Thursday/Четверг Short Film 2019 (Eng sub)

you are like snow” “Which will not fall” “I’ll prove
that you are blind” “You are as blind
as the rest” “Spring
will soon arrive” “New birds
will arrive” “The night
will be tender” “There will be others
for me” “If we weren’t here” “If none of this
were here” He started feeling ill
at home. He has cardiac issues, and once he took his medicine
the gastritis worsened. Hmm,
let’s see what we have… Look at my finger. Now, say ahh…
hmm… Here is his record from the Children’s
Health Research Center in Moscow. He has heart issues.
Before any treatment… you need to immediately do an ultrasound
of the heart and abdomen, and do an EKG… Then e-mail the results to the Children’s Center
to agree with them on a treatment. – We will see…
– He has cardiopathy. – I know what cardiopathy is.
– 1 sec, baby. Don’t you see
that you need to call our GP Gandaeva. Yes,
I know who Gandaeva is. I can see and read all these papers.
But don’t tell me how to do my job. Let’s start
with 200 ml of glucose at 10%, and 260 ml
of Ringer’s saline solution. We need to limit how much fluid he gets
and you can’t give him salt. Contact our GP
and discuss it. I’m afraid of using an IV. Last year they put him on an IV so much
that they handicapped him and he barely survived. I know what I’m doing
and take full responsibility for your child’s life. What about the ultrasound
for the heart and abdomen? The EKG? An appointment needs to be made.
They’ll do it in the next few days. What are you doing? He needs more fluids.
It is prescribed. Can’t you see
that the child is sick? I’m afraid
you’ll hurt my child with these IVs. First of all, hello. Secondly, I’m not a spiritual healer.
I completely know what I’m doing. Then can’t you send the tests
and prescribed treatment to Gandaeva in Moscow? They would then be aware of the treatment
and could advise on the accuracy, so we don’t make Dimochka worse. I don’t think that’s necessary. Stop it!
How much are you giving him in that IV? He’s probably had enough salt.
It’s dangerous. I know what I’m doing.
This won’t cause any harm. Hello. We’ve been at the pediatric ward
in Dmitrov since Tuesday. My child began throwing up
and had acute gastritis. They are giving him glucose
and salt in the IV. – The salt needs to be removed immediately.
– I asked her to contact you. But she didn’t think it was necessary.
They are giving him glucose. What percent of glucose?
5%? No, 10! – At what volume?
– 200. Tell them to give him
a shot of insulin immediately. The glucose should be at 5%. And to reduce the amount to 100.
Stop everything else. Call me at any moment. Then check the child for swelling
and that he is urinating at a normal level! I just called Moscow,
and they said to stop giving him salt immediately! You shouldn’t be giving him
10% glucose but 5%. We must give him
a shot of insulin now. We will certainly heed this,
but calm down. I am the one responsible
for the health of your child. I only care
that you don’t cause any harm to my baby. Honey, don’t you want to pee? Can’t you do something!
My child needs to be peeing. There’s nothing to worry about,
his cells could use the liquid! What has the ejection fraction been? In April he had good results
and was discharged from the Children’s Center. The fraction then was at 43%. The fraction is now at 20. You must call the Children’s Center now. Ask them what to do
to save my child. I can’t reach them. – Where is Ageeva?
– She’s already gone home. – Who is the doctor on call?
– Tushina! – Where is Tushina?
– She is coming, please have a seat. Call her, it’s urgent. I already told you, have a seat,
she will be here in a moment. – You are the doctor on call?
– Yes, I am. Urgently, do something
so my child urinates. Call the Emergency Situations Ministry
and tell them to take us to Speranky 9, or Morozovky clinic, or Filatovky…
Anywhere as long as they save my child. 1 minute… Call an emergency physician… Your child looks fine,
there is no need to create a panic. My child has not let out fluids
since 12 p.m. This is dangerous,
do something so he pees! Wait for the morning,
and then call Moscow. Could you at least check
his blood pressure or pulse. – He is getting worse and worse…
– Wait until the morning. Can’t you do something! The cells
could use the liquids. This is dangerous…
and the fraction has fallen. This is dangerous for him too. Wait until the morning. Wait until the morning… – Hello!
– This is Gandaeva calling Heeelllooo?! This is… Yes, I know who you are.
I’m listening. I wouldn’t want to overstep
my jurisdiction but you have one of my patients A boy, Dima… His mother sent me
a text message saying that the child
is already in critical condition. – Could you…
– Stop. I’ll just stop you right there. You have your area of responsibility
and I have mine. What happens if I care for the boy
based on your recommendations and the child doesn’t survive? Who would be responsible? You? Me? – The mother?
– But… And then I’ll be the one
to go to prison! If you would like the boy’s care to be conducted
under your supervision… let the mother write an official request,
rejecting our care and then take the child. But if something happens
during transport, the mother will go crazy. And you will be the one responsible! So let me just ask one thing…
don’t bother me while I do my job. And I advise you
to focus on yours. Now, I would like
to end our conversation. I’m very tired
after my 24-hour shift. Save my child!
I can see that worse right in front of me. He’s turning blue and losing sight. At least call the ER doctor… You want to do it?
Then we’ll do it… Hang on, my baby, you need to pee
and then you’ll feel better! – Mommy, it hurts… Stop it.
– Hold him… Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Help us, save my child. Look, I placed the catheter. – Where’s the urine?
– The sells need liquid! But what if the fluids
go straight to his heart? You don’t need to get smart with us.
Just sit and wait. The liquids
will soon begin to flow out. Come here, my child is getting bad.
Save my child. You fill him with fluids from the IV
and haven’t done anything so he’d pee. Dima…
Dima… My baby, live,
please just live! Fight it,
my sweetheart. Fight it son, please just live. Fight it son, please just live. Everything is fine, don’t worry. Come, have a seat here. Everything went well,
your child is stabilized. Sit here for a bit,
and we will come for you. Thank you very much.
Thank you. Unfortunately,
an unexpected complication occured. We did everything we could,
but couldn’t save your son. How? You killed my child,
don’t you see? She put him on an IV,
and you didn’t do anything when I asked
to make him pee. All you had to do
was make him pee! I told you.
What if the fluids go to his heart? And what did you say? Don’t get smart.
You murderers. You killed my son. I’m very sorry. Hello.
Dimochka died. What?
How? After the saline solutions
he stopped peeing and they didn’t do anything,
no matter how much I asked! They should have immediately done
an intravenous diuretic. That’s it. Just a diuretic. Nothing more. “Red water
before my eyes” “What will happen to us” “If only this was a dream” “Just a dream” “I don’t recognize you” “I don’t understand you” “Don’t you see, my friend –
it’s deep” “It’s there, inside” “Don’t you know,
don’t you know” “You and I,
you and I” “Couldn’t find,
couldn’t find” “Harmony” “Don’t you know,
don’t you know” “This is blood,
not water” “Don’t you see,
don’t you see” “The eclipse in the sky” A white flag
above the clouds” “As crystal blinds
with its light” “Recognize the call to parley” “Don’t walk away” “The pain
slowly melts away” “I slowly forget” “Don’t you see, my friend,
it’s love” “Don’t escape,
don’t walk away” “Don’t you know,
don’t you know” You and I,
you and I” “Couldn’t find,
couldn’t find” “Harmony” “Don’t you know,
don’t you know” “This is blood,
not water” “Don’t you see,
don’t you see” “The eclipse in the sky” “The rays of the cold moon” I can’t think of a single medical institution
where patients don’t die. If people didn’t get sick and die,
then, well really, there would be no need
for medicine at all. Death happens. Well,
maybe not at the dentist. Yea, it’s unfortunate,
but if anything when a patient dies, it just shows how important
that doctor really is. “And once
all doubts have past” “I’ll take the hits” “hits, hits, hits, hits” “I’ll take the hits” “Don’t you know,
don’t you know” “You and I,
you and I”

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