Teal Eye Makeup : Applying Mascara

I’m going to use a voluminous mascara on my
model. Something that’s lengthening and thickening, something that’s really going to accentuate
her lashes. Since this is so dramatic, you can most definitely put on a pair of false
eyelashes, that would be fantastic, too. She’s got great eyelashes, so I’m just going to
put on a nice, thick coat of mascara. And, again, I’m using a really voluminous, lengthening
and thickening mascara. And I’m going to go right on to her lashes and just really have
some fun with putting it on. OK, and I’m just going to start out by just adding a layer
of mascara to her lashes. And I’m not even paying attention to how I’m putting it on,
because I’m going to go back and be patient, really accentuate each lash. So, right now
I’m just adding that original layer of mascara. And then once that’s on, then I’m going to
go in, and I’m going to kind of accentuate each individual lash. Adding some thickness,
really separating them, concentrating on the ends of the lashes especially, so that it,
they kind of are accentuated to a cat’s eye. This will elongate the eye, make it look bigger.
Mascara is hugely important. Look at me. Look up a little bit, perfect. And just be patient
and really accentuate each lash. And don’t forget about the bottom lashes, that’s very
important too. If you have bottom lashes, or don’t, more importantly, have bottom lashes,
really try to accentuate that with mascara. You don’t want it to look clumpy, but you
want it to just really separate each little lash, because that’s going to make your eye
look big. I mean, look at the difference between one to the next, by just adding, and this
is only like one coat of mascara, to the top and bottom lashes.

1 thought on “Teal Eye Makeup : Applying Mascara

  1. i have the one that are like, bowed? or what you call it. but it's just amazing?! and the tips are awesome and it really seperates your eyelashes!
    Look, she could have told you that? that thé other one of the glam eye mascara is really good, instead of just say that it sucks?
    thats all from mee. i kind of knows a lot about makeup and hair myself.
    but some of her videos are great. 🙂
    -and please dont dudge me on my english. im from denmark soo, i speak danish of course<3

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