time just because I could never get the wings to look even remotely similar. And it DOES help make my eyes look even larger. Especially if paired with a white or very light pink/pastel yellow on the bottom.
    I also used to get colored prescription contacts for most of high school which was fun! And the prescription quality ones actually don’t cause that cloudy field of vision somehow unless they REALLY get out of place. Not sure HOW they manage that but that was my experience. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe because they were more of a tint than a more opaque dramatic eye color change. Like I have medium brown eyes with some green & almost amber flecks. So I used to get the green contacts & also a light almost honey colored version. Which made my eyes either look dark green or a light brown that bordered on amber. I also went thru a phase of wearing SUPER dark brown ones that almost made my iris the same color as my pupil with a lighter brown/amber ring around them…which made my eyes seem larger and was quite pretty rather than scary like it sounds. 😂😂 I would always get LOADS of compliments when I wore those or really any of my colored contacts. I did TRY blue but they just made my eyes look like they had a cloudy film over them. To others not my own vision.

  8. who pays all ur make up bills.. u r so rich that u can effort all costly make-up… i also want that make up products.

  9. The more I watch your Japanese style videos the more I love the blush under the eyes, it's so cute! I'm totally trying it!

  10. It would be cool to see you do a video with zero waste makeup, or making some and testing it out. Love watching your videos, you're awesome. 🙂

  11. I also think the same as Saf about cushion foundations 😂 everytime someone uses a cushion I wonder why they’re spending $20 on one foundation application

  12. I think this makeup makes some parts of your face very very nice, much better than western style, but also just.. doesnt go for you.

  13. When Safiya said, "if you see me buying multiples, i'm just experimenting. We can't come back, this is the only chance i got!"

    I felt that.

  14. I did not expect to like this, but the look is so youthful and dewy and I especially like the brown brows, softer and very appealing!

  15. It's a shame she didn't buy false lashes (I LOVE the brand Diamond lash, their designs are not like anything you can buy in the west) but I was ecstatic just to see gyaru mentioned (allbeit briefly)

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