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Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel.
If this is your first time to my channel, hello, my name is Jkissa, and I love Okja. It was one of the saddest, but best movies I’ve ever seen. It’s on Netflix, if you want to check it out. It is very sad, but also it is very important, I think. Today I’m going to be talking to you about the color wheel, color theory, and how it comes into makeup. I get a lot of questions about how I construct colorful looks, so I thought this would be kind of a “prequel” to a series I’m about to do.
I thought this would be helpful. If you are unfamiliar with color theory or the color wheel, this, I feel like, might help you with creating looks. A small disclaimer: I am not an art major.
I did not go to art school. I just fell in love with color and the color wheel
when I learned it in high school. I may not be the most accurate,
just as a little side note, but again, I am not a art major or anything like that. I’m just passionate about color and I love color
and makeup so much, so I wanted to come on today and to talk to you
about that kind of stuff. I’m going to be creating a color wheel
out of eyeshadows. It took me a little bit to get everything to how I wanted it, and I hope you guys really enjoy this video. Let me know what you think down the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe before we get started, and let’s jump into it. So if we’re going to be talking about color, we should at least talk about primary colors. I’m sure you guys have seen these everywhere;
it is red, blue, and yellow. These are the three primary colors, and these, I find, are going to be the hardest color combo to pull off and make it look cohesive. I know a lot, a lot, a lot of people have done that, but I personally find it hard just because they are so primary, they are so complementing
and contrasting, almost, in a way, even though they are not, in fact, that way. I just find them to be three very bold colors, and these are going to be the colors that we kind of
start off with in the color wheel. So, we’re gonna go on. I know that was super quick for primary, but we’re gonna go on to secondary colors. So, how you get secondary colors
is by mixing red and yellow. If you were to mix red and yellow eyeshadow onto your eyes, you would get an orange. Yellow and blue would be green.
Blue and red would be purple. Here is our super basic color wheel. Think of this as your red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Your standard rainbow is going
to come into play with this. And this is where you can start to really create
and make a look super cohesive. I’m gonna talk to you about complementary colors,
since I think that is important, and I will be throwing that out more so when we get into the next round and kind of the third round of color wheel. These are complementary colors. A lot of them are going to be directly across on the color wheel, up and down, straight across, even sometimes diagonal. So, the most common one is red and green, which you will see in Christmas, of course, which is holiday. I like to use one color predominantly. So, if I’m going to be doing an all-over red look
I might sneak an emerald lip in there to really complement the look
and to make it more cohesive. Or I might even sneak emerald on the lower lashline
to give it a little bit of a pop, but nothing too crazy. So, when you are doing complementary colors,
I definitely would say use one of the shades predominantly and add little touches and little pops of the other shade. So, you could do an all-over red smokey eye.
I’ve done this before. It was a very maroon eye, maroon lip,
so we’re still in that red-toned family, but then I had green on the inner corner, a light green.
I remember it, “Zo” or Zoe from NABLA. So, that is one way to do it, where you just have
a hint of the color on the inner corner. One thing else to note when you are looking at complementary colors is you may find that a lot of sports teams are complementary colors. I remember when my art teacher told me this
in high school. My world was like, “Oh my gosh.” My world was so in shock. So, for example, purple and yellow are LA Lakers. You will see that predominantly. And if you do an all-over purple eye, if you snuck
a little bit of yellow in there or you even did a yellow-based orange blush,
that would be really gorgeous. I’m sure there are teams that are blue and orange;
I just can’t think any off the top of my head. But I do know that the Lakers are kind of the most common sports team that comes to my mind when we’re talking about complementary colors. …Talk to you guys about the kind of third level of color, of the color wheel. And so this is going to be starting
where we kind of mix each color. So, if we mix red and orange, you’re going to get a very orange-based red; orange and yellow, a orange-based yellow;
and so on and so forth. Okay, so here is the kind of third round.
I know this is a little misshapen. I ran out of room so I had to do
smaller shades, so I do apologize. This is going to be the kind of
third round of color wheel. This is where we can really start to play
with color families or analogous color ranges. This is where you can do – you can start to really focus on warm-toned and cool-toned looks. I find that this is a really complete eyeshadow if you wanted to do colorful and rainbow looks. You pretty much have everything you need in here. I mean, I don’t know if you guys
remember back in the day. I’m pretty sure it was Almay
did these color eyeshadow palettes. They were really skinny and they were for your eye color, so this is where it kind of comes in. You have green colors and kind of like this;
we’re gonna go diagonally across. So, the palette for green eyes had purple
and maroons and very pretty rose gold, so anything that is going to be red- and purple-based. If you have blue eyes, the palettes were orange, copper, gold, very warm-toned brown stuff like that. And if you have brown eyes, I feel like you hit the
eye-color jackpot, because any color that you put on, I find that brown eyes are a neutral element and any color you put on top is really gonna make them pop. If your brown eyes have a little bit of a warm-toned hue in it, you can pop in some blues and purples. And vice versa, if your brown eyes have a little bit
cool-toned, you can pop some oranges in there. So, now I wanted to talk to you
about analogous or color families, and I will kind of break those up for you
and we can learn more about that. So, here is one color family or analogous color range. Typically, they’re going to be four to five colors
that you can pick out of a rainbow. Here we have the warm-toned spectrum
of the color wheel. So, if I was creating a look and I had the warm tones and you said – and I was like, “You know what? I really want to bridge the gap into cool tones, but I’m not really sure how to do that,”
yellow is actually a great way to bridge that gap, because it can almost be seen almost
as a neutral element. It can go warm-toned, but then it can also start to go cool-toned.
So, as you can see, now we have this complementary color, we have it flowing really nicely almost into a really nice rainbow. And you can just keep going and building it up
until how you want it to look. Here is another analogous color scheme, more so focusing on turning yellow into cool tones. I just wanted to show you that as a way. You could even pop in this other blue if you wanted to. Just showing you how to blend into another color. I find the color wheel so, so helpful for that
if you are creating a look and you’re not sure how to blend and how to get there. I really recommend going back to the color wheel and really looking at it, and that will be your guide. And finally, here is our last analogous color range. As you can see, it is focusing more
on the cool-toned properties, which some purples – I have it on my eyes today. We’ll get into that later. Some purples do have a cool-toned property in them. Other purples have almost a red base in them. Gonna dive deeper into color families more. So, as you can see, I have the orange, the main orange color. So, if you are creating a look and you say, “You know what? I really want this to have an all-over orange vibe,” I typically pick out the one bright shade that I want to pop, and then I’m going to build on that. So, I want a transition shade that’s very light. I want a shade that will bridge the gap between
the light transition and the very orange, so that’s gonna be this color right here. And then I also want a deepening shade. You can even go further than this and work your way all all the way to a black shade, but this is gonna come down to almost like a monochrome look as well. Just blend out the eyes super easy, and these are all going to blend in with themselves. I also have a purple version
I want to show you really quickly. Here is the purple color range
monochromatic vibe I have going on. I actually have each one of these shades on my eyes, so you can kind of see that the levels of – I did this really early in the morning,
so it might be a little faded right now, but please ignore that. So, you can see the levels
of the very, very light transition shade building up to this shade and then going here.
On the outer portion of the eyes, I have these two to really deepen up the look
and give it the smoky – smoky and sultriness. And then even you could pop in
a black eyeshadow right there and it’d really complete this color family
and really make it monochromatic. This is going to be almost like a cool-toned purple look, since I’m not having that violet red in there like this.
So, you can see how different and how warm-toned it is compared to these two. So, I want to talk to you now about split complementary. That means just having two colors on one side complementary to the other shade. So, I don’t know if you are familiar with the holiday
Mardi Gras, but these are their colors. So, as you can see, it is very cohesive to the eye. I have done an all-over green look,
very yellow-based greens, getting into, like, these shades, and then I’ve done
purple on the inner corner. Again, it’s just going to be that complementary tone. I like to view these as almost bridging the gap for making the look very complementary,
very eye-catching, and very striking to look at. Here is another example that I actually used in one of my recent videos. It is the Random Color Challenge. Even though pink isn’t on the color wheel
that I have assembled, yellow, green, and pink are going to be
very reminiscent of the split complementary. I knew when I got the random colors it was a shade of green – it was a little bit more cool-toned. So, I thought, “How can I bridge the gap between the yellow, the green, and the pink?” And this came to my mind, where I thought, “I know yellow and green can flow together,” and then it’s just more so bridging the gap
all the way around to the pink. I wanted to dive a little bit deeper
into undertones of makeup products. So, as you know, foundations have a cool, a warm, or a neutral undertone, but I didn’t wanna talk about that. I wanted to talk more about eyeshadows and lip colors. Right here, I have a warm-toned brown quad
and then a cool-toned brown quad. So, as you can see, when they are right
next to each other you really see how the orange tones pop in this brown quad. So, if you do have cool-toned eyes, you can throw these oranges on and it’s really gonna pop. If you have more warm-toned eyes, like maybe a very rich brown with some slight yellow tint to it, if you had really gorgeous deep hazel eyes,
pop some cool tones on and it’s really going to complement that nicely. Two quads that I feel like were done really well
for cool-toned and warm-toned colors are from Kat Von D, and they are
the Shade + Light eye quads. This warm-toned one is called Rust and, as you can see, you can really create a versatile warm look with this. And then jumping over into the cool quad,
it looks like this. It is in the shade Smoke. So, when they are next to each other, you can really see just how diverse and different they are. So, if you are looking for individual quads, not single shadows, but something put together, this is your guy. I know a lot, a lot, a lot of products
right now are warm-toned. I know there’s not a lot of cool-toned palettes out there, but I don’t know if that’s gonna change. I’m not really sure. But I know there are a lot of
warm-toned products out there. Okay, I just had to run and get Postmates. I’m gonna talk to you now
about undertones in red lipstick. Like, that’s a common makeup product that has undertones that are very helpful. A lot of people say when that you have a red lipstick
and it has a blue base to it, it will almost whiten your teeth and make them appear brighter, because our teeth are naturally, just from drinking tea, soda, coffee, whatever have you, they naturally have a yellow/orange tint to them. So, having a blue base like this will give you
an appearance of whiter teeth. And here is an orange-based red for you. I hope you guys learned something from this video,
kind of how to pair eyeshadows and get the rainbow, and just pick sections of the rainbow or complementary colors, and kind of pair them together
and get them to flow nicely. Let me know what you think
down in the comments section below. Before you guys leave, don’t forget to subscribe. And I’ll be having some more fun videos
dealing with color coming up very shortly. And yeah, so, I hope, I really hope this video was helpful. That’s all I could hope for, because I had a lot of fun
and, again, I’m very passionate about color, so I hope you guys enjoyed this,
and I will see you next time. Bye.

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