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  1. A very powerful video, Rowan! Modern-slavery is everywhere and still goes largely noticed, it's up to everyone, from shoppers to the media to raise awareness of what is happening behind close shop doors.

    A couple more resources 🙂

    – A Thomson Reuters Foundation report (with images and videos) into the illegal mining of mica in India: http://tmsnrt.rs/2fS1iOG

    The government in India contacted us to let us know that a thorough investigation into the mines would be carried out. Then, car giant VW then got in touch to let us know that as a result of this investigation, they cut ties with some of their paint suppliers in India!

    – A Thomson Reuters Foundation interview with Lush’s head of ethical buying on the challenges of ethical sourcing all ingredients as the company grows: http://tmsnrt.rs/29WE8ou

    If you'd like to read other news on this subject, please visit: http://news.trust.org/trafficking/

  2. You really impressed me with this video, you seemed very honest, intelligent and active to me, and I love how much thought and research you put into this! It's important to have more people like you. xoxo

  3. Dear Rowan,
    Lush isn't using natural mica in their products anymore following an outrage about child labour in 2014. All mica used in Lush's products is synthetic. 🙂
    I've linked articles concerning this topic below^^

  4. Tbh I think tptb are building up to implementing child labor over here (US and Canada) in the near-ish future. For a brief time a couple years ago I was on "welfare" (goes by a different name here in Ontario) and my worker said I needed to provide a Social Insurance Number (I'm not sure what Americans call it) for my daughter, who was maybe 6 months old at the time. I asked why would an infant who can barely crawl need a card allowing them to work. They had no real answer to my question; just "I don't make the rules; I'm just following orders."
    I wish I was making that up.

  5. I have just recently gone cruelty free. I live in a small town in the US, and it has been a difficult process. Also, my brother's name is Rowan. Thank you for this video.

  6. omg I did not know those companys did that. Like is it really that hard to have adults, that get paid to do the work??? I just dont understand wtf

  7. Hi!
    I'm really interested on natural, vegan, fair trade… skincare and makeup (and more) and I'm doing an extense research of it. I've seen your video and I think is really important to know and be aware of all the ingredients that are used for cosmetics (and much more), but I'm finding too hard to find a brand that is respectful with all this… I've only found two and they are from the USA and don't deliver to United Kingdom or many other countries 🙁

    Would you recommend any?

    Thank you

  8. I love this video. I am trying to buy more US made peoducts. It is so hard to change it all, but this start will help. I hate how our phones are all slaved. People don't see all the slavery problems, but also placed getting their land taken away. We need this cultural change! Just slavery, human trafficking, sex trade. This world just keeps getting worse.

  9. Thank you so much for this video, it's so true! This video is amazing! Why do I care about animals but not humans too. Recently I've been more aware of how I consume and the way it is negatively affecting the environment, animals and humans. Veganism was my first step. But I always question is being vegan and not tolerating animals being harmed enough. The answer is no. That is not enough. I stop conforming to fast fashion, who are notorious for exploiting unethical labour. I recycle fashion by thrifting. I need to take my action not only by boycotting the products but also by forcing these companies to make the change. By telling them we care and we need them to change.

  10. this is amazing! not enough people are aware of this happening all over the world.

    thankyou so much for this educational video. it makes me want to be very very careful with what I buy. 😘😘

  11. With clothes, maybe the best thing to do is buy clothing that is used? Because at least you know the clothes won't go to some landfill somewhere.

  12. Honestly, you can't really get away from that sort of stuff. As someone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle when I'm older, it's impossible to be 100% vegan. It's the way it is, I guess we just have to deal with it?

  13. Fantastic video! This is something that has irked me about whenever I saw "cruelty-free" which made/makes me feel very skeptical. I'm really glad you've brought more light to this issue though. I generally try to buy as much as I can secondhand (or to go without sometimes) since that seems to be the most ethical way, but when I do buy anything new, it feels like a bit of a minefield since so much supply chain information is just totally absent. I've written letters to my MP in the past, but it's good to see more ways to try to do something about this issue. Thanks.

  14. You changed me. I had no idea and immediately stopped wearing any makeup. For months, I went without because of you. Thank you. Now, I make my own from food and have found a very few number of companies that are good for ANY animals being used to make it. You are awesome. Thank you so much.💚💚💚

  15. Awesome video, very helpful and educational. I am personally vegan and I do stand for human rights as well. Of course it's not one or another 😅 Indeed the two should be extremely connected.

  16. thank you for making this video <3 very informative and this topic is just not talked about enough 🙁

  17. so funny I find this now. I was making the exact same comment to die hard vegans that they are not so ethical as they purchase or live a lifestyle that encourages child labor and slavery done by the companies they support.

  18. I apologize, I am only stumbling on this video years after it was posted. But I do have some comments. Should the goal be to "be completely pure" or to "do good"? There are a lot of vegans for example, on Youtube, who want to make it seem that veganism is a zero harm movement. That's not how I see it. The axiom I build from is that, if people stopped buying animal products, that makes the world a better place. If every cosplayer stopped using animal tested materials, that makes the world a better place. It doesn't make the world pure, I don't pretend to live and die by every grasshopper that gets squished as I drive to work. But, if everybody stopped eating cow in a can, that makes the world a bit better. That's something I can communicate coherently and passionately without being hypocritical.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding your point…But I think single issue causes are essential. Not everyone living in a city cares, or can care about sewage treatment for example. Working really hard for sewage management definitely doesn't solve every waste issue. It doesn't fully "clean up" your city. You're not going to be able to preach purity doing it. But it is still really important, really meaningful for some people to seriously care about sewage. We need some people to dedicate themselves to the sewer systems.

  19. Cruelty free makeup never claimed to be completely ethical, it means it's not tested on animals. I understand your point, but I fear this pushes a message of hopelessness.

  20. great video! ever since i saw some documentaries about sweatshops in dharavi, i think so much more about the stuff i buy and even all the stuff i see of countless hours of someone's lives sitting in shops around the world being used by NO ONE! Such an important message!

  21. I'm reading the comments and a lot of people are saying things such as, "It's a shame that a lot of people care about animals more than children." Well, I don't even think that people don't care about children, of course people care about children (with the exceptions of the greedy and cruel) it's more so people are ignorant to who is gathering these materials for our phones, make up, and other life style items. I also think that this is a very complex and complicated issue as you said. Boycotting these companies is not going to do anyone justice, if you boycott, those kids and their families will NOT get paid, a lot of children and adults are forced to work in inhumane conditions. Until companies decide to clean up their working conditions and material sources policies, I don't think ethical working environments and laws will ever be achieved because those companies care about making the most profit for fast and cheap. We live in a very selfish and unfortunate world. Where there is good there is bad. So I don't think it's that people care more about animals than children I just think people are ignorant. And the welfare of animals should not be looked down upon because companies that test on animals not only test on rats and bunnies they test of cats and dogs as well. Keep the love going around to all living beings!

  22. When I first saw this video I was like oh it's some stupid vegan who cares too much about animals but you have a lot of great points

  23. I would actually rather animals be safe and not used for our nonsense then humans. We created this whole mess. We shouldn't make other species suffer because of our idiotic products and more.

  24. I love this! This is such an important thing that no one really talks about and I love the informative perspective on it.

  25. I think videos like this are really important and I can't make all of my purchases completely ethical, but I want to make more of my purchases ethical.

  26. Incredibly insightful. So many good reasons to consume less and advocate for better (and more transparent) business practices.

  27. Lush has a notice on their website that says they use synthetic mica and is therefore ethical. Do you know anything about synthetic mica and if that’s true?

  28. Thank you for this enlightening video. I feel very overwhelmed but I think an easy change is to switch from fast fashion to thrifting. You can get cute things for much cheaper. So it’s a win win.

  29. "Our children are safe from the illnesses, but they are not safe from human beings." Very powerful distinction made here. Thank you so much for making this video. We need more people talking about this, and I agree that the more people who are aware and informed, the more likely we are to make a change. Everyone should take that person's advice about simply asking questions( no matter who you ask) and start conversations about this global issue! inform as many people as you can, but PLEASE be respectful and kind when doing so!!!!

    Humans are capable of the worst kinds of cruelty but we are also capable of standing together to fight these injustices. If you made it this far into my comment, thank you very much and PLEASE go inform yourself on the subject, look into trust women, do what you can so that you can let other people know!! Btw I'm definitely subscribed!


  30. Thank you for sharing this very important information. I am going to keep this in mind when purchasing products, and talking to my peers about modern slavery, and "cruelty free" products.

  31. Sis… i couldnt give a fuck if a product is "cruelty free for humans". All i care is the animals. They. Don't. Have. A. Voice.

  32. well at least thats better than being poked with a needle in you eye, kept in dark, small cages, separated from mother, deprived of fresh air, nature, and freedom…..i meannnn

  33. EATHER WAY U CANT WIN THIS WORLD HAS GONE MAD but yet no mater what we whant to do about it isn't going to go away (but Jehovah will end it all ) :')

  34. Thank you for spreading the truth about all of unethical treatment of animals and children , adults too.

  35. I am really happy that I came across this video and I am really happy that you made it and it was so informative and respectful and I just want to thank you because not only have you made me think more and want to go and research this more and do as much as I can to help and spread the word about this, I am sure almost everyone else who saw this is thinking the same thing so thank you so much for making this video

  36. Can I upload this video on my Instagram account? I'll give you credits. I just want to spread this as much as possible. I'm shook. Heartbreaking.

  37. This excellent video prompted me to contact Lush and they have in fact cut off their use of natural mica from places that use child labor/slavery, though a public statement on this is quite overdue.

  38. It’s mostly just a label to make you feel good. Regardless, the materials used to make makeup products likely come from a place that WAS tested on animals OR used slave or child labor to make/get. I do think it’s a step in the right direction, and I do tend to buy cruelty free, but I don’t make it a huge priority and when I buy cruelty free I still realize it may not actually be truly * cruelty free *

  39. People are doing work to reduce slavery and improve buying options. Shea Moisture, Cliff bars, and Toms shoes are brands to look into. Fair trade and Rainforest Alliance have made a lot of progress in the food supply. Ghana is taking a national approach to remove child slavery from their cocoa farming.

  40. I’m now watching this but I really wanted to say that I love you and I feel like I’m not alone with the environmental and ethical points of view that I have. I’m young and trying to make a difference, I will be posting this link on my Facebook. This was incredible and I’m automatically subscribing

  41. i could care less about what people are gonna say about my comment..i truly believe animals are more important to me than humans . and i’ll take a cruelty-free brand knowing it doesn’t test on animals but knowing that children are being forced into labor any day over a product that does test on animals.. …..it’s my opinion idc.

  42. you could do a different title.I fell like it was a clickbait because we think first on the animals and if we have child labor you cannot wven think about the level of animal cruelty there is..

  43. I was writing an article about cruelty free make up and i found your video. Wow! It made me think of so much and the work it has to be done to been able a company to really lable their products as ''cruelty free''. Thank you for remind me that, and for this very powerful video! I will make sure to write about it in my article, to spread the whole truth about the cruelty free thinking. Thank you!

  44. Wow I’m at the point where I’m just gonna smear some dirt on my face as a foundation and some honey on my lips for lip gloss 🍯 oh wait honey is cruel to the bees! Fuck!

  45. This is the kind of content I have been yearning for on youtube!! Thank you for providing a great foundation for important discussions like these, we should really start asking all of these companies about their labor policies (the app "good on you" provides a look into many but not all companies), and hold them accountable.

  46. There is any brand we can buy withoit contribute into child slavery? Or animal cruelty? Or put toxic in our faces?
    I'm despair 😞

  47. Such a good video! I agree that we need to do more than just try to "consume more ethically". We need stronger international policies on companies transparency and anti-slavery as well as lessen our consumption greatly.

  48. It's an economically complex issue to boycott companies that mistreat their workers. Putting people out of work not only likely forces them to work in a different industry that will treat them the same/worse, but it also puts the country as a whole in an economically worse position. This won't get people out of poverty, it'll drag them further into it. Obviously I'm not an economist, I only know a little about this issue, but I think we have to be careful with it. Personally, I still try my best to reduce my impact (I shop second hand or from local companies a lot) but if we all did this I don't think we'd be doing a particularly good thing. Honestly, though, I don't know what else to do so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

  49. Lush uses a synthetic Micah after there previous source came under new owner ship and they could no longer ensure the new management was not using child labor

  50. Boycotting these products can do more harm than good. To us, this is slavery. To those workers, it's the only stable source of income.

    I'm afraid we'd only hurt people, not companies

  51. Slavery has nothing to do with women's rights and queer people don't represent people of colour. 93% or not.

  52. I'm really glad that you made this video. I've started gaining interest in makeup and fashion recently, but I've been hesitant to purchase anything out of fear of supporting fast fashion, wastefulness, and other types of unethical production I've become aware of. In the end, there's just a lack of information all throughout the marketplace, and it's probably next to impossible to buy anything in a capitalistic economy without hurting someone or something, somewhere down along the production chain. However, videos like this start conversations, and the more the message is shared, the more people will be aware of the issue, and hopefully, that'll start to influence businesses to change their policies and be more transparent in their production.

  53. Thank you so much for making this video. I have always known that companies making nice promises about how they 'don't believe in sweatshop labour' is a really empty promise, and living in Cambodia really drove that point home. However, it really felt like there was nothing I could do – as you state, you can't actually ever shop 'ethically' and that just translated into a feeling of hopelessness. I mostly just try to avoid buying things and question myself sternly about what I need, but it's good to feel like there is more I can do.

  54. By the way, makeup gurus on instagram and youtube arent talking about this issue in the hopes that one day they cash in on their own makeup line. so disgusting & selfish

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