The Look of a FACELIFT with MAKEUP, Women’s HOODED EYES, BROWS, JOWLS, Mature over 50

Hey awesome ones, hey Heather what’s with
this fan that you have here? Well as most of you know I’m 62 years old now
and I don’t want needles. I’ve never had them, never had them. I don’t want any
surgery or anything like that on my face so I’ve had to figure out a way to go
from this… to this which is a way of doing a facelift with makeup and I kind
of really studied it because I don’t want them needles so let’s just see what
we can do here… I’m going to show you in this video the eyebrow technique do you
see up here how this is pointing upward so your eye is moving upwards it’s
elongated in the face giving you a little bit of eye lift here, also the
eyes themselves I have hooded, droopy, you know, what’s the other word downturned
eyes and I have actually sort of given them a subtle swoosh… sorry I got a
cold not a big swoosh but a little subtle
swoosh there and also defining with a good foundation, a good contouring, a
little bit of blush and also those jowl things you know we’re trying to
camouflage those and also you know these nasty little marks, these age spots that
we get, let’s cover them up, let’s do our own little mini facelift and let’s go… So awesome ones here I am, keeping it
real. I don’t have any makeup on and since I’ve had a cold for a few days
I might be looking a little bit rough but we’re gonna show you the magic of
makeup and as I said this video is going to be a little weird because I’m going
to do just half my face in a kind of facelift makeup tutorial if that makes
any sense to you and yeah the idea is I don’t want you
guys thinking… oh my gosh she just photoshopped that or she did this or
that I’m gonna show you though my real face folks and let’s see how we do. Now you
really have to have a nice smooth base to work with before you put on any
makeup so let’s talk about the night before or maybe a regular routine with
me… I did do a video on my top 10 kind of youthful tips and in it I mentioned
coconut oil which I absolutely love and also a collagen moisturizing cream
especially for around the eyes to kind of keep those wrinkles at bay. So now
that I’m starting with my makeup let’s just pretend this is in the morning my
face is actually… I don’t have a day cream on I’m going to be using a primer
in a second and that’s going to be the base for my makeup. Alright so let’s
start with the primer I like to use this primer I’m going to be doing a full
coverage because I’m trying to show a bit of a face lift here ,oh and by the
way, up in the first comment you guys have been asking for this, so in the
first comment I’m going to put a link back to my blog and I’m going to show
you probably 90% of the products I actually use or something very, very
similar like and maybe the lipstick I don’t get exactly the same but I’m going
to find something similar and we make a little bit of money on that and that
just helps us to keep on making videos so thanks a lot for that. Now this
particular primer I just sort of put it on my hand it’s just it’s kind of like a
day cream in a way and oh this is weird I got to do half a face so let’s
put the primer on down on my nose, it was so especially under here,
it’s a little rough because of this cold that I have but you know neither rain or
sleet or a really bad cold are gonna keep us away from doing these videos right
Bill? “Absolutely”… he’s got a cold too now. I don’t, I’m I do put the primer
underneath my eyes but I don’t put it on my eyelids. Now you might think well
that’s weird how come you don’t do that I just find that when I put the
eyeshadow on it kind of doesn’t make it that smooth and it really doesn’t help
me so I’d rather set it with something afterwards and then have it very
difficult to apply Okay so concealer time and boy I got a
few things to conceal I’m using a brush like this so I hope you can see that
brush and here’s some concealer. Now the concealer is usually the same make as my
foundation and I usually have it a little bit lighter than the foundation,
okay so Bill if you want to do a close up here these are some dark spots that I
have but you know the age spots or whatever you want to call them but
they’re actually getting lighter and I really think that coconut oil is helping
me with that as well . So I’m gonna go over those because I want them to dry
nicely you know, oh boy I got a few of these things that you can see. So now
let’s do underneath the eyes so I have to shift over here so I make sure I
don’t poke my eye out. My gosh, anyway so with underneath my eyes I’m gonna also
go up in here this area a little bit I don’t know it’s kind of purply in there
so I might like to brighten it up a little bit and as you know my favorite
blenders are my fingers, I got five of them and they don’t cost a lot of money
so I just find that I get really a little bit more of an accurate look with
that. I also have a dark area here don’t know what that is oh and you know what I
just discovered another dark area that I have in my right here
it’s a vein or something up here and I was noticing with some of my makeup
video so when I thought, geez I didn’t do a good job putting on that eye powder but no
it’s the vein that was popping up so you know… hey this is life as a mature women we
find all these new things and the magic of makeup is a great help with that.
Okay so let’s apply some foundation and as most of you know I love these little
thin sponges that you get in a lot of cosmetic products and I think you can
buy them on their own as well I just wash mine all the time so this one’s
probably lasted quite a long time and I’m using a thicker foundation.. sorry I’m
gonna cough, okay I’m not going to because I’m a professional LOL…anyway see I
put a little bit here and just rub it on there now this should be interesting
trying to do half a face of foundation but here we go you see how nice that coverage it oh and
by the way I did a video on the full coverage makeup I’ll put it up there
somewhere some really good tricks as far as putting on a full foundation and I
just don’t have time to get into every little thing with this makeup video just
because it would be so long to you know drag out how to do the hooded eyes and
how to do this oh you know what I need, a little bit more,
let’s not skimp on this because this is our coverage and if we’re going to look
like we have a little bit of a makeup facelift we need to cover some of those
nasty spots that I’ve got. So right here you see them, right there Bill maybe you
can see that they’re a little bit closer I’ve put on the look at that covered it
right up. Nobody’s gonna be able to tell my age because of my age spots, oh you
know what it gives me confidence and that’s the whole thing I I’m not saying
you gotta wear tons of makeup or anything just get that confidence back
you know and I think that that’s one of the most important things with all my
videos that’s what I’m trying to say is you know you’re awesome whatever age you
are, just maybe the little magic of makeup helps get the confidence back. So
as most of you know I used to be an 80s model and let’s cut to the eighties model…
yeah that was a long time ago but I have learned a lot of things about makeup and
that’s why I’m sharing a lot of them with you. So let’s do the eyebrows now.
Now my eyebrows the hairs are kind of falling out, it’s true, it’s weird that’s
what’s happening so I’m going to use… I love this little pencil with a spoolie
on it and again I’ll link back in my blog and first comment look for that so
let me just brush these little hairs that I have left up and I’m going to
kind of follow… Bill if we can do a bit of a close-up
here the natural line of that this is a lovely taupe color – I don’t know if you
can see that so I’ve got the silver coming through with my hair and a little
bit of blond still so yeah I don’t want to make that big Grocho Marx brow
thing you know that I just seems to be so popular right now . No I think that if
you do did that and you’re trying to do a makeup lift kind of thing all people
are going to see are your eyebrows so my suggestion is don’t do that let’s keep
it natural. All right so I’ve done that now what I also, this looks a little bit
messy but this is a clear mascara and I’m just going to take some of the
excess off and what I want to do is just brush those hairs up now. I also have
suggested a wax which is nice as well but today I just wanted to show you just
in case you can’t find the wax this works just as well. So as you know one of
the things about aging for me anyway was my big eyes started to turn down turn
droopy and hooded and actually the very first video that I ever did was about hooded
eyes and it’s actually the most popular so I’ll put that up there for sure you
gotta check that one out. Now for the sake of time in this video I’m going to
do a real quick version of it but let’s get into that one right now
Now I have a lovely, I love this eye palette… in the hooded eyes videos I was
going for purples and pinks I think I’m going to show you the brown ones
for today so let’s see what we can do Here, now this for the sake of time but
also to show a more natural look I’m not going to do the eyeliner on this so I
but I am going to do a little bit of a highlighter so you’ll see that I’m just
going to put this in the crease here or sorry on the lid I apologize, on the lid,
there and I’m going to put a very light amount on the brow bone so we’re going
to have a little bit you see you can always see I’m getting a little bit of a
lift already so we’re gonna do that I just use the spongy part of this and
now I’m going to use this part of the brush here and I’m going to put a little
bit of shadow a lighter shadow if you can see that a lighter shadow and I’m
just going to place that along the natural kind of crease that I have here
not gonna make anything too phony although that little looks a little
phony but I’m gonna blend it in a second so there you go… and I don’t, I’m not
going to go too far in on this either just a little bit remember I got that
vein thing happening out there but yeah so again I’m going to blend this out
with my fingers and I’m going to use a brush like this
it’s kind of narrow and broad I’m going to do the darker brown because I want to
open up my eyes see I’m not using a liner I want a nice softness to opening
up my eyes and I want to attach that see what I’m doing there I want to attach
that to that so now we’ve got the eyes really opening up but blend, blend, blend
whether you blend with a cotton swab or you blend with your fingers we would
just really want to make that look natural. Alright so you can see the folds
of skin in here – that sounds so terrible, but hey you know what it’s real
I’m going to use whoops, I’m gonna use the darker powder. I don’t get the mirror in
and it just anyway, so the darker color here and I want to hide all those folds
that are happening so I’m just gonna go like open my eye a little bit and go in
the crease, here see that right in the crease get rid of those folds but don’t
go too high up you don’t want to be looking like somebody you know punched you
in the eye or something it’s, it’s we just want to make sure that it’s in the
crease here. Okay mascara time. I love this mascara I will link this back to my
blog it goes on like a dream it doesn’t smudge at least for me it doesn’t smudge
anyway and it also comes off when I take my makeup off like a dream so yeah I
really want you folks to know about that one. I’m just going to take a little bit
this excess off here and what I do with my mascara is I just put it on lightly I don’t like it clumpy so I’m putting it
on lightly and in between doing other things I’m
just going to put on probably another two more layers but now another product
that you guys know I love, love is the anti shine cream you remember
when we used to just sort of put on the loose powder and more loose powder, well
now that we’re getting older it just seems to dry up our skin and make us
look more wrinkled so I love this and I’m just sort of going to put this some
of the places where I’m shining up a little bit maybe here, maybe up there you
can see the big shine happening under here so you know put a little bit under
there and no more powder makeup or powder, no more powder now I just did
another layer of mascara and as you can see it’s I’m brushing out where it’s not
too side-to-side and this has got great definition and the second coat works
much better than just putting a whole clumpy bunch of mascara on, Now we’re
going to talk about blush, for this look I have a pinky kind of, I want to look
natura,l I think I told you that so I’m just using this beautiful brush here a
little bit of blush and I’m just going to kind of put it in the apples, apples
of my cheeks I think that’s what they’re called just a little bit here, not too
much and the rest were gonna do with
contouring. So let’s get to the contouring all right so I like to use
this is kind of like a bronzer powder contouring powder but it’s not shiny you
want to get something a little bit matte now this is really where the magic of
some of the facelift comes in so I’m using a brush like this and I’m putting
that on now they say when you get older your nose
gets bigger I don’t know but and looking at this other picture of me you know
have a point there. So when I’m doing the contouring I want to really make sure
that it looks natural We’re gonna do a little contouring here
and underneath the nose just subtle I also want to do those cheekbones again just running into the blush not
all the way down just running into the blush so you can see the definition
that I’m already getting here and then the big one this is the biggie you know
these little folds that start happening under here, yuck so I want to hide them
now not a lot of people are looking at you like this and looking underneath
your chin so you can really kind of hide them under like that and now you can start to see the whole
way that I’m looking you know more definition
let’s just see what we’ve got so far because there you go
coming down the lips yet and there’s the other side, no photo-shop loving it but
we’re not finished yet we’re going to have a little bit of this sparkly
highlighter and please don’t overuse it I’m using a brush like this I know this
is the wrong brush hold on, hold on I’m using a brush like this, there you go
and that way I won’t put too much on and I’m just going to put it here, you know
you want to have that little natural glow you’re trying to get rid of the
shine but then you want to have a little sparkle so we’re gonna do that a little
bit here maybe even a little bit up here and then one of the places I love to put
a sparkle I use a little teeny weeny brush here and I just put it in between
my eyes and I’ve just got that I don’t know pretty little sparkle happening
twinkle in my eyes, okay so now over the lips I’m gonna do a half a lip this
ought to be fun but I also did a video on on lipstick and I really think that
for a lot of us older more mature women you know we started to get these little
lines here, and Bill you want to do a close-up I’ll let people in on these
little lines that I’m getting to and I find that if I’m not using a good
lipstick or if I’m using a lipstick that might be a little too red or something
like that these little lines start to suck up the the lipstick and you’ve seen
people with this kind of dilemma going on and it’s just not pretty so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to use I showed it in that video that I showed up there
our lip liner so and what I want to do with the lip liner
this also helps your lipstick to stay on it’s just kind of fill it in now you
notice it’s a really natural pretty color for me goes with my blush and because it’s the lipliner it’s not
going to go up into all those little wrinkly things that are happening now.
I’m also using a lip brush and I can get some of my favorite lipsticks that you
can see this poor little guy he’s almost done but I can just get right in there
with my my lip brush and still get some of my favorite lipstick on okay.
So now for the famous envelope trick, I’m going to show both sides with the
envelope here mm-hmm-hmm there and there Now let’s look at every individual part
of my makeup facelift that I have here the eyebrows, do you see the difference
in the eyebrows how one is really pointing upwards it’s making your eye
look upwards. The eyes how we have a little gentle
swoop here we’ve got the mascara on we’ve opened it up a little bit
underneath here the under eyes the difference between lines and bags and
all that kind of shadowy stuff underneath we’ve lightened it up and
we’ve also put on the anti-shine cream so that we have the you know we don’t
have sort of a lot of pancake makeup that we’ve had to put on in powder the
contouring there’s definitely a definition here of a more youthful
appearance kind of like this kind of thing you know where. I don’t know if you
can see that again but where the you know people can see definition in a
younger person’s skin also underneath here you know there’s I even though I do
my exercises that I’m trying to get rid of all this at nighttime… I’ll do a video
on that one day but also with a little bit of under contouring we got that
going on and then a little, a little sparkle there as well. So I hope you can
see the difference between the makeup facelift between this… and this and I really hope
it helps, um but don’t go away yet because I just want to bring in the
cuteness factor… okay so here’s the cuteness factor, hey Hurricane do I
look a little bit strange today? Oh you still love me when I look like this,
oh yes he does love me even though I look very, very weird. Well and we love
our subscribers, by the way you guys are like so awesome
and if you want to join our community it’s fantastic I mean we’re all sharing
and helping each other, there’s a button down there so yeah, please subscribe and
we want to continue making these videos don’t we Hurricane and we’re also
introducing lifestyle ones so I’m getting Bill involved and Hurricane
involved and it’s all just great very fun so in the meantime, Hurricane you
want to go for a walk? I promise you I’ll put my other face on, ok we’ll go out
there to face, alright folks until next time keep it awesome, love you guys, take
care Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join
us on our videos

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