Too Faced Christmas 2015 Eye Shadow Tutorial with Laura88Lee

[? [SLEIGH BELLS JINGLING] ?] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. It’s Laura Lee from
laura88lee on YouTube. I had team that with Too Faced
to bring you the Le Grand Chateau. This is from their
Christmas 2015 collection. Look how cute these
little palettes are. They come with 18 different
eyeshadow shades, two blushes, and a bronzer, and they
are so adorable to give to your best friends or
little stocking stuffers. My favorite thing
about these palettes is that you can
create a complete look with each individual palette. You can create a sultry,
smokey eye, a golden brown eye, or even a pinky nude eye. And now we’ll get
started and I’ll show you guys how I created this look. To get started, I’m
going to be going in with a little bit of the
Too Faced Shadow Insurance to avoid creasing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next, I’ll grab a little
bit of the shade Rendezvous, and I’ll blend it
right into my crease. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next, I’ll go in with a
little bit of the shade Noir, and I’ll pack it right into
the outer corner of the eye. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next, I’ll apply Parfait all
over the lid and in the crease. I’ll take the shade
[? Provence ?] and blend it into the crease. [MUSIC PLAYING] next, I’m going to take Too
Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Liner in Perfect
Black, and apply it to the upper lash line. To smoke out this look,
I’m going to grab Tres Chic and blend it in the
lower lash line. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next, I’ll go with
the Deluxe Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
that comes with the set. [MUSIC PLAYING] To add a pop of color, I’m
going to go in with Tres Fab and apply it to the
apples of my cheek. [MUSIC PLAYING] To complete the look,
I recommend a nude lip. I’m going to be
using Melted nude. And there you have
the final look, using Le Grand
Chateau by Too Faced. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BARK] [DING]

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