Testing As Seen On TV Products! (Eye Makeup Enhancer)

– [Rebecca] It looks
like you have no body! – [Matt] I’m in the trunk! – [Girl] I put him in the trunk! ♪ And ten years down the road ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sittin’ on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you ♪ ♪ Life’s about midnight car rides ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes ♪ ♪ Thinkin’ about you, thinkin’ about you ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – Good morning you guys! So we got invited to our friends’ wedding, Chantelle and Coulter, who is, I don’t know if you know Savannah Soutas, but it’s her sister. And one of the things that they had you do for this save the date
invitation, it says, “Stake a wish for Chantelle and Coulter, focus on your wish as you roll it in this paper tight ball, unwrap, flatten, reshape into a tube
then vertically light it and watch it float to the sky. So I have a wish for them
and I’m going to roll this paper into a tight
ball, reshape it into a tube, and I am supposed to light it. So that’s what I don’t
know if I did it right but I think that’s such a cute
thing for a save the date, I can’t believe they’re gettin’ married! Joinin’ the married club. – I am super excited
because we are testing As Seen On TV products again today. – Yes. – I chose four things that
we actually can really use. – But we have never tried them before but I’m really excited
to see if they work. – Yeah, alright let’s start
with the first one right now. This one’s actually for you. It’s actually EZ Makeup Glasses. It’s three times magnification glasses you slide on, click on. – EZ Makeup, oh so they like
help you do your makeup? What is this? Okay, so it’s saying
that like it’s gonna be hard to see but with this you can see– What, no, whoa. This is so weird, I need some makeup. So literally on the box
it’s showing a mascara wand and how it seems so far
away, then it’s not. Okay so I have my
mascara, my Tarte mascara, Oh my gosh, I am so dizzy right now. I don’t understand how this works. So I’m supposed to like– Okay, this just makes me really dizzy. – You’re not even using the magnifier. – No, it does not work. Okay, I do not notice any difference. I’m sorry I’m gonna have to say this As Seen on TV product is a fail and I’m getting really sick right now. Oh my gosh I’m so dizzy from trying that. I don’t know if you guys
have ever worn glasses that aren’t your prescription or like if you don’t wear glasses put ’em on, they give you a headache so
now I’m just like really dizzy. – Okay, we’re going to get through that. The next item that we have is actually, it’s like an old item that
was on TV a long time ago. It’s called the Clapper,
I used to see these all the time, these commercials. – I know, I’ve always wanted one. I wanna just like clap my
hands and have a light turn on. – Okay.
– Now I get to! – It’s super easy.
– Oh. – Basically there it
is and what you do is, you have two different
like little prongs here, you plug in like a
light switch or a light, and you go, you’re like this,
you walk in, you go like (clapping)
and it turns on the light. Alright so I am installing the Clapper. Unplugging that guy, plugging in this one. Okay Rebecca, see if it works, let’s try clapping two times first. – Okay, I wish it was dark so you could fully see if this works but– – [Matt] Oh, it worked! – Okay, now stay there, stay
there, I’m gonna clap off. – [Matt] I can see it right here. – Okay. – [Matt] Maybe it’s just one. Try three times. – [Rebecca] Okay, turn it off. Oh, it did work! So it claps on for me
and claps off for Matt. I think just two claps. (laughing) – It works some of the time, it doesn’t work all the time but you know, we’re getting a good hand workout. So the next item we have is
the Twin Draft Guard Ultimate and I saw this, I was like,
“Wow this is kinda cool, “we don’t have a lot of snow outside.” Like we don’t have any snow whatsoever. – Nope.
– But we do have a door that’s a little drafty, our front door has like a little gap
over it so we’re gonna see if this works. – Oh, looks like–
– Whoa! – What’s all the foam for?
– What? – It’s just foam with
a brown case over it. – Not gonna lie, does look like
it could be a little weird. This seems ridiculous, I’m sorry. – It does.
– When you see these on TV, you’re like, “Wow, this
is gonna be awesome.” And then you get it and it’s terrible. The decor really doesn’t
match our house at all. – No, not at all. – I don’t know why they chose brown, maybe cause it’s like– – And if it gets dirty, you can’t tell. – Yeah you can’t tell, exactly, okay. – Maybe having this will
help the dogs bark less when people walk by cause
they won’t hear as much. – That would be a dream. – Well we are gonna go try it now. – I guess you just put it under and then Velcro it back,
it’s the weirdest thing. – [Rebecca] It’s kind of
ugly, I’m not gonna lie. I don’t want people walking in and just seeing this
like nasty brown thing when they come in. Oh, it worked.
– It actually works, okay. – [Rebecca] How much was it? – This was like ten bucks. – [Rebecca] Do you think
it’s worth ten bucks? (laughing) – No offense, it looks terrible. Like couldn’t it be something
that just goes underneath it? Why does it have to be on either side and every time I open it up. – [Rebecca] That’s so hard to open! – Okay, this is coming off, I’m sorry. That’s better. The last and final item is something I’m super excited about it.
– I am too. – I think it’s actually
kinda flippin’ fantastic. It is the Flippin’ Fantastic,
these make perfect pancakes. – Yeah, and for me,
flipping pancakes is so hard and with this thing, you
don’t have to flip it. – Yeah.
– It like does it for you. – It’s like foolproof.
– So like, you can’t mess up. Which is me, I mess up on everything. Okay, so I’m assuming
you just go like that. – [Matt] Yeah, we don’t
read directions ever. – [Rebecca] There. – [Matt] Oh, smelling good already. Oh gosh.
– [Rebecca] That went big. – [Matt] This thing doesn’t
fit in the pan too well. – [Rebecca] No, I think
we need a bigger one. Yeah, I mean look though,
I just got like what, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven baby silver dollar pancakes. Don’t doubt my cooking skills, okay? I got this. This is cool though cause
then when you lift it, it has a little holder, okay, I think it’s gonna turn out good. I think this is gonna be a thumbs up not a fail.
– [Matt] Okay. – [Rebecca] Okay, minus these– (gasping) – [Matt] Oh my gosh. – Not a fail, it just didn’t quite work. So I just did it wrong.
– [Matt] It’s not a fail, it just didn’t quite work and you’re having a hard time with this. – [Rebecca] Yeah, cause
cooking is so stressful. Okay, I think if I did another
round of this, it would work. I’m gonna give this thing a thumbs up cause I think there’s potential,
I just didn’t do it right. Alright you guys, so comment below which of the As Seen on TV
products was your favorite and one you think you’d
actually use, if any of them. – [Matt] Your coloring’s
kinda wearing off today, Buds. – Right now we’re on our way over to go film something which
I’m not gonna say in this vlog but go watch my YouTube video where I make the official announcement. It’s so exciting, I am just so excited. That’s all I’m gonna say so make sure you go watch a video on my channel but are you excited, Matt?
– Yeah, woo! – This is gonna be a lot of fun. This is gonna be a lot of
fun so go check it out. Let me know what you guys think about it. If you think this is as exciting as I do. That’s one way to get in the trunk. – No!
– [Rebecca] She’s so small, she can fit in our trunk. It looks like you have no body! – [Girl] You can barely see him! – [Rebecca] Matt!
– [Girl] Put your hand out! – [Rebecca] How did this happen? – [Matt] I’m in the trunk! – [Girl] I put him in the trunk. – So I just wrapped,
it’s obviously now dark so it took a while but it was a lot of fun and I’m so excited. Again you guys, go watch the video. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or what I’m going to be a part of, make sure you check out our announcement on my channel right now, go do it. Okay, so we made a last minute
decision to go to church, not a church that we’ve ever been to, one that we have not been to
but we’ve heard a lot about it, we’ve heard great things and so we are going to check it out, yeah. – Alright we just got home from church and that felt really good,
that was a lot of fun. – Yeah, it was, it was pretty cool. It was a good experience,
it had a good message, now we’re back at home. – Thank you guys so much
for watching once again. If you’ve made it this far and you haven’t checked out Rebecca’s video,
I’m gonna put a card up there. You’re gonna need to go check it out. – Yes, see my announcement you guys. – Thank you guys so much for
watching, you guys are awesome. We’re at 650,000
subscribers, it’s amazing, you guys are amazing,
– It’s crazy. – Hopefully you had a wonderful day and you saw Blackjack’s paint. – It’s coming off, it’s coming off. – Under his chinny chin chin too. Alright, have a wonderful
day, we’ll see you tomorrow. Peace! ♪ Ten years down the road, ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sittin’ on the floor, ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you, ♪ ♪ Life’s about midnight car rides, ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes, ♪ ♪ Thinkin’ about you,
thinkin’ about you, yeah ♪

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