The Best Red Lipstick for Dark Skin WOC | Top 10 Reds

hello everybody it’s Madison Bentley
from the Nosidam style and today I’m here to share with you the best red lipsticks for
dark-skinned women of color these are my top ten I’m going to be sharing with
you shade variations of red from bright strawberry red and classic red all the
way to Bordeaux a deep blood red and these shades are for everyone not even
limited to women of color because red is universal color the first shade is by
coloured raine and it is called cherry blossom this shade is called outlaw by
Kat Von D the next shade is ruby woo by mac this shade is blood moon by limecrime this shade is called budapesh by australis velour lipcreams and the next shade is la splash lip couture in the shade malevolent the next shade is also by australis velour lipcreams in the shade doo-bai the next shade is by australis velour lip creams in the shade barthelona the next shade is by australis velour lips and it is in the shade NYCEE I hope that you enjoyed this video don’t forget to
Like subscribe and comment telling me your favorite lipsticks in this video and
your personal favorites that I didn’t mention in this video

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  2. dammmnnn, you are rocking all of those red lips!!! i can never wear red lipstick tbh lol but those look so bomb on you and your shadows are everything!

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