13 thoughts on “Theater Talk: Harvey Fierstein on “Hairspray LIVE!”

  1. Elmo: "Who are you?"

    Fierstein: "Well, I'm the Christmas Bunny!"

    Lightning: "No you're not. You're the Easter Bunny."

    Fierstein: "Oh, yeah? Then how come I got all these here Christmas eggs?"

    Elmo: "Those aren't Christmas eggs! Those are Easter eggs!"

    Fierstein: "Okay, okay, okay! Shh… Those are Easter eggs and I'm the Easter Bunny. But it's usually my season and it's still Christmas! I gots to move these here eggs! Whaddya say, little fella? How 'bout a lovely Easter egg for a Christmas present? It makes a very unique gift!"

  2. Buy your friends an Easter egg for Christmas!

    Easter eggs are useful as can be.

    Take your Christmas money to your local bunny

    And you can lay an egg beneath the Christmas tree.

    Easter eggs no longer just for Easter.

    Now that we have Christmas everyday.

    It's the universal gift! So give a pal a lift

    And buy a Christmas Easter egg today.

  3. He is hysterical. It was the best of ALL the live musicals… We actually were floored. Compared to the movie, it killed!! Waaay better.

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