100 thoughts on “TESTING NEW MAKEUP LAUNCHES!!! GRWM (rainbow eyes)

  1. I needed some KL in my life right now… I had to say goodbye to my beautiful girl Cali this last Thursday… it is one of the hardest things to make the decision that quality of life is gone and to have to euthanize a pet. Your videos bring me joy and light in a time where I'm dealing with some darkness and sadness. Thank you. 💖

  2. You owe NO ONE explanations. People are just craving drama. And it’s awesome you’re not bitting into it. How dare peope ask for explanations? Fck that!

  3. What is your favorite palette for a colorful look? I don't have any but I want a go to palette for rainbow eye looks!

  4. I love your bloopers at the end! 😂 I ALWAYS stick around for them! Your makeup turned out beautiful by the way! 😍

  5. Trust me, we don't need another video about her lipsticks. There's already like a million. I applaud you for staying out of the drama like always!!

  6. Where these bitches who wanna talk shit to KL about Jaclyn's fuck up? I just wanna talk too… With muh slappin' han…

  7. God, this Jaclyn thing is getting out of control. Now attacking you for not doing this or that. Or that you’re irresponsible? Thats terrible of people to say. You do you, girl! ❤️

  8. Yep, my right eye eyelashes always look better than my left -_- and my left eyebrow always looks better than my right >.< siiiiigh lol

  9. Does your necklace say mama? Is that meant to be cute, or are you inserting subtle hints for us? 👶🏼?

    Also the rainbow eyes turned out so pretty ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  10. I’m a side sleeper and find that the lashes on my right aren’t as great as my left…as I rent to sleep more on my right. Not sure if that’s why, but it’s my only explanation 🤷🏻‍♀️~Kim

  11. Oh that's funny. I can't stand the BTS mascara cuz it clumps on me. But I started using a deluxe sample of Dang Girl and I really like it. So glad we can all come on here and support each other's differing opinions.

  12. You are really pretty do you ever wear your hair down and tuck it behind your ears with a middle part I love that style and I think they look really good on you

  13. ❤ you! Could you please try/wear test the Pacifica beauty range (particularly the foundation) or Honest range? Or a brand that is "clean"? Thank you! xx

  14. Thank you for staying true to yourself and what you’ve always said! There’s been enough drama. I personally come to YouTube for distraction and entertainment. Everyone has an opinion, but it’s so wonderful that you don’t say anything until you know the FACTS.

  15. I commend you for staying out of the JH drama. I understand holding your peace if you don't have all the info. You are adorable, and keep doing what you do!

  16. Loved this video so much! You seem so happy and I love your sense of humor wish we could be best friends in real life haha. Love get ready with me’s and new makeup came out beautiful. Keep doing you Kathleen you never disappoint!

  17. Fuck Jaclyn Hill. I couldn’t care any less if you review her shitty ass products anyway. JH just stirs the pot on purpose to create drama, be talked about, gain more views and in the end, “redeem herself” and get even more money from you all. She gets richer even with the bad press.
    Didn’t the Kartrashians teach you any better?
    Bad press is good press?
    That’s why this JH is all BS to me. It’s fake and a publicity stunt.

  18. 8:58 I heard somewhere on youtube that it could be the side you sleep on that gets messed up 🤔 I could see that being true

  19. Wow kathleen your response to jh ❤️ love you so respectfull. And jaclyn posted a video about it ☺️

  20. Okay but why is nobody talking about the quote behind you? 😮
    Truth hurts ANYONE? 😅

  21. Honestly, I’m so tired of the Jaclyn Hill lipstick drama,s I really don’t need anther drama video!

  22. Thank you so much for not taking part in "cancel culture." I appreciate your desire to be informed before trashing something/someone. 💙

  23. Yes which one is which one. I have one but i cannot use it as blush i always apply it as highlighter beciaui feel is too shiny for a blush

  24. im so confused. im darker than kathleen in most foundations, but in this one, i got a shade lighter than what she used and it was too dark on me.

  25. People saying your silence is irresponsible just want you to get in the drama.. don’t listen to them

  26. kathleen, nobody should be calling you fake for staying out of it! obviously the jaclyn lips are controversial and the topic is important, but there have been SO many videos about it that i appreciate the regular content during this time. you’re the sweetest person -it sucks that you’ve been feeling attacked by your subs just for staying out of it! 💕

  27. I love your response to JH lipsticks! Kathleen very professional. I totally agree with you on the fact that its not right to start making claims when you don't know the whole truth behind what is going on. Everyone who got their lipsticks should just hold off using their lipsticks if it concerns them and just wait until the whole truth comes out.

  28. Think I need to try this foundation this summer. I’m always outdoors so my summer makeup is just sunblock anyway. Might bring some glam to this 4 wheeler momma. Lol I so respect how you handled the JC issues! No one knows for sure what going on so everyone can only speculate anyways. Love the look!

  29. Alissa Ashley should take note. I was extremely disappointed in the video she posted about the situation. Love how you handled this, professionally and without jumping to conclusions and dragging someone down

  30. You’re my favorite youtuber because you stay away from the drama in a good/healthy way… I’m so tired of that drama with the JH lipsticks that I really appreciate you didn’t made a video about it! We love you Kathleen <3

  31. I appreciate the way you handle this situation with Jaclyn hill. And anyone attacking you doesn’t really understand you. Because I completely understand you just not wanting to try them because of the the people that are having bad reactions

  32. The one bad eyelash struggle is so real… I always do the good lash first too and it sets the bar high and then it always ends in disaster with that damn left eye.

  33. Honestly I look forward to your videos to see what you write on that board in the background! Ha, love it every. single. time.

  34. I hope you’re okay! You don’t need to explain yourself and I hate that people are attacking you. Sending my love 🖤

  35. I always go a couple of months without watching and then I binge watch. It's so soothing especially on menstrual cramp day! ❤ u

  36. Thank you for not jumping on the bandwagon and bashing another youtuber without knowing all the facts. I appreciate you considering us your fans. Love you for being honest 🤩

  37. If people really see what’s going on with those lipsticks and still need YOU to tell them not to use them, they have bigger issues. People need to stop waiting for someone to tell them what to do and makeup there own minds. Lol you’re amazing Kathleen keep doing you!

  38. For someone to get on your case about NOT speaking about these lipsticks is ridiculous! You're not the only Youtuber people watch. If they want the information they seek they can go to watch another drama channel and another YouTube who is speaking about it. You're continuing to bring wonderful and bright and funny and drama free content that is a refreshing needed break from all JH, JC drama that is flooding feeds on here. You're willingness to step back and wait till all the facts come out us best IMO. becasue why open your mouth without 100% knowing everything. I mean we are all ADULTS here we can make our own choices on whether or not to buy the damned hairy spore filled lipsticks. After like 20+ videos have been made about it already. If people are truly holding you responsible for staying quiet and saying its betrayal or some kind of underhanded plot is stupid! And obviously they dont know you at all. People who have watched you for years would truly know you have no malicious intent in your body and they can just leave the chat if they think you do.

  39. I think the whole lipstick gate situation should be left alone now we have seen loads of videos about it and it's not gonna change, I don't blame you for not wanting to do a video on them, I would rather see it once the issue is resolved and the lipsticks are remade. Very well said

  40. I really want to know what brush you were using to set your undereyes… Also in one of your video I think you used a RT Powder Bleu brush..? Can you do a review on those ones?

  41. Kathleen, I just found you. Love the fact that you are Spanish and from Florida. I lived in Orlando for 18 years, and I miss a lot of things about it. As for Jaclyn Hill and you not speaking out, I think that people need to relax and not get mad at YouTubers who have chosen not to review or say anything about the lipsticks. You guys don't have to say anything or speak out. I mean… How many people need to say that the lipsticks are 'messed up?' The witch hunt is old. Also, I think people need to have some common sense and not buy the lipsticks. Furthermore, people need to learn to think for themselves and take some responsibility for their own actions and not blame others for their choices. And stop the blame game all together. No YouTuber has to do anything. People need to stay off of Twitter, IG, Snap, etc and control their emotions instead of freaking out and constantly lashing out at others. Anyway, I hit the sub button and rang the bell. I look forward to seeing your videos in the future. =)

  42. Have you tried the Estée Lauder double wear foundation? It's my favourite foundation and I think I've never seen you using it 🙄🤔

  43. As for not commenting on lipstickgate… You’re just keeping it drama free. And that’s part of what we love about you. I kinda think TOO many people are inserting their opinions when no one knows the facts.

  44. I did a 12 hour wear test on this foundation on my channel and I REALLY like it! It looks so smooth and pretty on the skin!!

  45. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to ANYONE ! If people don’t like it they can jog on, it’s your channel, it’s your life and it’s your choice if you choose not to get embroiled in any ridiculous drama ….I think you’re awesome 😎 and it’s obvious so many others do too, so just keep on doing you 👍❤️

  46. Kathleen, just want to say thank you, for being you. your honesty is why we watch you. keep doing what you do. don't let other people tell you what you should talk about. girl we love you. great eye look.

  47. LOVE Kathleen Lights! Keepin' Miami classy since 1992…and with all the crazy stuff Floridians do, that's sayin' something!!!

  48. First time I’ve ever watch one of your videos and I am HOOKED- your style, personality and grace is awesome. Keep doing you! X

  49. I don't understand why everyone on the goddamn internet demands of every influencer to jump on this situation immediately and scream from the mountains that JH lipsticks are garbage and you shouldn't buy them and then scream at them that they're being irresponsible because they didn't. Not everyone has the energy to deal with the weekly drama and report on it as if WW 3 is happening. I dont think you need someone to tell you not to buy something, do your own reasearch and make your own decision.

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