The Best And Worst YouTube Makeup Challenges

Since YouTube launched in 2005, it’s transformed
into a haven for makeup gurus and novices alike. Over the last few years, makeup vloggers
have upped their game with challenges. Here are some of the YouTube makeup challenge worth
watching – and the ones you should definitely skip. The No Brushes Makeup challenge dates back
to at least the beginning of 2014, when beauty and style vlogger Teni Panosian posted her
everyday look using only her hands. It’s another one of those challenges that’s been incredibly
popular with YouTubers, with some of the best versions coming from Jackie Aina and Tati
Westbrook. Limited or missing supplies is a thing everyone
has experienced at least once or twice, so watching how pros handle the challenge is
a great way to hone skills. The highlight of the No Brushes Makeup challenge
comes down to the eyebrows. Aina decided to use her nails as an eyebrow brush. Those nails,
however, came straight out of a package. “I’m gonna take my nail, because it is mine,
it’s in my possession, it’s just not attached to my finger, this is the stupidest thing!” The 100 Layers challenge was actually inspired
by a weird nail art trend dubbed “bubble nails,” that hit Instagram hard in 2015. The original
idea was to layer acrylic in a way that rounds out the nails. Where it went completely off
the rails was when Simply Nailogical posted the first “Polish Mountain” video in mid-2016,
which consisted of painting on 100 layers of nail polish. YouTubers rolled with it, for better or worse,
and the challenge evolved into 100 layers of basically everything. Watching Jenna Marbles
coat her skin with 100 layers of self tanner alongside the 100 layers of foundation she
put on her face and the 100 layers of false eyelashes she glued to her lids was mostly
just scary. And the thought of trying to wash all of that off? No thanks. Two of the earliest videos to feature the
One Product Only challenge came from Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg and tattoo artist
and cosmetics entrepreneur Kat Von D. The challenge is simple enough: create an entire
look using only one product. Hallberg, who pulled a random black gel pencil from a container
of five, attempted to do something that could be everyday wearable. Von D, meanwhile, went
the high drama route and chose her brand’s Studded Kiss Lipstick in a deep maroon shade
beforehand. One of the best things about the One Product
Only challenge is that you don’t have to be a YouTube beauty vlogger with a thousand makeup
palettes at your disposal to do it. The average viewer can create their own look with a single
item – and it can be whatever they happen to have in their makeup drawer at the time. You can probably connect the odd tiny hands
phenomenon to the early 2010s and Kristen Wiig’s portrayal of Dooneese on Saturday Night
Live. Since then, YouTubers have been creating tiny hands videos, so it was really only a
matter of time before beauty vloggers took the challenge a step further. At the beginning of 2017, Alyx Weiss posted
the video “Drunk Tiny Hands Makeup Tutorial.” Since then, Tiny Hands Makeup videos have
managed to crop up in YouTube feeds periodically. Early in 2019, Manny Gutierrez posted his
own version of the challenge to his channel, which, as of July 2019, has been viewed nearly
500,000 times. While it’s good for a few laughs, the challenge certainly isn’t worth much more
in terms of longevity or watchability. In 2016, YouTuber Mariya created the “Full
Face Using Only Highlighters” video, which took the highlight trend to a whole other
level. Highlighter was used for everything – foundation, contour, shadow, lips, all of
it. While Mariya was the first to do the challenge,
plenty of other YouTubers jumped on the bandwagon, including massive stars like Jeffree Star
and Nikkie from NikkieTutorials. The hilarious Jenna Marbles also followed
with her own variation, using highlighters, as in, highlighter markers. “This is the look I’m going for.” The “Full Face Using Only” challenges have
been around on YouTube for a few years. Videos like Jeffree Star’s “Full Face Using Only
Liquid Lipsticks” or Natalie’s Outlet’s “Full Face Using Only Food” began popping up in
2016. “Is that a berry in my eye?” Some are certainly better than others, but
some have left us wondering if beauty vloggers have just completely run out of ideas. Take the “Full Face Using Only Art Supplies”
from originator Tiffany Ma, for example. It involves putting only things purchased from
the local arts and crafts store on your face. In Ma’s case, she got her supplies from Michael’s
and put together an entire look by blending different colors of face paint, sidewalk chalk,
glitter, and Crayola poster markers. The finished product looks just as bad as you’d imagine,
but it has the added bonus of being completely terrible for your skin. Check out one of our newest videos right here!
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