100 thoughts on “THE STAR ⭐ FAMILY COLLECTION: REVEAL & SWATCHES | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

  1. HEY EVERYONE!!! What is everyone's favorite shade from the liquid lips??? I can't wait to see you all with them on!!! Nathan and I are reading all of your comments now and can't stop smiling!!! XOXO

  2. So heart breaking to hear Nate talk about Daddy now that he’s gone so suddenly. Such a hard year for you guys and your babies. Thoughts and prayers with you all!💕💕💕

  3. I’m here after Daddy passed. He is in a better place now

    Rest In Peace Daddy star you will never be forgotten ✨

  4. Came here when Diamond passed. Never thought I will be back so soon again. RIP Daddy. And to dearest Diamond, take care of your lil bro, we missed you too.😢

  5. Sending lots of love to you and your family❤ This is one of my favorite video of yours, I love your love for your babies. I want to get a bunch of poms for my family too. 😢
    RIP Diamond and Daddy

  6. Rest In Peace Diamond and Daddy Star

    Jeffree I know this is hard on you and Nat but be strong just know that we're here for you in your time of need

  7. Rest In Peace
    Diamond & Daddy

    I feel so bad for Jeffree. Last year I lost my grandfather, cat, and dog within 4 months. The the only way i could cope was dissociation. So I wish the best for their grieving process

  8. Awww…. Daddy was Nate's baby!!!! RIP Daddy and Diamond… I'm so sorry, Jeffree and Nate. They're such beautiful babies.

  9. Rest in peace Diamond and Daddy Star. We will miss you two fluff balls so much. Your daddies loved you two more than ever. Hope you rest and have fun in doggy heaven and play night and day. Rest in peace 💗😔

  10. I love that “Nate” is in a relationship with you. Clearly he is gay which is absolutely not offensive to me. He accepted you knowing you were sodomized a MILLION times before. Gotta give credit to someone who is cool with that and your unfortunate pigeon toes / handicap legs. Money talks. Get on with your bad self. 😬

  11. As soon as they were talking about Daddy I was in tears. Sending y’all all the good and healing energies ✨

  12. Fox's are vixens not K9s. Theres no way they would have been able to breed. But it would be super interesting if it was possible!

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