Tips de maquillaje ojos ahumados – Smokey eye makeup tutorial

Hello, I’m Marisol Gomez, style and image consultant Today in Creating Your Style, along with the makeup artist and my good friend Mariela Bagnato we are going to show you how to use makeup to achieve a smoky eye effect, ideal for a special night out. Smoky eyes is one of the most difficult techniques to do by yourself at home, but today we will show you how to do it, using just three products: black eyeliner, black powdered eyeshadow and black mascara. We start by applying white powder underneath the eye to protect it if some eyeshadow falls With a black eyeliner, we will create the base of our smoky eyes Apply it fairly thickly right above the upper lash line, to create more contrast and so that the eyeshadow adheres more quickly Don’t worry about trying to make it perfect, since the idea is for it to serve as a foundation and help us better apply the eyeshadow later. With a flat brush, we start to spread the product out over the rest of the eyelid With the same flat brush and a little powdered eyeshadow, we are going to define the eye We add a lot more color and then seal the product with a cream. With the same eye shadow, we add definition under the lower eyelashes. Finally, we remove the white powder that was protecting us, to create an impeccable look We finish the look off with black mascara. Now you see just how easy it is to achieve the smoky eye effect. Special thanks to Mariela Bagnato, guest makeup artist. Twitter @marielabagnato Don’t forget to visit to check out more tips on fashion, beauty and wellness.

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