Tips And Tricks On How Lizzo Does Her Makeup

Known for her energetic performances and body-positive lyrics, Lizzo is dominating the
music charts with hits like “Truth Hurts,” “Juice,”
and “Good as Hell.” And her glam doesn’t go unnoticed, starting with her makeup looks. She’s rocked jeweled eyes and neon liner and metallic lids, and we’re
gonna learn how she does it. Meet Alexx Mayo. He’s been
Lizzo’s go-to makeup artist for the last two years,
and he’s gonna show us how to achieve some of her most
eye-catching looks at home. Alexx: Once we saw the
coat that Marc Jacobs made, custom, for Lizzo, we
immediately got inspired. Working together with the
team, we really got this, like, old-Hollywood vibe from it. But, and we thought, instead of creating, like, a typical old-Hollywood-glamour look makeup-wise, we wanted to use pink tones. First things first, I’m gonna start off with an eyeshadow base. And what this does, basically,
is it helps the eyeshadow have something to kind of stick onto, but also to really show
the vibrancy of the colors. I like to kind of start
off by etching the shape that I want to go with for the eye first. And then worrying about blending and that sort of thing later. I like to kind of use pressing motions to really get the saturation of color. And also just, like,
little circular motions, and that’s what helps you blend. Gonna use the Urban
Decay Moondust palette, and this is the color called Specter. And I’m going to use more
of a flat brush for this. I’m just going to really grab
the shadow onto the brush. I like to mist the brush. This works with a lot of shadows that have pearl or shimmer to it. And it really just kind
of helps it to glide on and to really get that intensity. This is the Urban Decay
Perversion mascara. Gonna have you look straight up. I like to do bottom lashes first, so that way, my client,
when she needs to look up, if I did her lashes first on top then I would get smudges
and smears everywhere. So always doing bottom
first is key for me. Pretty much sums it up. This is your 2019 Met Gala look. Narrator: Alexx and Lizzo
achieved a similar look for Afropunk in Paris. Alexx: This is a lot of fun. This is more of an emerald look, so kind of playing with
the same sort of shape that we went with before. A bit more rounded, but
definitely that high-impact look. I love these sort of foil eyeshadows. I like using my finger for these, because they almost turn
into, like, a liquid metal. Narrator: Last but not
least, a rainbow look from the Indy Pride Festival
where Lizzo performed. Alexx: Now, there’s been so many different versions of this. I really liked to kind
of keep the warmer colors on top of the eye, and
then working with more of the cooler tones on
the bottom of the eye. I’m really pressing it
down, and that’s how you really get the highest
impact from matte colors. Narrator: Alexx then
blends colors by bringing the lighter shade over the darker one. Alexx: With a red this
shade, we want it to be a little bit softer than the other one, so I’m using a little bit
more of a fluffier brush. Something a little smaller, too, ’cause I really wanted to
concentrate where this color goes. Narrator: With a purple shade
and the tip of a flat brush, Alexx etches and defines
the crease of the eyes. Alexx: I love using,
like, a shimmery shade right in the inner corner of the eye. That really gives, it opens up the eye, and it just gives it that extra pop. What I love about working with Lizzo, you really get to have fun. I think that if you’re
someone who wants to start playing with color, I
think that, you know, you don’t have to go too
overboard right away. I think that even just
adding a little bit, instead of using a black eyeliner using a blue eyeliner
or a purple eyeliner. Those are easy transitions
into playing with color. At the end of the day, it’s just makeup. And you can always wash it
off; it’s not permanent. And just have fun with it.

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