The Try Wives Makeup Mystery Box Makeover Challenge

– Welcome back everybody. – Welcome. – Welcome to you.
– Welcome to you. – [Both] Aww. – You know what’s missing? – What?
– The wine! (laughs) – We’ve got–
– Yes. – We love– (laughs) – This one looks more expensive. – Yeah this one looks cheap as fuck so you can have that back.
– Whoa! What is this five dollars? Who did it? Did you do it? Is it five dollars?
– Sam. – That’s gross.
– It was $5.99 How much was this one, $8.99? – Yeah we’re going with this one. – Winner. – Try Wives Wine Time! (rock music) – New merch at check it out! Try Guys Game Time animal tee. Exclusive Tryceratops slides. – Try guys. – Sunglasses!
– Oh my god – And also the Game Time animals hoodie only available at We’re the only ones here. (obnoxious breathing) (cork pops) (pouring) – Chill this for us will you? – [Keith] Uh, I’m just
gonna put it over here. – Please sir. – Please sir put it in the chiller. So inside of our box we have makeup. That I brought. – The premiere stuff. – It is clean non-toxic makeup. We’ve also got some mystery items. – [Ariel] Mystery items! – [Becky] They just handed us little tubs
– We don’t even know what they are – [Becky] Of things and then we put them in there.
– The boys just threw stuff in there that we’re supposed to use on our beautiful faces. – First thing you grab is what
you’re going to put on the other person’s face no matter what it is. No matter what.
– Wow! – Why with the plastic? Reaching for the fattest thing
– No! – I can find! – Not the guac please don’t get the guac. (long beep) – So we’re gonna start by
putting on our foundation then we’re gonna do
eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, lips, highlighter’s gonna go in there. (scraping) Lovely modeling. At the end we’re gonna reveal
it to a special guest judge. – Okay. – We’re gonna go take off all
our makeup and we’ll see you. – We’re not gonna take it off on camera? – Do you have makeup wipes? – [Keith] Do I? – Yeah, Keith? Do you have makeup wipes?
– Uh. – Look at that we do. – There we go. – Win! – What’s in this? – You okay with that? Do you wanna go wash your
face and then come back? (heavy breathing)
(angelic music) – I use a predominantly clean
skincare routine meaning no synthetic fragrance,
no parabens, no sulfates. So I’m actually going to go wash my face. – You’re a better person than I am. I’ve already used it. (laughs)
– I’ll be back. Now that our makeup’s off we’re
gonna go in and just put on a little bit of our foundation. – The classic striping. – Ahhh. Whatever Becky already had
on her hands was amazing. (laughs) – Your face. – I don’t even know where to start. – This is soothing. – Yeah? – I like this, yeah. People don’t do my makeup that often. – Oh. – Round one!
– Let’s go. – [Ariel] Eyebrows! – You do get one mulligan. You get one uh-oh I wanna send it back. – Why are they called
mulligans, I don’t even know what that is. – It’s from golf. It’s from golf. – I don’t play golf. (laughs) I really hope I get something good. – There is an eyebrow pencil in there. – That’s better than guacamole. All right I got this. (magical music) – Someone’s getting guacamole
eyebrows, her name is Ariel. That does not feel like eyebrow pencil. Reaching for the fattest thing
– No! – I can find! – Not the guac please don’t get the guac. – I grabbed something
skinny because I’m nice. Time to fill in my eyebrows Ariel. Give me a minute. – I’m using a W3llPeople
Nudist Multi-use Cream so this could potentially
be used on brows. – [Becky] Uh-huh. Backwards! Why are you moving this way. Oh boy. No don’t give me a unibrow. Blend it out! – Its like a little Keith. Oh look there’s a little hair on it now. – What are you laughing at Keith. What’s so funny? Is this helping? – [Ariel] That helped a lot. You’re beautiful. – My turn! – You’re beautiful Becky. – I’m using the RMS Daytime Nude Lipliner. I’m gonna give you french
brows, just a lot of definition. – Oo.
– Huh. – Not bad right? Not good. – It’s not awful. You’re kind of like Jem and the Hologram. I feel like I should color it
in the same way you colored mine in by going backwards. – I thought you taught me that. – There we go. Pretty good. – [Keith] I’d say you’re both tied. (laughs) – Really? – [Becky] Round two! What is that? – Blackberries. (party horn) This actually could do very well. – Eww there’s a weird sensation in there. – Oh, you’re so good to me Becky. I think you also know
more what’s in there. – I know not to grab plastic. This is the Lip Whip by Kari Gran. – This is a Blackberry. (laughs) By Ariel Fulmer. – I did say it was all natural makeup, so. What if this is when we find out I have an allergy to blackberries. – Oh boy.
– I’m just kidding. – That actually it’s not bad, I’ve seen worse. – That’s how I like my makeup described. – [Both] I’ve seen worse. – I think this color really
brings out your eyebrows. (laughs) We’ll give you like a blush contour. – Oo okay, yea, sure. – Yeah, make it look like
you got a little sun. (laughs) – Okay what’s next.
– Let’s go now. – I still have blackberry on my hands. (laughs) – Natural hand sanitizer. – I swear to God if you pull
– I know that’s not the – Out the guacamole.
– I’m pulling that – You know what it feels like!
– I know what it’s guacamole – You know what it feels like! (party horn) – Why with he plastic?
(laughs) What makeup do you have at home
that feels like that Ariel. – I was going for the dirt
’cause I thought dirt would work but this is hummus, I’m so sorry. (foreboding music) I’m so sorry. – This feels like an attack. – You have a send back!
– Will you hold the lid for – You have a send back!
– me while I check? – Yeah, I don’t want to smell like hummus. – Okay – Ariel, nothing that feels
like that much plastic. (magical music) you picked bronzer! – Yay! (crowd cheering) Mystery. – This is the RMS
lipstick Flight of Fancy. – And this is the Baked Mineral Bronzer by Inika in Sunburn. – Sunburn? – Sunbeam. (laughs) – So you would think with
bronzer that I could manage this just fine. – I feel like you’re doing good. We’re gonna make your nose thinner. Not that you need a thinner nose. – I had pizza the other day. Can you see it in my nose? Hold on let me make it better. (inhales) (laughs) Bronzer, yeah that’s a lot of bronzer. (laughs) We’ll just give you a little chisel. – Mm. – A little chisel and then
we’re just gonna blend and we’ll chisel you out
a little bit down here to reveal a nice strong jaw (laughs). – [Keith] You look like you’re
just getting very sunburned. – You just keep getting pinker and pinker. – Atleast I’ll be like
– Defined jaw. – A chiseled sunburned person. – Here we’ll do the nose thing too. It didn’t do what I wanted it to so we’re just going to blend it out. – It didn’t do what I wanted.
– Blend, blend, blend, blend! – Oh Ariel, you are beautiful. (laughs) So highlight? – Yup! Uh, this one.
(magical music) – Oo, lipgloss. (rustling) – I feel like everything in here is pink. (magical music) – This one’s bronzer and highlighter. – Aye! – Kosas Equinox Palette. – Rosewood Lipgloss. You’re gonna look like a mermaid. – I’m a mermaid. – You’re so pretty. – Oh, thank you. Thank you Mama. This is really beautiful highlighter. It really looks natural. Try to give you some glow. – [Ariel] Let’s do some eyes. (magical music) – Oh.
– Okay. – [Becky] Eww what’s on it. – That’s probably peanut butter. (rustling) – [Ariel] Blue! Yay! – Blue eyeliner! – At least it’s not pink. – Ilia eyeliner in Nightclubbing. – Ilia something in Walk This Way. – [Becky] It’s a satin matte lip cream. – Let me do a little cat eye. – The easiest in the eye looks. – Yeah. – Mm. I felt how far that went out. – It’s a lewk. (laughing) – [Ariel] I said it’s a lewk. – [Becky] This pencil sucks. – Oh no. At least it is an eye pencil. – Yeah, but I feel like I have to draw on your eyeball so densely. That’s all we’re doing
because I’m mad at this one. (rustling) – Oo I got eyeshadow!
– You picked eyeshadow! – Hush + Dotti Nicki. (rustling) (magical music) – I got eyeshadow. Swift Shadow in Enchanted Moonlight. One time when the Try
Guys were at the Streamys and they had those glitter beards, they didn’t ask how to take
the glitter beards off. I get a frantic phone call we’re trying to wash our
faces it won’t come off! What do we do? – Were you like I’m going to sleep, bye. – Oh yeah I was not there,
they had just called it was like two in the morning. – All right lets see it. Oo yeah. There it is. – I don’t know how I
feel about your reaction. – There has been quite a few
times Ned has come home with uh, makeup on. He doesn’t like to touch
his own eyes so he doesn’t take off his eyeliner and then
he wakes up the next morning and I actually think (laughs) he looks beautiful. – Like a Captain Jack Sparrow. (nautical tune)
– Yes, exactly. – So next up, lipliner and lipstick. Reach for something that feels like liner. – I know, I will. – There’s the black eyeliner in there and an eyebrow pencil. They eyebrow pencil! I have (laughs) black eyeliner. – I’m gonna be so pretty. Is this the one that you use everyday? – Uh-huh that’s for my eyebrows. Give me a poopy mouth. (laughs) – I feel like I’m drawing on a mustache. – Is this what West feels
like when you feed him? He’s just like – Baby, yeah you can rest. (child’s song) – I wasn’t allowed to wear
makeup until I was older but of course I was a rebel. – Yeah you are. – I’d have makeup in my locker. Should I overline a little bit You want a little bit of fullnes? – Yeah, I want like– – Yeah. (laughs) You look like a little French mime. You are so pretty. – Thank you. – Wow, an angel sent from heaven. Last step, lipstick. In you go. If you pull out guacamole. – Aha! – Okay, that can go on the lips. (rustling) – You did not get the guacamole. – I got dirt. – And I got Springtime Fun Dip. Mine comes with an applicator. – I need this on so that it’ll stick. – You smudged your– – My liner? – Yeah. Here we go. – Do you want me to like, pout? – [Keith] I think you’re
gonna have to have Becky. (laughs) Why are you playing. I feel like I was at the doctor. – It’s not as pink as you would expect. – It taste good. – Don’t eat it. Kay, dirt. Would you like to use the applicator. This seems so unsanitary. – Yeah, what part of the yard
did you get the dirt from? (man laughing) (sad music) – The way you’re breathing
sounds like a horror movie. Like you’re hiding under the bed. (blowing out of lips) – [Keith] Are you both
happy with your looks? – Yup! – Don’t lick the dirt. Um yeah, I think we did a really good job. – Let’s fix our hair.
– Oh yeah. – You purty. – You’re so pretty.
– Thank you. – You’re like a dirty little mermaid. – Yeah? – Like a physically dirty mermaid. (laughing) It’s in your teeth! – [Keith] Turn your bodies around. – Okay. – [Keith] And we’ll bring
in our special guest judge. And now our special guest judge, Maggie! – [Becky] Wow! – [Ariel] Woo! – Thank you for having me. There’s a lot of art
that goes into makeup. I am not a MUA myself, makeup artist. But I will appreciate the art. – [Keith] Three, two, one. – Wow, you used dirt as
the lipstick, that’s bold. It’s very Malificient is what I think of. – Mm. – Yeah. It’s very pink. – [Keith] Three, two, one. (laughs) – Oh that’s a good sign
– Oh my god. Isn’t she pretty? – [Becky] Why look, why are
you moving away from me? – It’s the eyeshadow. You have such beautiful
eyes and your eyeshadow just – Accentuates them. – It’s really upsetting. (laughs) – You just look like a merman meets – We were looking for merman.
– Why Merman? – You poor thing. – [Ariel] Maggie! I didn’t get a you poor thing. (laughs) I have dirt on my face. – Are you guys ready to see yourselves? – No. – [Keith] Three, two,
one, how do you look? – [Ariel] Oo, I do look sunburnt. – Oh God. I look like a hooker troll. – I’m a little uneven Becky. – I know one side
– It looks like I got a little bit more sun on one side. – It was hard! I see where the merman thing came from. – I think Becky is the most beautiful, but that means that I did the best makeup. – I think you both win. – Maggie!
– What? – We knew she was going to say tie! We knew it.
– Not allowed! – Most improved, best effort. – Most improved! – No not your face, I mean
like the art, the artist. – You have to tell us whose the winner. – You have to pick a winner
who’s the most beautiful? – Do you want a sugar kiss or a dirt kiss? – If I had to pick one to go out with I’d go out with Becky ’cause
she seems like the most fun. – Because she seems like
she would not cost as much as this one. – No! I’m picking your art. – That’s true.
– Yeah. I feel like you had the most fun with it, you used maybe more products. – We used the same amount of products.
– Same amount of products. – Oh you did?
– Same amount of products. – Yeah. – I think you just had
– I just used mine better. – The most fun with it. – [Keith] Ariel Wins. (laughing and cheering) – Becky’s the most beautiful! – I’m the most beautiful
girl in the world. (laughing) Why don’t you love me? – [Keith] I do. – Gimme kiss. – [Keith] Sure. – This was our mystery
makeup box challenge. – Magical. – What challenge should we try next? – What challenge should we try? – Should we put dirt on Maggie? – [Becky] Maggie, you want some dirt? See ya next time on – [All] Try Wives Wine Time! (outro music) – This thing’s heavy. – Yeah it’s sustainable packaging, you only buy the package once. Fun fact, TSA doesn’t like it. They always pull my bag. – I bet that’s true. – And then I’m like put new gloves on before you go in there. They’re like touching
someone else’s underwear and then they’re sticking
their hand in my makeup bag. – Oh my god.

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