100 thoughts on “Trying $1 Makeup From Wish

  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! i ordered a full face of makeup from wish back in FEBRUARY and yes now its may and the video is finally finished – brace yourselves for the japan videos which start next week!! xoxo, saf EDIT: ALSO THANK U SO MUCH FOR 5 MILLION!!! does this mean i have to get a tattoo now?? hehe…

  2. This is gonna sound weird and mean but I love going to sleep while watching Saf’s older videos. I have lot of issues with anxiety disorders (yep, multiple, fml), and getting myself to a place where I can sleep. Videos like this one and her other Wish hauls, weird outfits, and other videos are so comforting and calming to me. I’ve seen them so many times that it’s a safety net of sorts for me. Saf’s voice is also just very calming to me, especially compared to other creators who tend to be aggressively happy.

  3. Makeup shop : matte foundation.

    wish : beige matte longwear makeup fenty amazing girl women foundation good matte foundation cosmetic

  4. Please don't buy these cheap powder makeups. Like deodorant, powder makeup uses talcum powder. Talcum powder mining is a dangerous thing because it is near veins of asbestos. There are no health standards for fake makeup sold overseas and you could be putting not only any number of harmful chemicals on your face but also asbestos. Also talcum powder has been known to cause issues with women's reproductive organs, but hey, that's an issue for another day.

  5. Well i guess I'm glad you can do this! I've wanted to try cheap makeup but my eyes are so sensitive! It's annoying that i react to most eye makeup from ULTA

  6. The blush has no cover because it was actually marketed as a refill, the actual blush is the one above the blush you selected. It should have more shades of blush and a cover. 😊

  7. You’re so brave, I think your next video should be getting these products analysed in a lab for ingredients 😂

  8. I ordered a bracelet and some key-ring screwdrivers.
    I received a USB memory stick and 2 pairs of earrings.
    When I complained about it, they refunded me for the order… Which is nice…
    But still fuck using Wish.

  9. I'd rather go around with a naked face, to be honest. XD
    Plus that eyepalette pffff… the pink is called bubble gem XDDD

  10. I bought 30 mermaid shaped makeup brushes for £2 and £1 shipping only one came and it was the eyebrow brush it’s been 2 years I’m waiting for 29 more to come still I wrote a complaint and nothing went through I’m still pissed at them for that.

  11. Smells like…
    Hotel lotion
    A brand new rubber bouncy ball
    That goo in the can that makes a fart noise
    Like ballet class
    A pool noodle
    Like if you had an acrylic paint that was dog newton-scented

  12. what I love about you so much is you sound like a normal human in your videos. SO many people who make youtube videos sound like sales associates from teen clothing stores. You're vids are always so nice to watch!

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