41 thoughts on “This Is the BEST Way to Clean a Mirror | Rachael Ray Show

  1. people will learn to through out thing on floor and make a mess. l like u r channel malissa but l don't like u throwing things like that.

  2. I love my girl! Melissa maker! So happy to announce she expecting a little one! She is gonna be a great mom! Im so looking foward to her mom videos!

  3. Wow a “professional cleaner” and she doesn’t know how to clean a window, or what to use. To get streak free windows you use white vinegar and newspaper. That’s all you need. The black ink on the newspaper leaves them streak free.

  4. what which dumbasses clean with the scrubbing motion LOL are you kidding me theres actually people in this world who think thats right

  5. I don't understand why people give advice on cleaning something and will not look to see if they did it right ?!!?

  6. no where in this video do I see how much cornstarch to use? I thought you were supposed to use alcohol for streak free? idk. Waste of time – when giving a "recipe" – please, for the love of Godzilla, can you tell us how MUCH of each ingredient to use?!

  7. I tried it and it doesn't work for me at all. It removes only light strains which can also be cleaned with water as it doesn't remove hard strains. So it's better not to use this shit

  8. I dreaded cleaning a huge mirror I have. I did this and it took virtually no time and looks beautiful! Saved my life! I suggest using a dry mirco fiber cloth after just to dry it all off. Perfect!

  9. People asking how much cornstarch are the same people that ask how much seasoning something needs whilst cooking.

    It looks to be a tablespoon at most. Half is a safe number.

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