Hello guys. After doing the make-up under $20 dollar challenge, many of you wanted me to try other kinds of challenge. So today I decided to take the challenge of no-mirror makeup. This is actually the first time I ever try making up without mirror, so I have no idea what mess I’ll be creating. I’ve prepared a bunch of items here. This is the only mirror I have at the moment, and it will be lying on the ground just now. My camera has a quickview screen, but I will not be flipping it around today. There’s no glass or mirror around me too. This will be a completely fair game. So let’s do the challenge. Start with primer. I’ll be using a new purchase from Maybelline. I don’t think I’ll look ugly from this, because primers usually have no color. I don’t have to be afraid. Pump a bit onto my hand. It’s ok to just spread this on my face. Next is nearly the most important step. I’ll be using the Superstay Better Skin Foundation by Maybelline. I’ll pump it onto my hand. Ooh. There’s lipstick. This is a lipstick I told my audience on Facebook that it is very very long-lasting. This is a new line I’m testing. It just doesn’t come off. But I don’t want to reveal it! Back to the point. It’s foundation. I’ll pump it onto the back of my hand. Ok. It’s enough. And then… Dip my brush in… I hope it’s even since… brush always performs better than fingers. I’m loving this foundation right now because it gives a medium coverage… and doesn’t feel heavy… It feels cooling. Very enjoyable. A little more. And the neck… I don’t know if it’s ok by now… I want to look at a mirror 🙁 As I feel it, I think it’s acceptable now. But there are chances of unevenness. We’re done with foundation. It’s time for concealer. It’ also from Maybelline Better Skin. I really like this line. Cuz it’s lightweight… I’m scared of choking at my eyes. I remember that I have a few red spots down here. I’ll just go randomly. And here… If I succeed today, there’s no need for mirror then! Use the sponge to spread. I want to try my best. I don’t want it to be just a play. I will be really careful. Is it ok guys? Feeling insecure. I’ll add some more. My dark circles are very apparent. It grants me ages. Concealing done! Next is bronzing. I will be using a brush from Real Techniques and Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. This step is hard. I hope I won’t end up like a clown. If you don’t buff it in nicely, it’s possible that you’ll look like you’ve been punched in the face. I wonder who invented this challenge. Has he or she mastered no-mirror make up by now? I need bronzing because I don’t have that sexy V-line face shape. Poor me. Do I look like a clown now? Done! Now it’s time for highlighting. This shade. Ah there’s no mirror in here. Can’t forget my pug nose. I will shape my nose by contouring. This is more difficult. I’m using a smaller brush. I don’t know where I draw. This might also be the last time I make up without mirror. It is alright? Never mind. I think it’s ok now. A VERY hard next step is fill in my eyebrows. I use the NYX pencil. First, comb… I’ll make me feel more secure if I follow the steps strictly. Okay. Next up is the nerve breaking part. How to do it? I can’t go loosely. I don’t knowww. It’s really toooo hard. There’s nothing I can base on. If this goes wrong, my whole face will look ridiculous. The more I try, the uglier it may be. So… just leave it. I give up. I’ll do eye color. First, I’ll prep my eyes with a primer for longer lasting finish. Though I don’t know if I’d want to remove it when I have my mirror back. But then… I won’t skip any steps. Now I apply some colors. Today I’ll be using the Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette. I choose a yellow shade for my cease. I’m using my fingers, for safety. Alright. Let’s try brush. How to make 2 eyes similar I wonder? There’s a mirror in here so I’d hold it like this to avoid that. Don’t worry. I’ll pick a light pink color. On the outer V… A touch of soft brown… Where to put it? Eyes done. I’ll line my eyes now. I usually use brush liner. But in this situation, it doesn’t seem very suitable so I’ll use a pencil. How creepy am I now? Don’t get into my eye. I don’t know if I got a wing there. Lower line too. This is hard. I poked my eye. I don’t want the inner corner to look too heavy, so… blur that out. I’ll apply mascara. I hope it’s easier. I really like Maybelline. I have tons of products from them. This mascara gives you length, curl and volume. Oh. Seems like a piece of cake. I guess it’s alright now. The other side. The wand is giant. I should’ve chosed a smaller one. It wouldn’t get into my eyes as much. I’ll use a smaller mascara for the lower lash lines. It’ll be over if I pushed the wand into my eye. Next is highlighting. I’ll use my favorite highlighter from Becca. I will cover this mirror. This is for a glowy complexion. A touch down here. And here. Over. Next step is blush. I am using a Tarte blush in Blissful. A light pink. And a mirror. See? There’s no need for no mirror makeup when everything has a mirror inside. Hope I won’t look like a clown. A little bit won’t harm you. But this is very pigmented. A gentle swipe picks up a lot of product. Completed. There’s only lipstick left. I will go with a gradient look, just for safety hehe. It’s Lumi Pang No.09. I still love it. I don’t have to worry about going over my lips. Onw more layer. Uhhhh. Did I miss any steps? Now I will… I guess it’s okay now. I will use NYX setting spray to set the makeup, though I’m not sure if I should keep it. If it’s tragic then I’ll remove it right away. But I will complete it all to feel… complete. Just one spray. Or it’ll melt my mascara. It’s alright. While waiting for the makeup to set, I’ll do something with my hair. How do you think? Actually I don’t think now. Now I’ll stoop down to get my mirror. Oh. Wrong side. My eyebrows is luckily safe, but this wing is so long. I look… not horrible. I was right not to use a brush liner, but a pencil instead. The lower lines look blurred. The sculpting was alright. But I tanned my whole left cheek. So I’ve completed this crafty challenge. If you like today’s challenge, please like the video and subscribe to my channel.
If you like today’s challenge, please like the video and subscribe to my channel. I’m feeling fascinated right now for not using a mirror for the first time. But it’s probably the last time too. I will definitely use a mirror in my tutorial. This can’t happen again, right? Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next video. It can be a lipstick swatch, or anything. Goodbye then.

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