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Hi guys, we’re Sam and Nic from Real Techniques.
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Today we’re going to be introducing you to some of our favorite new products.
Let’s take a look at the Technique Essentials Set. This set comes with three
brushes and a mini trial-sized version of our excellent brush cleansing gel. The
three brushes also come in a case which is really handy for travel. This case
also bends backwards and can be fastened so that you can stand it on your vanity,
and it doubles up as a brush drying stand, so after you’ve cleaned your
brushes you can pop them in upside down so that all of the fluid dries outwards
of the brush and not into the ferrule. So I’m using my essential foundation
brush. This is a flat foundation brush so you’re going to get really good coverage,
super easy to use, and I’m just going to take it all the way over the face. Now
this kind of brush you can also use to plot out contouring, but I’m just going
to use it for foundation for today. Now I’m just going to take a little
concealer and just add that to the face where I need it. And then with my same
brush I’m going to work that in. Just using the tip of the brush this time. Next I’m going to take the domed shadow
brush and an eyeshadow. This one is a kind of deep gold and I’m just going to
run that all the way over the eyelid. This brush is excellent for a quick
color wash, so if you just want one color all the way over your lid, brilliant for
that. It’s also really really excellent for concealer underneath the eye if you
prefer. You see how quickly that’s done. So you get a really fast smoky eye.
Excellent if you’re going out after work, and you want to do like a desk to disco
look. Then we’ve got the multitask brush. As the name suggests you can use it for
a bunch of different things. I’m going to start with bronzer. I love this brush,
it’s like the perfect size. I’m going to take the bronzer all the way around the
hairline and onto the cheeks. Tops of the cheekbones, we don’t want to use bronzer
as contour, that doesn’t work. Then I’m going to use a blush. Same brush. Just on
the cheeks. And then finally you can just take a powder and take off the shine. And
that is how you use our fabulous Technique Essentials Set. I hope you enjoy
it. Thanks! Thank you so much for watching. We really hope you enjoyed that. Don’t
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first purchase. Take care, bye!

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