Top 5 MONSOON MakeUp Picks by Pallavi Symons | How To Do Makeup In Monsoon

Hi I’m Pallavi Symons your makeup
expert at it’s monsoon time in India and I have part of my
favorite makeup products that I want to share with you which I think work really
well through the season I think that the monsoon season calls for a lot of matte
makeup because we just tend to get oily here anyway because of the humidity and
one of my favorite picks for this season is a palette of matte eyeshadows by
Clinique it’s called teddy bear 101 the reason I love this palette is because
you have everything from a contouring to our lid color to a highlighter and all
of them are matte your makeups never going to look greasy
eyes are gonna look bright and fresh through the day and if you have to just amp them up for the night go into the darker color for a nice smokey effect well another of my favorite ones for
this month is at the Chambor waterproof eyeliner it’s a stay on eyeliner and
it’s a color called forever navy the reason I love this pencil is for the
color…when you wear Naturals through the monsoon you want a pop of color on your
face and I think the best way to do that is bring out your navy, blues, greens…
this is a gorgeous Navy you go with your denims your khakis it’s perfect because it stay on so it will
last for the entire day and very minimal touch-up Next, I have this Maybelline Color tattoo bar
I stood your pot it’s quite a beautiful cream to powder formula there are eight
colors to choose from take your pick I wouldn’t really recommend shimmers
during the monsoon but this sets and stays on your eyes for a while so this
is an ideal kind of shimmer to wear during the monsoons…I really like this
specific color it’s called bad to the bronze and I love it because it’s such a
nude shimmer it’s versatile you can amp it up with a
little bit of color eyeliner or mascara I really love this product…
well another favorite of mine is this little pot of magic Mac’s fluid line gel
eyeliner is every makeup artists must-have product and I actually carry
in my bag along with a little eyeliner brush because it’s just so versatile this gel formula is fantastic because it’s
the rainy season and you don’t want to be caught with blotches on your eyes and
this product is perfect for that because it does not smudge…
well next on the list of the top five products is Colorbar lip pencil it’s not
really the color that I like that much but it’s the product it goes on really
smoothly and it’s very creamy for a pencil so you can wear it on as a
lipstick and it stays on for a very long period of time we’ve used it in shoots
and it’s just fantastic at the effect is great and it’s opaque so you can wear it
to whatever effect that you like either as a lip liner or as a lipstick and I
love it either way so there you have my top five makeup
product picks for this season I hope you try them and enjoy them you

37 thoughts on “Top 5 MONSOON MakeUp Picks by Pallavi Symons | How To Do Makeup In Monsoon

  1. Great tips. We don't get monsoons over here in Spain but I am sure I can apply those tips for when I go back home to Ireland and there's torrential rain etc. Lovely video. It was very helpful xx

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  3. she is back aftr such a long, i love pallavi symons opinions n specially the makeup she does on herslf… its quite simple. ❤❤❤❤

  4. Omg 😲, am soooo glaadddd my favourite Pallavi Symons is baccckkkk …. yeaaaaa !!!!! 😁😍we want more of you mam . Totally love your content . Pls keep coming back . ThNks

  5. i wish you included products for base makeup cos you mentioned humidity and having a greasy face
    and of course base makeup is important for monsoon

  6. Gorgeous Pallavi and amazing picks for the monsoon season. Btw, was that stunning Nauheed Cyrusi @2 :34

  7. Hi.. I'm Sucharita..
    Pls help me..
    I have an oily acne prone sensitive skin so which product can I use??
    (Face wash, toner, night cream and whitening cream?)

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