100 thoughts on “The Perfect Comb Over | How To

  1. DUDE YOU ARE THE BOSS BRO YOUR VIDEOS HAVE HELP ME MASSIVE sorry for caps but man you really help me get to know my hair better and how to treat it right. Thank you very very much keep up the good work.

  2. hey i was watching this for my brother and i was just wondering when you go to the barbers what do you ask him for ???

  3. hey buddy, this tutorial is awesome! steaight to the point. I dyed my hair silver the other day but my hair seems to stay flat how do I add extra volume?

  4. Looking at these comments makes me feel really down. Why does it matter that he's gay? He's fucking styled as shit and a hell lot more spiff than a lot of other guys out there. I think that's what matters about this channel, not his sexuality.

  5. I struggle with this because my hair is so thick. I have to get it thinned so often. Good tips though 👍🏻

  6. If you all want shine and a pomade which will truly hold your hair in place all day, then I recommend for you all to try out Murray's Nu Nile Hair Slick Dressing Pomade.

  7. People do not put product in your hair when dry!!!! When you get out of the shower you dry your hair till it’s still a little moist. Then you apply product

  8. So this is where I learned from how to deal with flyaways. I was watching content like this at the very beginning of my journey in learning how to stylize my hair. Thank you Robin for great tips you provide!

  9. If your having trouble getting your hair to stay down wear a durag overnight you’ll see the results literally over night

  10. You know what a comb-over is right? A comb-over is a balding hairstyle, where bits of hair go over the balding head. This my friend is a side-part

  11. What can I use to hold the combover in place if I like a more full look? I don't like when my hair looks wet or flat

  12. Hey guys don’t judge and call him gay, I’m gay and don’t act like that. This is the first video I’ve watched from you and subscribed, thanks man.

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