THE BEST Drugstore Affordable Makeup Brushes For Beginners & Pros

hey everyone and welcome back to my
youtube channel today I’m going to be sharing and going through all of my
favourite affordable more drugstore priced makeup brushes and I feel like I talk
about the makeup all the time but I always forget to mention what brushes
that I’m using to apply it so I did a poll on my Instagram and this is the
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drugstore priced makeup brushes then keep watching so the majority of these
brushes are mine you’ll see me use these in my videos all the time there are
about the three which I did pick out of my freelance kit because I really do
enjoy using them and they are very affordable so I think I’m gonna also
pick those up for myself as well so yeah the first one I’m gonna get out of the
way because it’s the odd one out and it is a sponge and this is the Real
Techniques complexion sponge it’s their equivalent to the Beauty Blender
basically and when I first started using a sponge to apply makeup I’m pretty sure
I did start off with a Beauty Blender I used it for a really long time but it did
get a bit expensive to keep repurchasing it I think it’s like 16 pounds just for
one so then I decided to try the Real Techniques one because I saw that people
were saying it’s literally just as good and it really really is I think it comes
in at about 5 or 6 pounds you can get this for which is really really
good compared to other Beauty sponges which you could buy it’s definitely the best
drugstore priced makeup brush brush it’s a sponge Zoe
it’s definitely the best oh my god why did I even start filming today like I
was saying it’s definitely the best drugstore priced makeup sponge which
I’ve personally used I have tried a few and this one is the best one so if you’re
looking to try a beauty sponge which you have not used before I definitely
recommend this one I use this on my clients as well and it works amazingly
it blends and applies product beautifully and it’s also really easy to
clean as well which I do very much like so yeah that is the Real Techniques
complexion spoke moving on to the actual brushes and I have tried to switch up
the brands a little bit but this brand just keeps on popping up and it is
real techniques again I would say that if you are looking to start your makeup
brush collection real techniques is the place to start
they are the perfect brush for makeup beginners I think and I’ve also seen a
lot of professional makeup artists using these as well I think the quality is
amazing I know that they have a couple of collections which are a little bit
more expensive but all the ones I’m sharing today are super super cheap so
this next one is the Real Techniques buffing brush and this is the one I will
use if I don’t use a beauty sponge to apply makeup I’ll always use this for my
foundation instead and again it applies makeup amazingly the bristles are super
soft as well and it’s really like comfortable to apply your product I’ll
either push my foundation into the skin or I’ll do a small buffing motions to
really buff it in and it looks really really flawless if you’re looking for a
new foundation brush this one applies foundation beautifully I’m not sure if
this does come on its own I’ve only ever seen this in sets which I did pick this
up in but again I would really recommend buying the sets from Real Techniques
because they are great value for money I am going to leave all the brushes linked down
below so if I find a few sets which this one is in then I will leave them down
there as well because they are very good value money and they always have
offers on as well in like boots and Superdrug
as well so it’s definitely worth looking out for those so still sticking with the
face brushes if I don’t use the sponge to apply my foundation and concealer
I’ll use that buffing brush for foundation and then I’ll use this one
for my concealer and this is the So Eco multitasking brush and I always use this
to blend my under-eye concealer and it’s so light and fluffy under the eyes it
blends concealer out really really flawlessly
and it just fits perfectly like into your eye socket it’s just the perfect size
and it’s like a dome shape as well it’s just really really nice this
one is about 8 pounds which is amazing and you could also use this for
like your cream contour and things like that it is a multitasking brush so you
could use this for any cream or liquid products really so yeah
this is a really handy one to have as well next moving on to this one this is
the Real Techniques contour brush and I think there’s only one other Real
Techniques brush after this I have tried to switch up the brands a little bit
this one again I think came in a set with the buffing brush I’m pretty sure
it was the core collection which if I find it I’ll leave it down in the
description box so I personally prefer makeup brushes which I can use for lots
of different things I prefer to have a smaller group of makeup brushes which
are more versatile I think that if you are starting a makeup brush
collection that’s definitely the way to go rather than thinking that you need a
larger group of makeup brushes and just using one makeup brush for one thing and
this one is definitely one of those brushes it works really nice with
powders liquid or creams I’ll use this for setting my under eye
concealer because it’s the perfect shape again to fit underneath your eye and it
is dome shaped as well it’s kind of tapered at the end it works really nice
for blending out your cream and powder contours as well the size is also very
good for highlighting so again this is a very versatile makeup brush moving on to
powder brushes now the next one is the most expensive one I think out of
everything and it’s from morphe which I didn’t expect
I personally don’t remember paid 17 pounds for this brush but I do
think it is actually worth it this is the morphe R7 and it’s a really really
nice powder brush this one is actually out of my freelance kit I don’t usually
carry more affordable brushes and my free landscape they are more quite
expensive brushes but there are a few which I did pick
out to share today which I do use on clients and I really really like this one
I wanted a really nice big fluffy brush for bronzer because all my others were a
little bit on the small side and I thought this one would be a really nice
shape and this brends brends blends this blends bronzer so
beautifully I’m gonna pick this one up for myself to use as well I use it on
the side rather than face down and I just buff out my bronzer and it’s
absolutely stunning just blends absolutely beautifully it is the perfect
bronzer brush and I’ve seen a lot of more expensive brands that have
exactly the same brush to this which are a lot more expensive so 17 pounds maybe
is a little bit expensive for morphe but I do think that this brush is
worth it I think I will pick it up for myself as well the only thing that I do
find with morphe is that I don’t think they brush for goodness sake zoe I
don’t think that they wash the best I don’t think they are the best at holding their
shape after you’ve washed them so obviously this is in my freelance kit so
I have to wash this all the time so what I make sure that I do is when it’s wet
after I’ve washed it and pull all the bristles and like strip them brass brack
oh my god stroke them back into the right shape so it dries in the right
shape moving on to my favorite drugstore highlighter brush I’m gonna choose the
spectrum A10 and I actually got this in a Glossybox but I’m pretty sure you
can pick these up from the drugstore now I think it’s only about 6 pounds and
I’ve never actually tried to using a fan brush to apply my highlighter before I
got this it’s just the perfect shape to get the highlight wherever you want
whether you want it in more specific areas like down the bridge of your nose
and on the tip under the arch of your brow it’s the perfect shape to get high
onto the cheekbones as well and I know there’s loads and tons and tons and
tons of fan brushes but this one is nice and colourful as well so this one is
my favourite now we’re finally moving on to eye brushes the first one again is a
morphe brush this is the morphe E23 will probably say that this is my most
used yeah I think this one is my most used a shadow brush and if I’m doing like
everyday makeup I just want a little bit of bronzer in my crease or something
I’ll use this I use this to set my eyeshadow base because it’s really big
and fluffy it’s really really good at blending it’s perfect for your
transition shade this is also really good for blending out your edges so I’ll always start off with using this and then I’ll always
finish off with using this as well if I do more of a smoky eye it’s quite a thick
blending brush so it’s not going to be the most precise it’s not going to be
the one that you use for more defined crease work
but this is a perfect one for your transition shades or buffing out any
of your eye shadows this one is a really really good one so I think this one is
only 8 pounds as well so yeah definitely a must-have for me so the next two are
out of my freelance kit and I’ve been so so impressed with them they are these
two Makeup Geek brushes the first one which is my absolute all-time favorite
is the makeup geek defined crease brush and the second one is the makeup geek
foiled eyeshadow brush and I am gonna pick these up for myself because they
are so so nice the first one which I absolutely love the makeup geek defined
crease brush is 6 pounds 50 and the quality is insane it’s a super super
small tapered blending brush for your crease so you can really be so precise
with this and build up the outer corner the crease I’ve also been using it a lot
for the highlight in the inner corners as well on the brow bone this is such an
amazing brush to have in your collection I love more smaller brushes for more
detailed work this is amazing for 6 pound 50 as well it’s absolutely
insane so I’m definitely gonna try a few more makeup geek brushes because
I’ve been so so impressed with this one the next one which we’ve also been
loving is the makeup geek foiled eyeshadow brush I did find it on the makeup geek
website for about 8 to 9 dollars so again if you transferred that into UK
pounds it would be a really amazing price again this one is like a it’s like
a flat shader brush really it’s really nice for packing on any of your eyelid
shadow so shimmers glitters pigments foiled eyeshadows from makeup geek
I think this is why is called the foiled eyeshadow brush it’s just so nice
perfect shape for packing anything onto the lid and I also think they look
really stylish for a more affordable brand so yeah makeup geek I’m definitely
gonna be getting more of those the second to last affordable makeup
brush I’m going to talk about is the morphe G28
and I do use this very often for a couple of different things so I wanted to add this in as well this one is a flat definer brush so
again you could probably find one of these from a lot of different makeup
brush brands but this one is only at 5 pounds I use this for lining my lower
lash line I’ll also use it for packing on colour into my waterline and the
other thing that I really like to use it for is carving out my brows I know it is
flat and you wouldn’t usually use a flat brush for carving out your brows I don’t think but it works for me it works really really well it’s a brush that I use all
the time and I did want to conclude I don’t want to conclude I want it to
include a lot of different varieties of makeup brushes in today’s video just so
there’s something for everybody and for everybody’s needs so if you’re
looking for a definer brush like an affordable one this is only 5 pounds so
my very last brush is my winged eyeliner brush and the one that I use is the
Zoeva 315 yeah the 315 and this one is only 8
pounds it’s an amazing gel liner brush I know everyone has sort of their specific
brushes which they pertuse, pertuse? oh my gosh what is coming out of my
mouth today everybody has their own eyeliner brush which they prefer to
use some prefer to use a thinner one than this some prefer to use an angled
brush but I really like the shape of this one it’s only very slightly curved
over and I can just create a wing really easy with this I don’t know
whether it’s that’s the practice or the brush itself the brush itself definitely
does help I can always get a really sharp point with it as well I do you want
to try a few more brushes from Zoeva I do have a couple which I do really like
so if you’ve got any recommendations then leave them down in the comments for me
but yeah that is my favorite gel liner brush so that completes today’s video
with my favorite drugstore affordable priced makeup brushes I really hope you enjoyed it
let me know if you did down in the comments below and please give it a big thumbs
up as well and subscribe and I will see you in my next one bye!

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