Trifold Lighted Makeup Mirror by Jerrybox | Review & Demo

Hey everyone welcome to my channel if you’re new here, thanks for watching Please feel free to subscribe and hit that notification bell down below, so you’ll be notified of all my videos in the future Today I’m going to be talking about this new product that I just picked up from Amazon It’s called a trifold mirror And this is something that I think has stepped up my makeup game tremendously. It looks like this There’s the box. I already unboxed it, and I’m going to show you guys how I use it some of the features on it it has the 180 rotation it has LED lighted makeup mirror And it is dimmable so the LED is a little bit better to kind of mimic natural daylight So it doesn’t have that orange cast it doesn’t have a yellow cast on it It just has a beautiful illumination onto the skin to help you to apply your makeup Unfolded it’s thirty three hundred and fifty millimeters Folded it’s 175 millimeters. It’s great for travel. It is plastic, but it’s very durable So I can see myself packing this up on a trip just so I can you know take it with me It’s about eleven point two inches standing up This is by Jerry box the brand and it does have a cordless feature so it does have a battery Option where you can put four double A batteries Inside great for travel, it also has a little USB micro USB Outlet on is as well. another great feature is it has a little storage unit at the bottom of the base for quick access Maybe some bobby pins maybe your tweezers Maybe something that you use all the time that you just need really quickly That’s also an added bonus really stepped up my makeup game and helped me to see blending better I love that the three mirror option So what it does is you can actually turn it the way that you want so that you’re able to look straight forward into the straight perspective But you also have these other mirrors on the side that are tilted so gives you that Tilted effect as if you’re looking at the mirror from the side So while you’re Glancing into the mirror you’re looking straight on and you can just take a glance over and while you’re doing a contour You don’t have to move, you’re just doing straight on and you’re looking over to the right side and making sure Everything is well blended to help you apply makeup a little bit more quickly Which is always a plus this also has a detachable mirror up here, and it has five times magnification So what you can do is you can just get really close to and that can be moved you don’t have to have it there It’s just there for your convenience so I did want to just go ahead and share this mirror with you guys I thought it was just a great type of product and it’s very affordable I do have a code for you guys to get 15% off so I’ll link that down below and The mirror itself isn’t expensive and and so 15 percent of that you really can’t beat it. Just the quality The way that it’s made the different features that it has overall I really like this mirror And I just wanted to share it with you guys. Thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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