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– Let’s talk concealer brushes. So excited to share these
awesome concealer brushes with you today because they are amazing tools. If you do not already have concealer brushes in your arsenal, I’m gonna show you how you can use them to conceal a multitude of imperfections. (upbeat music) Our absolute favorite concealer brush is the Sigma F70 concealer brush. It has a traditional shape and the bristles are more densely packed. It allows you to really
pack on the product if you have kind of like a stubborn hard to cover blemish. You can also really get
in the under eye area if you have stubborn under eye circles. Next up is our favorite budget buy. This is the Maybelline
Facestudio concealer brush, this one’s only like five bucks and it’s actually amazing. The shape is similar to the Sigma brush but it’s a little bit more pointed. The bristles are also more flexible which allows you to blend more easily. So if you’re a beginner to the
world of concealer brushes, you might wanna start with one like this, that allows you to get
that diffused look easier. Now this one is our best splurge. It’s the Kevin Aucoin
Duet Concealer Brush, this one’s awesome because it gives you anything that you could ever
want in a concealer brush. You have one side that has the more densely packed bristles and a more traditional brush shape. And then this side is
a more fluffy version, which is easier to blend with. I think this side is
actually better to use under the eye area and then this side is better to pack on any stubborn blemishes
that you really need to pack product onto. There’s essentially two schools of thought when it comes to applying concealer. Some people like to put it
on before their foundation, almost like priming a
wall before you paint it. But I actually like to put
in on after foundation. Typically, concealer is more
pigmented than foundation is, so you can use it to address any areas that show through your foundation. I already have some foundation on, but you can see my under eye circles and also a few blemishes, so we’re gonna address those with some of my favorite concealers. Under the eyes, I’m gonna use the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. This stuff is amazing and it actually has an
orange pigment to it which is perfect for concealing
any under eye dark circles. Essentially, under your eyes, you either have like a
bluish or a purplish tinge because of the veins under there. So you wanna use something to
conceal and neutralize that. If we are using color theory, that would be something with either an orange or yellow tint. I’m gonna show you guys how to apply this with the Kevin Aucoin concealer brush. I’m just like tapping
lightly into the product. It’s very creamy and pigmented so just touching a tap will be enough to get some product to put underneath your eyes. I’m just gonna kinda like go in and almost like dot it
underneath the eye area. As you can see, it’s a little bit orange but it’s working to cover
the dark areas very well. I’m gonna continue that and just blend it lightly. You can also sweep
underneath the eye area, being careful to kind of blend and buff out any of the creases. Already, you can see the
difference in my two eyes. You can already see that this situation is much more covered than this situation, and it worked to just brighten
up under that eye area and kind of refresh any darkness with minimal effort with this
awesome Kevin Aucoin brush. And if you ever get too
much product under there, you can also go into different areas of the eye to like blend it out. This obviously is concealing much better than this side, so you can see the
difference in the brightness under this eye versus under this eye. Now that my eyes are lopsided, (laughing) I’m going to apply underneath this eye just
to balance out the look. (upbeat music) And now my under eye circles
are much more covered and I feel like my look is much brighter. From here you’d want to
set it with some powder, but just a touch of powder under the eyes because you don’t want
to create any creases. Now that we know how to conceal
dark circles under our eyes, I’m gonna show you how
to conceal blemishes. I already have my foundation on and we’re gonna address any
areas that have shown through. I’m gonna use this liquid, Laura Mercier concealer, and just dot this lightly
on the blemish area. We have this like lovely
breakout zone here so I’m just gonna like lightly tap that. We’re take one of these
densely packed brushes and then just blend in that
area where the blemish is to make sure that all of
the pigment is covering any of the redness. This one in particular didn’t need any heavy duty neutralization, but if you have any large area redness, I’d recommend getting a product like this. Green concealer works very
well for concealing any rosy skin or red blemishes, and that kinda speaks to the color theory we talked about earlier. And there you have it. So that is how you use a concealer brush to conceal under eye dark
circles and blemishes. Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope this was helpful. Be sure to check out the links below and subscribe and follow along so you can see more of our beauty videos from Sound off in the comments, we wanna know how you
conceal your blemishes. Do you have any special tips for us? And we’re always looking for
more products to test out. If you have other favorite concealers, let us know what they are. (upbeat music)

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