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Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing really well. I’m here today with my top 15 pink MAC lipsticks. I’m going to include lip swatches, this is going to be a little bit painful but it’ll be worth it if helps any of you decide what to get next from MAC’s very extensive collection. So let’s get straight in. I’m going to work my way through from creamier towards more matte formulas just because it will be more difficult to get those matte formulas off my lips. So, to keep the trauma to a minimum, we’re gonna start with the easy stuff. I’m gonna start with what I have on my lips now and that is Creme Cup. This is a cremesheen. I just find this a really perfect everyday shade, but this is probably as pale as I would want to go. This is the kind of lipstick that’s going to look great on a really wide range of skintones. So I’ll swatch all of these on my arm for you so you can see the comparison as we go through in terms of colour differences. So that’s Creme Cup, it’s just a very peachy pale creamy nude. So the next Cremesheen I have to show you is Hot Gossip. And here is Hot Gossip… …just on the lips. This is one of those shades that’s really great for everyday wear if you work in, say, an office. It’s very subtle, it just gives a bit of colour to your face if you’re feeling like you look a little flat and you just want to chuck something on, this is a really great shade. It’s got tiny tiny tiny flecks of shimmer in it but you really can’t see them on the lips. They just give a nice sheen. And I’ll just swatch it next to Creme Cup for you. As you can see, it’s just a little bit deeper, maybe a bit more mauve to it. But a very easy shade to wear. And that’s Hot Gossip. So next up is Speak Louder, sticking with Cremesheens just for a minute longer. This is obviously a lot deeper in terms of the colour, it’s more pigmented. And this is what Speak Louder looks like close up. I think MAC describe this as a poppy kind of pink and I would agree with that, it’s got a bit more red and a bit more warmth to it. This is significantly less subtle than Creme Cup or Hot Gossip, but still a really beautiful shade and I do think you could get away with it in an office environment for everyday wear. I’ll just swatch it here for you. So it’s just got some warmer undertones compared to the mauviness of Hot Gossip. So this is Speed Dial, our final Cremesheen of the day. And this is just what Speed Dial looks like on the lips. This brings it back into the kind of peachier family. It’s brighter than the likes of Creme Cup, but again a really brilliant everyday shade. The Cremesheen formulas, if you’re not familiar with MAC’s lipstick formulas are very creamy, as the name would suggest. They’re well pigmented, some better than others, definitely. Some peopel describe them as moisturising, I don’t know if *I* would. But they’re not as drying as other lipsticks They don’t add moisture to my lips, but they don’t take away too much, either. And I will just swatch Speed Dial here for you. Just to run through the Cremesheens that we’ve had so far, we have: Creme Cup, Hot Gossip, Speak Louder and Speed Dial. Okay, so I’m going to move onto the Amplified Cremes now. These are very similar in formula to Cremesheens, but they’re really really pigmented. And the first one I have here is the least vibrant of the three I’m gonna show you. This is Chatterbox. Again, it’s a very nice everyday peachy pink colour. It’s not too deep but it’s not too pale either. And this is what it looks like on the lips. I’ll just swatch it next to these others for you here. So as you can see, it swipes on with really intense colour straight away. And that is Chatterbox. So this next shade is undoubtedly the brightest so far and that is Girl About Town. This is a really gorgeous gorgeous vibrant shade. I’ve never seen this look bad on anybody. I’ve tried it on people who are darker than me and people who are much lighter than me and it’s looked beautiful on everybody thus far. A really wow colour in my opinion, but it is also highly dupe-able. I know that Barry M make a version, and I’ve recently discovered that NYC do as well. So those are, sort of, £5 and £2 respectively. So if you were going to fork out on a single MAC lipstick I would suggest that maybe you pick another colour from this video which isn’t quite so easy to imitate. But a really beautiful colour and this is what it looks like on the lips. I’ll just swatch it next to these others for you here. So that is Girl About Town. So the final Amplified lipstick I have to show you is Impassioned. I hestitated for a long time before I bought this because I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off. The thing I find with the Amplifieds is if you don’t wear them they will wear you and you will look scared of your own lips so I wear this when I’m feeling really confident and I really do enjoy it for nights out and things like that. This has got more coral in it than something like Girl About Town so I feel like I probably wouldn’t wear this in everyday situations whereas Girl About Town if I was feeling bold I probably would. But again, I really love this for special occasions. And this is what it looks like on the lips. I’ll just do a quick swatch of it here for you. So as you can see, more coral and red in Impassioned than the blue-pink of Girl About Town. So next up I have a couple of Satin finishes for you. These are very pigrmented but they are less creamy than the formulas I previously showed you which means they tend to travel less and wear a bit longer. So if you like something a little lower maintenance this might be more for you. And this is Pink Nouveau which I adore. This is close up. Some days I feel like this could be a little too pale for me but it does have a slight warmth to it which makes it highly wearable. I know that MakeUpbyAlli adores this shade and its my baby as much as it is hers. I really love it. Let me just swatch that for you. So this is it here. The next and final Satin that I have to show you is Snob. The palest of all the lipsticks I’m gonna show you today. This is really about as pale as I feel I can get away with. Some days I feel like I look too ill when I wear this and I just can’t get away with it. But other days it’s fine and you can always warm it up with a gloss which I will show you in a second. But this makes a nice alternative to the likes of Saint Germain if you feel like that is too out there for you. I’ll just swatch it for you here. So that’s it there and that’s Snob. This is what it looks like on the lips without a gloss. I do sometimes like to add a bit of a shine to this lipstick just to take off some of the coldness that it can have. So this is just a quick example. And this is the NYX Butter Gloss in Meringue which is still quite pale but as you can see it just puts a little bit of dimension back into the lips. Moving on to the Matte lipsticks this is Please Me. And this is just a gorgeous peachy everyday shade. I find this really low maintenance; this is one of those shades that lives in my handbag, I adore it. It’s a bit warmer than the next lipstick I’m going to show you so if you are slightly cooler skin tone you can have a look at the next one, that might be *this* lipstick for you. But this is one of my absolute, all-time favourite MAC lipsticks, hands down. So this is what it looks like on the lips. And I’ll just swatch it for you here. As you can see it’s a really nice deep peachy pink. So this is Pink Plaid. As you can see straight away it’s cooler toned than Please Me. But it’s very much the same kind of texture, same kind of finish, same depth of colour just slightly cooler. and again this is one of those lipsticks that lives in my handbag. And this is what it looks like on the lips. And I’ll just swatch it next to Please Me so you can see the difference here. So this is Pink Plaid on top and this is Please Me underneath. So this is cooler and a bit more blue and this is warmer and a little more peach And I really like the Mattes; they’re not as drying as everyody says they are. Or if they are then they’re not moisturising their lips enough: it really is easy to work with on an everyday basis if you take proper care of your lips. And I think that the shade range in the Mattes is so worth it and the longevity of the wear that you get compared to the Cremesheens and the Amplifieds is worth it, absolutely worth it. If you are busy and you don’t like high maintenance lips like me, then look at the Matte lipsticks: they’re not as awful as everybody says they are. So this subtle little number is Candy Yum Yum. Super famous, it’s really, it’s just a neon pink. It’s more wearable than you would think and it doesn’t photograph very true to colour. I did a lot of research before I purchased this and it looks a lot paler in a lot of the photos that I found online so go and check it out in store before you decide to rule it out completely. But it’s just a really really fun colour. I love it. And this is what it looks like on the lips. And I’ll just swatch it for you up here. So there we are. Looking really, really bright next to the rather muted Pink Plaid there. Moving into Retro Mattes to finish off this video This is All Fired Up. In September of last year they released the Retro Matte Collection and made several of the shades permanent. Lucky for me they made all of my favourite ones permanent and this is probably my favourite of the whole collection, This is just a really wearable, in my opinion, bright pink. Being a Retro Matte formula, it is so easy to wear: you put it on, you don’t have to think about it for the next six hours. It’s brilliant. They don’t wear off when I eat. I’m pretty careful as someone who wears a lot of lipstick anyway but I could eat and this would still be intact. I do find that I have to take extra care so maybe a more intensive balm if I am using these on a regular basis. But they are absolutely worth the low maintenance high impact colour that you can get, in my opinion. And this is what it looks like on the lips. And even my fiancé who refuses to kiss me when I’m wearing lipstick trusts me when I say that it’s a Retro Matte and it will not rub off on his face I’ll just swatch it here next to Candy Yum Yum for you. I think that this and the final two shades are absolutely stunning. I love a matte formula and a super matte formula I just think is really flattering. So this next shade is a more coral pink And this is Relentlessly Red. I don’t know why they call it Relentlessly Red: it’s pink. And this is what it looks like on the lips. Lip swatches are slowly turning into a hot mess… …but we’re nearly there! And this is it swatched. So as you can see, it has got a more reddy-coral undertone to it, but it’s still definitely a pink. So our final Retro Matte and my final lipstick for this video is Flat Out Fabulous. Although it looks purple in the tube, it comes out pink on the lips. Again, this is one of those colours that’s quite similar to Girl About Town, it’s that same wow-factor in my opinion, but with a super matte formula. And this is what it looks like on the lips. And I’ll just do a quick swatch of it to round us off. So there we go. So there you have it, my top 15. These were in no particular order: I love all of these for different reasons, different occasions, it really can just depend on my mood. Hopefully this was helpful for comparing some shades and I’ll just do a quick run through to remind you of what we’ve looked at. So we have: Creme Cup, Hot Gossip, Speak Louder and Speed Dial. So we have Chatterbox, Girl About Town and Impassioned. Followed by Pink Nouveau and Snob. Please Me, Pink Plaid, Candy Yum Yum. All Fired Up, Relentlessly Red and Flat Out Fabulous. So I hope you guys have enjoyed that video. Let me know in the comments if there’s a pink that you love which I haven’t mentioned. Thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoyed this video guys and I’ll see you next time!

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