– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel it’s your girl, Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ First of all, I had an amazing birthday. Even though, they lost my luggage, and it’s been 24 hours, and they have yet to locate it. Never mind that! It’s still a great, wonderful birthday. So I’m gonna be doing a really fun, unique challenge if you will. I haven’t thought of a
name for this challenge, but someone on Twitter came up with a (chef kiss) incredible idea inspired
by Alyssa Ashley’s recent review/demo of my palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills, in the– What in the auto auction
is going on outside? Why is it whenever I get premium lighting, everybody outside wants to act up. Why? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. (loud slurping through water bottle) (exhales) (car alarms) Thank you, God. Basically, in the intro
of Alyssa Ashley’s video, she had this like mock-up situation, this stop motion of every single shade that comes in my palette. This is my palette with
Anastasia Beverly Hills. One of our mutual Twitter
followers was like, “Ooh, I got a fun idea. Why don’t you like the video play, pause it three times, and whatever three shades
that you end up pausing on are the three shades you have
to create a makeup look for.” And I was like “You know what? I like the way you freaking think, you’re an innovator, you’re creative, you are just quite the genius. Why don’t you replace Donald Trump and take over the presidency? Thank you.” So today that’s what I’m gonna be doing, and of course, I told you guys I’m gonna be giving you looks all month. I’m very confident in this challenge because this is the one palette where I can actually
use all of the shades. And if this was like, any other palette, I’d be a little concerned. I just hope that I don’t end up with like no mattes and all shimmers. I’m going to screen record this process so that you guys can see what three shades I end up landing on for today’s look. Also, shout out to Alyssa Ashley for doing not only her reviews/demo but for putting so much time into creating content for my palette. I love her, that’s my boo right there. I will definitely link
her video down below. Shawna, AKA @liquidtomlinson says: “I got a makeup challenge for this! Pause the video 3 times and make a look with those three shadows. If you get the same one twice keep going until you
get 3 different shades.” Makes sense, I probably
would’ve done that anyway. You’re going to start right now! Boom. Okay. Pause! Shookington! Taking a screenshot of
that, so I don’t forget. Let’s play it again. (drumroll sound) Boom! Ooh, oh. We got Dwollahs. We’ve gone from purple now to olive green. That could be very interesting. What’s our next shade? Give me a matte, give me a matte, give me a matte, give me a matte. Okay, okay. We got Edges. I could, I could work
something–I could do that. I think I could do that. Purple and green. (air whooshing) ♪ Barney can be your friend too ♪ ♪ If you just make-believe him! ♪ (air whooshing) Purple and green–I can do it! First, I haven’t really
had a lot of sleep. ‘Cause I’ve been stressed
out about my bag. Just got home from LAX last night, and nobody in the history of nobodysville knows where my stuff is, so I’m just sleepless in Seattle. Was up all night, tossin’ and turning. Stressed. I’m gonna take a little bit of my Lacome Visionnaire Eye Yeux. Hopefully blur away some of those bags. Is this me? I feel like I haven’t filmed with my NARS
foundations in a while, so I’m going to start priming
with Pro Shine primer. I mean, I still wear them a lot, but I feel like I just haven’t– why did I put on so much primer? What in the banana boat is going on? I would’ve loved to have used
the Pat McGrath foundation, it’s become actually my favorite foundation of the summer. But it was in my checked bag. I’m gonna color correct
using the Live Tinted stick in the shade Rise. I love this thing, luckily I have a backup ’cause that was also in my checked bag. And before anyone says “That’s why I should only
take a carry-on with you”, some of us don’t have
that kind of life set-up. Sweetie, that will never be me. Never. So don’t even present that as an option, I know it’s possible, I know it’s done, but I wouldn’t, and it was my birthday
trip, so let me live. You know what, hopefully by
the time this video goes live, this whole luggage debacle
will be a thing of the past. And I’ll be laughing while I pack everything
I thought I misplaced. Please believe that after
I film this makeup look, I’m going right down to LAX and letting someone know how I feel. But before you do that, please bend your correcter
mustache, thank you. After I color corrected, I
set with a bit of powder, which was kind of redundant,
so I just quickly moved along. We’re here for the shadow. My favorite combo for NARS foundations is Sheer Glow mixed with
Natural Longwear Radiant. Gorgeous combo. Flawless, stunning. Incredible, impeccable. Luminous, Mattifying. Long-lasting. So, I already placed the foundation. I’m gonna try out this
Sweet Grace baking spray from Beauty Bakery, and it says to use– Okay. It says to use post makeup, but– (coughs) I’m gonna do it anyway. It has a very strong, very strong smell. Very–that doesn’t smell
like it belongs in a kitchen. But to be fair, a lot of setting sprays, you know, have that kind of smell. Whatevs. We’re all gonna die anyway. So I’m blending out my foundation. I’m concealing with my Born This Way
multi-sculpting concealer, in the shade Chestnut. For the glam! (sings) You know what? Why not another– okay, why not another layer? (phone rings) Speaking of Geico insurance, the responses from this palette have been beyond major. Like, beyond major. I don’t know how you guys continuously every single year, collab, endeavor, just blow them out of the water for me, but working with ABH has not only been an absolute dream but seeing how it’s been responded to and how people are picking
up to it is amazing. It’s absolutely amazing. Brown girls don’t typically
get these opportunities. Like, we just don’t. Walk into a Sephora and
I want you to point out how many brand collabs you’ve seen, or even if it’s not even right now, but just collectively seen the past year that have been from women
or men who look like me. There aren’t a lot of
them, which has also– really quickly, not to go on a tangent, I want to give a special shoutout to Fumi, who recently collabed with Juvia’s Place. Not going to get into anything
personal with Juvia’s Place, Fumi is a YouTuber that I’ve
been watching here for years, she is in her 50s– Did she just turn 50?
Yeah, she just turned 50. And Fumi, also fellow Nigerian, also fellow dark skin girl. So her collab, I think, represents even bigger milestones. These things are just very
rare and they don’t happen. I know that I’ve had a very public and not so positive, to say the least, experiences with Juvia’s Place. I don’t really care to
get into those things. Do I still stand by them?
Abso-freaking-lutely. This is not me backtracking by any means. So what this represents is more important than how I feel personally
about the brand. Incredibly happy for
her, I definitely think you guys should go out and support her if you feel inclined to do so. Like, if you have your
own personal experiences, then support the brand
however you see fit. Guys, someone just called that
they found my luggage (clapping) and they’re delivering it, right now. By right now, they mean
three hours from now but look, as long as
they got the damn bags, that’s all that matters. Speaking of bags, I’m gonna go ahead and
set my undereye concealer with the Fenty. I love this powder! I use this shade, Cashew. Am I the only person that’s
been skipping contour lately? I forgot to bring contour
with me on my birthday trip. I wasn’t really mad about it either, like I just was like, “Okay,
whatever, I got bronzer.” I knew what I need to do. I
know what needs to be done. And I’ve just decided I’m
not gonna contour anymore, this season, because one
less step I don’t gotta do. Base is lookin’ mighty flawless. Pressing that powder in. This powder’s done me well, all throughout my travels by the way. And I wore between Born This
Way and Pat’s foundation, all throughout the hot, Myconian sun. Set. I was flawless, okay. Pat’s foundation,
definitely, definitely has the range, as far as
staying power and just, being an all-weather formula. I will say though, I have consistently been mixing it with Skintune Blur, but like, I do that with a lot
of foundations anyway. And now, I’m patting
in my skin tone powder, all over my face to set. I’m gonna do my brows, I’m just gonna do them off-camera because literally no one cares. And before somebody gets in the comments and say “Why do beauty
gurus always think we don’t care about brows, we do care about brows.” No you don’t, sis. Numbers
don’t lie. (music intensifies) Catch up, mustard. It’s
been done 500 million times. I promise you, you can find a video where it’s done the exact same time. If you need help with it, you
just gotta keep practicing. I can’t keep doing the
same thing every video. Please, don’t make me, it’s torture. Just practice, I promise. I love you. But seeing it 50 times
over is not gonna help you. (intense music cuts) I’ll be back. Don’t say I didn’t care about you enough to tell you the truth. I brought you in a little bit closer so you could really roast me in 4K and see all the details in the eyes. So as you guys know, I
love priming with the Two Face Runway multi-sculpter, I also use the shade, Chestnuts. I’m also throwing on a little bit of the ABH eye primer, Norvina. Norvina, we need the new
shade expanders on these. These are great, honey.
But very Caucasian. So I’m gonna blend this
into my skin tone shade. And I’ll just lighten it up a little bit. ‘Cause truthfully, if you use
a concealer for your eyelid, but if it’s like your skintone or darker, the shadows aren’t gonna pop as much. If it’s a little bit lighter, which I’m doing with this primer, everything will stand
out a little bit more. So we’ve gotta work with Edges, we have to work with Shookington, and we have to work with Dwollahs. (click-clack sound) Definitely gonna put
Edges in the crease areas, so let’s start there, yeah. My darling Edges, first
we are going to place you in the crease from inner to outer corner. I want Edges to really bump today, like really stand out. This palette just makes me so happy, man. Like, I really low-key did that. Like, come on! Like ugh! So aesthetically pleasing! Not gonna toot my own horn, but– Toot toot toot! (airhorn blares) We need to calm down, and we also need to blend out Ms. Edges. This is the color combo
that I strongly feel is goin’ to end up lookin’
like somebody’s team colors, I just already–I already
see where this is going. That’s blended to perfection. (audibly shivers) I think I’m gonna go– The creator of this hashtag, I
just checked them on Twitter, took a Twitter poll on names, and there’s a healthy amount of votes, about 368 votes. Well done, liquidtomlinson. You’ve become quite the influencer. She came up with three
different name suggestions, the one that got the most votes, and the one that I voted for, was the Jackie Palette Challenge. So, we gon’ call this the
Jackie Palette Challenge, boom! I think I’m gonna go into Shookington. I wouldn’t normally do orange straight into purple like this, but life is about making
choices, taking risks, making sacrifices, going
outside of the box. If your friends are all
jumping off of a cliff, what you do, is you go to Chase bank and you make a withdraw,
that’s what you do. That one really, I don’t really know where I was going with that. But that was just the first
thing that came to my head. Anyway, moving forward. (giggles) So, Shookington. Ooh, and this is like a
fresh, brand new palette. I finally broke out of my like, old used and abused palette which is, in my luggage, by the way. This brand new Shookington just feels so– (grunts with joy) (forced exhale) Feels so good, nice and smooth. So, Shookington. (squeals) We’re gonna start blending
from inner to outer corner. I actually underestimated her power. Next to Edges, I’m– (record scratch) You know what? Just
kidding, change of plans. I actually want to cut my
crease before I do this. Because then I feel like
I’ll have a fresh coat, that I can start at. I usually just go right in off my shadows, and I don’t bother to do this anymore but today I’ve had a change of heart. This is all dry, I’m gonna pop Shookington onto my lid. Because you have to go from dark to light. So doing Dwollahs first, although it makes sense
to get in bed with Edges, it just would be weird, you know? Going from like a lighter
color to a darker. So Shookington, we gotta
really stamp in there and make her presence known. And I’m so glad I did that concealer, because I’m way happier with this. Now I’m gonna go back to Edges, which was our crease color. And I’m gonna start patting down around, because we just need to do it, all right. No, but for real though, because I wanted a ton of color payoff, but also, like it needs to look airbrushed and like, blended to perfection. We gotta do what we gotta do and I feel like if we patted in first, as opposed to going straight
in with the heavy blend, blended eye mix, I feel like this gives us
a little bit more control. So I’m just patting it in, and as you can see it’s already softening around
the edges of Shookington. Now, I do want to do some light buffing, so I’m gonna go in with my blending brush and start buffing Shookington
upwards into Edges, so we get a nice blend of both colors. I’m gonna have Edges also
be our outer V colors, so I stamp that in with that same– This brush by the way, it’s from Sigma, the E25 blending brush. I’m kind of enjoying it, it’s
really dense, really tapered. I’m liking the way this looks so far! But we ain’t done yet. So, I’m gonna move on to Dwollahs, and Dwollahs is gonna be
the center jewel color, the highlight of this look. And Dwollahs, I’m just
gonna start painting right in the middle. Ooh! (stifled yells of joy) Now I foresee a lot of marrying of both purple and the green, ’cause I kinda want them to be layered and stacked over one another. This is gorgeous. (sneezes) Ooh! Over here lookin’ like
someone’s team flag. I told y’all this was gon’
look like somebody’s team flag. But I’m not mad either. For this look, I definitely wanted the purple to be standout part of it, so I’m gonna take a purple liner, this is the Urban Decay 21st hour– (pauses) 24/7 glide-on pencil in the shade Viper. Oh, this was the perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect shade! I’m just lining my waterline. Now, we’re going to take Shookington and blend out along the bottom lash. And we’re gonna stamp–hold
on, hold on, hold on. First, I’m gonna like stamp it in. Sorry, I’m probably covering my eyes. I’m so sorry, sweetie, but
I’m gonna stamp that in. Really push. That color is close to
the lash line as possible. You guys know how I feel about purple along the bottom lash line, right? Like, we’ve discussed this, right? First of all, purple on br– like, there are so many
layers to work through. Purple on brown skin is one thing. Purple on brown eyes? It’s a whole ‘nother philanthropic effort. Heavily stacking heavy, hit ’em suckers. Along the bottom lash line. But I feel like you can’t really see it because of my eyelashes. I can see it when I’m looking
in the mirror, looking up. I’m gonna also blend Edges right beneath where we
applied that purple, just to kind of soften it out, and just for uniformity. I feel like it just completes the look when my bottom lash line
matches the top lash. I mean, I’m sorry, not the top lash now, but the crease area, does that make sense? So basically right below
where we applied Shookington, I’m applying Edges. (laughs sharply) And luckily for me, Dwollahs is light enough to be an intercorner highlight colors. You know what? Actually, I’mma do
something a lil’ different. I’m actually gonna take Edges first and pop that in my inner–Wow. Sometimes, a matte intercorner
highlight is a moment. It definitely is a status
symbol, if you will. It is a political statement. Now that we’ve done that, I’m gonna put Dwollahs like right over it. I did wet the brush, so that
I get a little more control. I went back to a little bit of a, just– (squealing) A little bit of powder, and I’m just re-zhuzhing
along my undereye. Very little powder, and I
had tapped off the excess, just like so little. Purple is a very overpowering color, so I just wanted to make sure that this area didn’t
look too muddy or darkened from the shadow. I’m happy. I’m cool with that. For the lash, I’m gonna throw on INSTAHOE from Baddie B Lashes. By the way, I do have a discount code. Code “Edges”. See, Edges isn’t just a
shadow that I’m using, it’s a lifestyle, bro. Like, Edges is just gonna be my code for everything from now on. I got a new Bronzer! This one’s from Mented. This is really cute! Congratulations, Ashley Blaine Featherson. So they collab’d with her and they created two
of these like Blonzer– Bronzer blush duos. Well, this isn’t my–yeah,
it’s a highlighter, just kidding, it’s a
Bronzer/Highlighter duo. We’re gonna use this. This is the number two, season two. And I think season two is
supposed to be the darker one, ’cause this is season one. I mean, like, I really like
the highlighter in season one, I really wanna use that,
but I’m not going to. I’m gonna use season two instead. Season two is bronzer,
sorry. Just to clarify. Whoa, pigment on level 20, bro. Ooh, wow. Okay, that’s–that’s a bronzer. I’m not gonna lie, I was skeptical. It looks a little light. I mean, it could–we
could’ve gotten one more, but you know, this looks really good. Time to reshape our foreheads, ladies! Get in formation! Ooh, this looks so good,
and it is so pigmented. You know, having a widow’s peak sucks, because I never really know
where to part a middle part. It’s just like, really
rough out there, okay? Nah, I haven’t put on mascara either, so if you’re about to
talk about my falsies and my lashes not looking complete, it’s ’cause they aren’t. Mind your business. And excuse me while I hide
my lace. Don’t clock me. I’m gonna take this
blush, I love this blush. I don’t even think they sell this anymore, it’s from Two Faced in the
shade Your Love is King. This came out so long ago, but it’s like my favorite pink blush, I can’t get enough. Oh, this goes perfect with this eye. Perfect! Now, I need to add my mascara. To highlight, I think that this would be such a gorgeous addition, I’m gonna take Essence Pressed
Highlighter from JD Glow, it looks like, not that
special, but it’s duo-chrome. It’s got kind of like this really pretty champagne-pink shift, and I’m just gonna add
a little streak of that. Oh, that’s pretty. I mean, it’s almost on the verge of being a touch too light, but like not quite. I’m not gonna get too carried away though. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about these really yellow highlighters, that look so good with pink. Oh that’s so pretty! Look how multi-dimensional that is, like I’m just gonna keep moving my face. Instead of looking at
somebody straight ahead, I’m gonna be like this. This is how I’m gonna be
lookin’ at people at the DMV. (mumbles) Do you see this? “You take the photo? Like
can you take the photo?” Let’s give ourselves one
good round of a spray. Finally, for our lips,
also from this collection with Ashley Blaine Featherson and mented, I’m going to line my lips with Kay liner. Duh, as I usually do. What else is new? What am I actually gonna do
when I run out of this liner? Like, I’m sick to my stomach
just thinking about it. This is my favorite
lip pencil of all time. The shade of this gloss
is in the color Bombshell. Does it smell–okay,
there’s a little smell. There’s a little light smell. Is this a gloss? Yeah, this is a gloss. Ooh, that’s a dope shade. It’s like a golden brown. Just to add a (squeals) more dimension, I’m gonna take Star Studded, which has a little bit
more gold reflex in it, and I shall use that as like a topper. Okay, that’s showing a lot with my– oh, actually I don’t mind that. Ooh, I kind of like that, it’s cool. Yeah! I’ll take it. I kind of feel like it’s
goin’ with our Dwollahs in the middle. (kisses the air) We’re done, that’s it. Well that was a fun,
handy-dandy challenge. I did something a little
bit outside of my element. It was definitely challenging. If you thought– I had you in the first round, didn’t I? I know, I had me too. It’s cool though, I worked it out. I blended it out real quick. This is the final look. Thank you again to one
of my wonderful followers for coming up with this challenge. I really hope that you guys feel inspired to take this on as well. It’s really fun. Shoutout to everybody that has been loving and supporting this
palette so far, I have. If you want to follow some of the looks that everybody has
curated for this palette, follow the link the
Description box down below. In the meantime, what you gon’ do is not clock into work. Forget that, your boss
ain’t even lookin’ for you. Matter of fact, you probably
gonna get fired today. So because of that, why don’t you just watch another video to celebrate? You’re already here. You may as well click one. Just click. I won’t tell nobody I saw you. Just click the next video. Go ahead, I dare you. Yeah, you good, you good. I see you. Go ahead, slide that finger
on over to the next video.

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