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Today we’re gonna be discussing
the best blush brushes. We did a lot of testing with a lot of (laughing) different brushes and found the top three,
so let’s get started. (upbeat cheerful music) My absolute favorite is this Sephora Pro Sculpting Blush Brush. It is part of the Sephora Pro Collection. All of these brushes are awesome, because all of the
bristles are very flexible. It’s very easy to apply a
targeted application of blush, thanks to the pointed design of it. But it’s also kind of easy to make that diffused, blended
look, so you don’t have to be married to where
you applied the blush. It’s very east to blend out
and make it look airbrushed. This is the best overall. It’s definitely worth a
spot in your makeup stash. And we would recommend, actually, all of the Sephora Pro Collection brushes, but definitely this pointed blush brush. This is our favorite budget
buy blush brush (laughs). It’s the Real Techniques Blush
Brush, and we love this one. Not only is it about
nine bucks, it stands up to its prestige competitors,
and it is well worth that (chuckles) amount of money, and applies blush and blends just as well as the more expensive options on our list. This is our favorite splurge buy. This is the Make Up For Ever #158 Brush. It is a dual-ended brush. So we have this traditional
blush brush on this side and then more of an
angled brush on this side. The angled side is probably better for applying bronzer and contouring underneath the cheekbone area. This makes the tool very
easy to sculpt the cheeks. And it is a little bit more expensive than most others on our list, but you’re essentially
getting two brushes, so we think it’s worth the splurge. So now I’m gonna show you
all how to apply the blush using one of our favorite blushes. This is theBalm’s Balm Springs Blush. I’m actually gonna show
you with the budget buy, which is our Real Techniques brush. And we’re just gonna pop a little bit of the product on there. This brush is rounded, so it’s easy to just localize the product. And I don’t have too much on there, ’cause I don’t wanna go crazy. And I am very pale, (chuckling)
so I kinda have to go easy on building the blush onto my cheeks. There’s a couple different
ways to apply blush. Some people like to just put
a pop of color on their cheeks and kind of keep it localized
in the apples of the cheeks. Some people like to do
an overall flush look. I’m gonna show you how to both. If you wanna localize it to
the apples of your cheeks for a pop of color, we’re
just gonna tap it, almost, in that area, just to give
that little rosy flush. This will add some color, and it can also be almost
a more editorial look. So this is maybe more snazzy than your standard
all-over-the-face flush look. But if you want to, I personally
like to drape the blush along the cheekbone and
bring it towards the temples so you’re really just
applying to the apples up to the temples. And to make it look even, especially for pale people like me, you kinda wanna continue
it onto your forehead or anywhere that the sun
would naturally hit your face, because it can look a little bit off if you only have this
one sweep of blush here. So you just softly do the forehead area. You can also run it down
the bridge of your nose, but nothing crazy, obviously. You can also pop a little bit on your chin and then almost like a similar area to where you would apply
bronzer, but not quite as severe. It would be in those areas. We are going to drape this on the cheeks. You’re gonna kinda take it
up on your forehead area too. I like to drape it here. You can also kind of tap your eyes with it just to make sure that we’re
balancing the flush properly. You can use this to make yourself look a little bit more
sun-kissed or a little flushed. Or if you prefer to localize
it in the apples of the cheeks, you can just keep it in that area, but I do think that it looks really good when you kind of balance the face out and make sure that the entire face has just that little perfect pop of pink. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed our video on the best blush brushes. Be sure to take a peek at the links below so you can see our other favorites. And if you enjoyed the video, be sure to like and subscribe and keep an eye out for more beauty videos from (upbeat contemporary music)

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