Tia Mowry’s Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Quick Fix

– Guess who’s back! Anton, my lovely makeup artist. He actually debuted on
Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, showing us a very sexy
Valentine’s look, right? – Yeah. – But today, you’re
gonna show us how to do one of my favorite looks, the smokey eye. (energetic music) So I have a question for you. – Yeah. – Why is the smokey eye so popular? – I just think it’s sexy,
it’s sultry, it’s fun, it just makes you feel kinda – [Both] Hot! (they laugh) – It’s true! – It does. – And the thing about the smokey eye that I feel like a common misconception is that people wanna go straight
for, like, black shadow – Yes. – Black eyeliner, all of the above. And there’s a lot of
different ways to do it. Like, one of our favorite
ways is how to do kind of like a taupe-y sort of
pewter-colored, smokey eye, and that’s what I’m gonna show you guys. – Yay! (claps) – Shall we start? – Let’s start, baby! – So I’m gonna start with
one of my favorite products. This is actually a Maybelline product. It’s a 24 hour eye shadow
base and it’s a cream. You really need a base if
you’re gonna do a smokey eye. The shadow needs something to grab onto. You know, when you get that crazy fallout of powder all under your eyes? You don’t want that. (She laughs) This is gonna kinda prevent it. So I’m just kinda using
it all over the lid and I’m blending it up into
the crease, as you can see. You know, you can wear this
by itself with some mascara and, you know, have like
a happy hour smokey eye, like a more natural, kind
of daytime smokey eye. I mean people generally think, like, omigod, I need black shadow, I need all this kind of, it’s more of an effect. – So we have the base on, right? – Yes. So we’re gonna do some shadow now ob-vee. This is one of my favorite
palettes, the LORAC Pro Palette, – Okay. – And there’s a color in
here that I love on Tia and it’s called Pewter. It’s like a gun-metal-y
kind of smokey taupe – Yeah.
– I love it. So I’m just gonna go
right on top of that base, just kind of in the center. It’s like an interesting color
versus just black or brown. – So my first love affair,
should I say, with smokey eyes was when my sister and I,
we were like in our 20’s, We had just turned 20 or
21, something like that, we were on Sister, Sister, of course, and we were wearing kind
of like the curly hair and we wanted to feel like,
you know, grown and sexy so we wanted to go a little
more dramatic with our makeup ’cause we were so used
to just being natural and it was a red carpet
event to this awards show and I was in this sexy
kind of like tube dress with my shoulders out. – I love it. – Yeah, and then the
dress was, like, sparkly. I’ve forgotten what my
sister was wearing. (laughs) Sorry, Tamara! But, um, yeah. I think it’s in my Instagram! – That’s great. – The photo. – I love it. – But, I don’t know, for
some reason a smokey eye – Her first smokey eye.
– Just makes me stand up taller. (laughs) – Okay, so next I’m gonna give
you kind of a neutral color in the crease and we do this
with natural eyes, smokey eyes, it’s nice to have that
transition color in there. I’m gonna show you guys how that works. This is my trusty more
neutral palette from MAC, but this is actually Saddle
eye shadow that I’m gonna use. Honestly, Tia, like every
time I do your eyes, I use this color in your
crease whether it’s dark or natural
– Oh, cool. – Yeah, because it gives
that really nice, soft blend. – Does it also make your
eyes kind of like pop more? – It does because it warms up the crease and that’s what makes the
shadow look really diffused and smokey and blended as when
you have that neutral color. It’s the color that someone
might not necessarily think to incorporate with dark eye makeup. – Yeah, I wouldn’t. – But it’s what makes it really, really — – Pop! – Yeah. – Ah!
– And look blended. – All right, so I feel that
this is coming together. – Yes. – And it’s been rather easy. – Yeah. It’s not really as
difficult as one would think. It’s one of the more
intimidating things with makeup, but there’s so many ways to go about it and everyone interprets
the smokey eye differently. – Yeah. – So, you know, every
step that we’re doing, can kind of be your last
which is what’s really great, like with mascara, of course, this would be really finished looking. We’re gonna keep going, obviously, because that’s what we’re gonna do ’cause I wanna show you
guys all the tricks. We’re gonna keep going
– So what’s next then? – So we’re gonna just
deepen it up a little bit. – Okay. – I’m gonna go back to my LORAC palette, I’m gonna use this gray
color in here called Sable. It’s like a darker kind
of chocolatey brown and we’re gonna add this to the corners and I’m gonna show you guys, you kinda make a V. – Ah! – And it’s a cool little trick. I’m gonna place this just under where I did that neutral
brown, the Saddle, and I’m going to deepen the corner here and this is when you really start to see the definition, the smokiness. – That’s what I was gonna ask you. – Yes? – When do we start seeing that smokiness? – This is one of the products that’s really gonna do the trick is to kinda get that dark brown in there. And when I said how you
kinda make a V shape, this is the good stuff. – Okay. – So I already placed that
kind of in the crease, and then I’m going to bring it down to the corner of your eye
here on top of your lash line, so you kind of have this V. So that gives you that really cool shape and if you guys think about it, smokey actually means diffused or blended. That’s really what a smokey eye is. It’s blended eye, it’s
just with dark colors. – Yeah. – So that’s what we’re gettin’ at. – Ah. – So when you get that corner
nice and dark in there, that’s when you really start
to see the depth come in. So now we’re gonna move
on to the lower lid. I wanna start getting into the eyeliner because that’s, like, my favorite part. – Yeah, mine too.
– You know, I love that, like, I love that underneath smokey factor. It’s so good. I’m gonna take the shadow that I used, the first transition color
in the crease, that Saddle. Basically gonna do the same
kind of fade underneath just to give it a really quick blend because then it’s gonna look
the same on top and bottom, it’s gonna match and it’s
gonna look really, really nice. I kind of want that whole underneath lid to have this brown on it because when we start
adding the darker colors, it’s gonna look just like the top. It’s gonna look just diffused and blended and just really good. Plus, when you barricade the
eyeliner with these shadows, it lasts so much longer, it
gives it, like, a little, it’s like a moat around the castle. (they laugh) Now, one big trick with the smokey eye is we’re gonna do some black eyeliner, don’t you worry. – Okay. – But I’m gonna start with a
dark, like, chocolatey brown. This is one of my favorites. This is Groundbreaker from MAC. These last a really, really long time and you’re gonna get that really nice transition on the underneath. I’m gonna kinda push this
right into the lash line so I’m not necessarily going all the way – In the eye.
– Into the waterline of the eye. – Oh. – We’re gonna use the black for that. – Oh!
– Yas. So this is almost going in
between the waterline of your eye and the shadow that we just applied. So, black eyeliner? – Yes. – It’s happening. – Give it to me! – Now, we’ve earned it.
We’ve done the leg work. (they laugh) So this is one of my favs. This is Lasting Drama from Maybelline. – That’s so dramatic. – It’s so dramatic. (she laughs) But this formula is really, really cool because it’s pliable, like, you have a chance to blend it, but it also looks jet black. So now we’re going – In the eye. – In the waterline. – Okay, so before we were
outside of the waterline, right? – Yeah, with the brown pencil, we kind of used it, I pushed
it into your lash line almost. – Got it. – So, I still left the waterline open. – And this is like creating
kind of like dimension, right? – This is just drama. – I just love all the layers
that we have to the smokey eye. – It’s a fierce cake. – Yeah. – But on your eyeballs.
– And we love cake. (she laughs) – We love cake. What I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna take the brush that I used to apply the shadow. This is a 219 from MAC, this is an amazing brush for underneath. So do you remember when we did
the Valentine’s Day makeup, how I had you squeeze your eyes together? – Yes. – Squeeze. Yes! (she laughs) So, if you guys missed it, basically what that does is
it pushes that black liner from the bottom to the
top and it pushes it between your lashes. Sometimes, do you ever see,
like, little speckles of skin when you do the bottom liner? – Yes. – This actually pushes it in between – So cool – So you wanna just give it a good squeeze and then, look up. And then you just kind of
reapply one more time… (funky music) and then you have a little bit more depth. It just gives you, like, a flawless look with the black liner. Now, I wanna do that top
liner situation for sure. – Yay!
– Yeah. And there’s so many
different products you use. It just depends on your comfort level. Like, some people like the
gel eyeliners with the brush. I personally love — – Wait. What’s easier, Anton? – Well, that’s what I was gonna say. (she laughs) ‘Cause like.
– This is Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, okay?
– Yeah. And that’s just it. And the gel liner and
then you need a brush, like it could be a little bit much. Like, there’s this liquid
eyeliner pen from NYX that I love. – Okay. – And I think it’s super easy to use. Pens like this seem intimidating, but they’re a lot easier
to use than you think. So you can kinda lay this
down against your lashes. It literally works like an ink pen. – All right, Anton, I need
for you to help me out here because whenever I do this on myself, sometimes I find that
it’s hard to, you know, kind of get the line straight. You need, like, you know. Precision.
– Mm! I am so glad you asked that. – ‘Cause you know, you’re
like in the mirror. – Yeah. – And you’re, like, going
like that and… (laughs) – Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so are you ready
for your life to change? – Yeah! I’m ready! Bring it on! – This is what I do. You have to have a mirror and
you have to look down into it so your eyelid flattens out. – Oh! – So when you’re actually
applying the liner, you have a mirror, like, right here and you’re looking down
– Down! – Into it and you can see what’s going on. – As opposed to looking up
– Exactly. So, actually, Put your chin up and then
do you see what I mean? – Yes. – So then you can actually see your eyelid
– Eyelid. Yes. – And your eyelid is also flat because when you’re lookin’ in the mirror and tryin’ to get it through your head – Yeah! You’re like. – Your eyelid can do funny things – Yeah. – Because you’re squinting, and
this way you’re more relaxed and you’re looking straight
down and you have control. Makeup is all about control. Control!
(she laughs) Okay, so we’ve got the
liner on there, right? – Yes. – So I wanna add a
little more black shadow just for a little bit more drama. – Drama. – ‘Cause we love it. – Yes.
– Why not. – Drama! – Yes! – Bring it on! – Bring on the drama! I’m actually gonna to go
back to that same palette that I’ve been using,
the LORAC Pro Palette and this is just the black in here. So, kind of where I
used that darker brown, I’m gonna make a little
V next to my big V. So we talked about blending
that color into the crease and then down onto the lash
line and don’t be afraid to blend it right on top of that eyeliner, and this gives it even more
drama and even more fun. – One thing that I love
about the smokey eye look is you can wear it with
jeans and a leather jacket, and you can wear it with a dress, it’s good for evening
and for day, you know. – Absolutely, and you can wear
it in all occasions, really. – Yeah. – And all year ’round, I mean. – Yeah. – In Springtime, I say wear
a smokey eye for Spring. Smokey eyes for spring. (she laughs) – Yeah. – So, mascara. – Yes. – Because it’s mandatory.
Mandatory mascara. – Yeah. – My favorite ever, L’Oreal Voluminous. I just love it. It’s super separating, it
doesn’t flake, it doesn’t smudge. The thing about mascara is generally if you’re using it everyday, I say switch it like every six weeks because it tends to dry out and, you know, you don’t necessarily want to buy a $40 mascara every six weeks. – Yeah. Lashes! – Oh, I mean, yes.
– I love a good lash. – I love a good lash.
(she laughs) We love a good lash
– Lash – Together. For sure.
– Yes. The old faithful. I always go
to the Ardell wispies for you. – Yup. – I mean, it’s like a full, serious, – [Both] Lash. – Situation. And the best part about these
is they just don’t look fake. – Yeah. – You know some of the
false eyelashes out there can look really heavy. – Heavy, yes.
– And really, really crazy, and these are, you know, they’re sparse, they’re thick and thin
like natural lashes. As far as lashes are concerned, my biggest, biggest, biggest
trick is to put a little bit of glue on the band
like I’m doing and then you wanna let it set for,
like, I mean 90 seconds even. Because when the glue is nice and tacky, it makes it super, super easy to apply.
– Put on. (funky music) Yay! – So, a little brow highlight, right. – Oh, yes. – Because we love that brow
to just be, like, screaming. – Yes, we love a nice highlight, honey. – Yes, we sure do. – Huntee. – Yes. – What are all the sayings, Anton? – Heney with an e. – Then it’s Huntay. Then it’s slay
– Slay. We slay with the brow. – Yeah, there’s gotta be more. Werk. (laughs) – W-E-R-Q. – Oh, yeah. Q. Werq. I just love seeing all those,
like, comments up under there. It’s so funny to me. – It’s pretty hysterical. – Yeah, I love it. – And then, of course, even the Yas. – Oh, yeah. Yaaas. Oh, no, this is the newest one: Queen! – Queen. (laughing) – Queen. I’m, like, okay. Yeah, love that. – All kinds of fun. – So, I mean, after this,
what we’re lookin’ for is, like, queen, right. – Yes. – So we can put a little crown on my head and be, like, Queen! (laughs) That’s when you know you’ve slayed! – Yas. Slay the game. – Slayed to the gods. – To the gods! – [Both] And it’s G-A-W-D-S! (laughing) – This is major, this is
some slayage right here. – Yes. – This is Starlight by Kevyn Aucoin. Love this product. – Okay. – So I’m just using a fluffy brush and just poppin’ this
under this brow bone. Don’t be afraid to kinda wrap this around and just throw a little bit
on top of the cheekbone. – S’more highlight. – I mean, you can just
never have enough highlight. – Are there do’s and
don’ts to what you would do with your lip with a smokey eye? – That’s a really, really good question. If you only do a couple of the steps, I say you can definitely
wear bold lip with it. Like, if you just did that
base with some mascara, like, that would look really beautiful with a red lip, for example. – Or a fuchsia. – Exactly, like any kind
of pop color you want, but when we go this far with it, I usually suggest going nude. I’m just using a Revlon color on you. This is like lacquer balm.
– Like one of my favorites. – I love this.
– I love it. – It’s called Ingenue and
it’s just super moisturizing and this is, like, one of
the best neutrals for you. And you don’t have to
worry about lining it, you don’t have to worry
about doing all of that because when you’ve got
this fabulous eye makeup, you can throw on, like whatever. If you have a tinted
lip balm that you like, you know, anything like that is, anything that has sheer color,
like a sheer wash of color is gonna be perfect with a smokier eye. – Thank you so much, Anton. – Thanks for having me. – I had so much fun with you. You know what I wanna see? I wanna see you guys try
out this smokey eye look. Make sure you tag Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix and I’ll choose some of my favorites and make sure you subscribe! And I’ll see you next week. Bye! (funky music)

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