The Lady’s Superior Toiletry Kit

This kit can be carried alone, or packed into a 21inch or larger suitcase. To pack it into a suitcase, unbuckle and flip so it lay flat, then place it into the suitcase. And now let’s take a look at the rest of the bag different. The zippers provide access to two black compartments, perfect for documents, a tablet computer, or other flat items. Unzipping the bag, look at all this space! All of the pockets are lined with a phthalate and lead free PVC for easy clean up. This little hook at the top is reinforced to hold the weight of the kit fully loaded. Starting at the bottom there are three pockets in this section. The middle section has one built in pocket, great for a curling iron or hairdryer, and two removable pockets so you can take these with you in your handbag. They both stay in place with hook-and-loop fastener. When the pockets are removed from the case, you can cover that with these tabs so there’s no snagging, and use this space for clothes, scarves, or socks. This entire section is PVC lined as well. This upper middle section is big enough for full-size bottles. The elastic loops hold everything up right and in place. It can also be used to pack a change of clothes. Art the top, there are another three PVC lined compartments perfect for smaller items. When it is time to go, this bag quickly zips back into place. The heavy-duty weight-bearing clip ensures the bag stays closed. And there’s a removable strap with swivel carabiners. This means i can wear this over shoulder or crossbody. There are even handles. The exterior is water repellent and easy to clean.

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