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  1. Great video for oil skin people like you, and also me! I would like that you make video about the best foundations for oil skin in your opinion and experience. Thank you for everything!! 😀

  2. Great tutorial. Keep them coming. You're fresh, honest and unique in the ever growing blah-ness of YouTube beauty now days.

  3. As always – so informative and beautifully done. No fuss, no bloody emoticons, stupid scenes of attempted humour – just good information. You’re one of the only youtubers who haven’t sold out to the nonsense. Love you, Claire!

  4. CLAIRE !!! I'm living in France so I really don't know if you can buy this brand but you should try " CLEANANCE EXPERT BY AVENE " this product is amazing for your skin problems. I used to have acne scaring and pigmentation and due to this amazing cream my skin looks like a baby skin

  5. Hey Claire, just wanna say that I love how genuine, true, confident and relaxed you are. You come off very mature and your content is always so refreshing and creative. Love your work overall as always <3

  6. Would really LOVE if Claire would do her 2017 Beauty/Skincare/Haircare Favorites… I always look forward to her favorites and recommendations because she has yet to fail me with her honest recommendations! 
    I wonder if she will be doing them this year? Anyone else would love for her to do her 2017 Beauty Favorites???

  7. Yes! I've been doing this lately (simply because I was too lazy to apply full foundation!!) and I love this a lot better. It really does make my skin look natural and luminous; fresh. It's great to see this video because there are so many beauty gurus that pile on the foundation and concealer; this look is a welcome change.

  8. You might look into the "clear and brilliant laser"- I'm 32, and i had Melasma (brown spots) that drove me nuts, also scarring from years of acne. It made a huge difference, Melasma is totally gone and scars are much lighter.

  9. Can’t wait for you skin care recommendations as I also suffer with acne. I want to try some kate sommervile products but they are hard to get hold of for the UK 🙁

  10. Loved this! You are so informative with the products you are using,and the finished result looks so natural and really pretty :))

  11. You look amazing!! Does ginger work for nc25 skin? I'm thinking about getting a pot of the nars concealer but I haven't had the chance to swatch them yet

  12. would love to see an updated skin care routine! i have very oily skin too and have just started getting into using facial oils. they seem to be working great, but would love to see what types of products you're using (even if i don't use a high end range of products). also looking for recommendations for a night cream because i haven't quite found one i like yet.

  13. I love this natural look! I don't spend much time on my base because I am too lazy ha ha…but still seeing you put it on seems nice!

  14. I actually thought that the natural color in your eyelids was eyeshadow and I loved it, so in my daily make up look I put a little bit of an orangy eyeshadow in my eyelid to imitate yours 😂

  15. As someone who has acne problems and scarring, I absolutely appreciate ur makeup videos! I'll definitely be buying the products you used as a base as the results are stunning! 😍

  16. Claire this is stunning. Sometimes glowy and pared back looks so much nicer than lots of colour and base. Just wished you went all the way including eyes 😀

  17. CLAIRE! Your video is always so aesthetically pleasing and why is your voice so soothing. Can you be my therapist ? 🙈

  18. Thank you! I've been growing up with oily and acne prone skin so this video is super helpful especially cause i dont normally wear a lot of makeup hehe.

  19. A tip I have for hyperpigmentation is actually African Shea Butter. It's super inexpensive, you can order it on amazon and I've been using day and night for a few weeks now and I've noticed a remarkable difference in my skin already (knock on wood). The shea butter doesn't clog my pores, helps with my acne scaring, and keeps my skin looking glowy and clear! Maybe something to try? 🙂

  20. Finally!!
    Wanted to ask you about how you apply your base 2 years ago at BeautyCon but did not have enough time! haha Love how you always have quality videos <3

  21. Really really loved this video! Thank you so much for showing how to conceal spots without a lot of makeup. This was really informative and I loved how you showed basic application techniques, etc.

  22. this is really random, but the way your camera adjusts focus is SO SMOOTH and beautiful! It really makes the viewing experience really amazing when you show products up close to lens then you. move the product away!!

  23. Hey Claire! First off I wanted to say how much I love you, watching your videos and your style, you are amazing! Also wondered if you could do a video on your hair style/cut and color? What I would tell my hair stylist to achieve your type of cut/color and just an overall updated video of how you’ve been styling it lately. Thank you!! 🙂

  24. Claire your skin is looking amazing now! But what helped my adult acne is eating turmeric tablets! You will see the difference trust me it reduces the inflammation on the skin. I went from 3 pumps to half a pump thank you turmeric! xoxo

  25. I've been following you for over a year and this is my first time ever commenting, but I just want to say, great video as always, and what I love about your make up tutorials is that they're "real." I'm 30, my skin is ageing, I have monolids, and suffer with spots and skin problems, and I found it difficult to find tutorials which helped me. But since taking advice from your videos, I look and feel better, and I really want to thank you for giving me this confidence! You really are an inspiration (as a person too). Love you, and I continue to look forward to more of your work. Take care xoxo

  26. Claire, this video helped me figure out a basic routine. I've been wanting to try a lot of makeup products, and didn't know where to begin shopping, I've only ever worn mascara and brow products. I recently delved into concealers and powder, and after seeing this I got my first primer. Thanks for making the makeup process seem simpler.

  27. Lool i use just as much concealer for my acne n scars, love this base routine I can totally relate, fyi the no makeup looks on youtube where they just stick on mascara and lip balm… I'm always like hmmm must be nice 😝🤣😁

  28. Hey Claire, you are beautiful and I really enjoy watching your contents. Just curious, you have oily skin type, but how come you go through days without shampooing? Don't you feel greasy? Any special reason?

  29. Your skin looks beautiful. You are very talented. Have you ever talked with your doctor about getting Retin-A? I think it would really help with the acne scaring you have on your face. I used it years ago, in my 30’s, l’m 60 now, and it really clear the pigmentation I had on my face. Pretty amazing. Take care

  30. Thank you for sharing; you’re so relatable and easy to watch! It’s been fun watching your home evolve! Quick question….do you have suggestions for a more combination/dryer skin type to achieve the same dewey glow?

  31. Does anyone know of another Asian beauty vlogger who has dry skin? Struggling to find products that are relevant to my skin tone/type!

  32. Loved your base every look routine Claire! I enjoy these more talk thru, talking type vids. Miss your classic Claire videos like these 🙂

  33. WOw o wow thank you so much for posting this. For the longest time I wondered why i didnt have that sleek surface and thought that I should never use highlighter over the small craters in my skin from acne. Now I see having a good base is the way to begin.

  34. Oh my gosh, I have large pores and pitted scarring, and I would LOVE to know what you use to minimize your scarring.

  35. Hi! I've been looking for that cat cocoon you got Bruce. I don't remember which video it was, so I am leaving this comment on the first video that popped up for me in your thread! There seems to be a lot of cat cocoons out there, hoping you can point me in the right direction, bc the one you got him looks perfect for my kitty. Thanks, Ashley

  36. Just found your channel and I am in love!!! Love the natural, dewy, no fuss type of look, especially with trouble skin! So refreshing from the full coverage masks I see everywhere!

  37. Hey Claire, Your skin is looking so good and clear, but I wanted to see if you have ever looked into derma stamping or microneedling for the scarring from struggling with acne? I just had my third microneedling treatment done in SF and i'm really happy with the way my skin is shaping up. 🙂

  38. I love it!!! I LOVE THIS LOOK. Love the natural makeup, same thing with me now and day I don’t cake my face. I like the almost realistic skin showing thru. Dislike the heavy makeup feeling plus it make me look sooo old too.

  39. claire! I havent watched for a long time, but i was wondering did you get lip fillers? they look gorgeous though 🙂

  40. It’s nice to find a woman who also loves makeup but isn’t into a whole heavily done face every day. Im a nursing student & a mom of 4, who suffers from hormonal acne ( the beard shape 😣) pigmentation issues if the wind blows the wrong way & texture issues. I like to focus more on skin care versus just covering it all up, so this routine is right up my alley! Thank you for always staying real & giving everyone else permission to do the same. You are truly an amazing soul and I hope you hear that more often than not

  41. Hi, I just found you on YouTube this week. I’m glad you found someone to talk to. Good for you! Thank you for the recommendation on the smashbox color correcting stick in orange. I realized while watching this video that my brown spots still come through after color correcting because I have been using a light orange/peach color – wrong color! Just ordered the orange.

  42. Yes! I love that you made a base tutorial with your skin type ! I have a similar skin type and have been needing help making my skin look “real” like you said lol and not looking cakey by trying to keep it from getting oily . I also like how you made it a simple, everyday look

  43. You are so beautiful – I can only see any pigmentation you have when I force myself to focus on it. If anything, it reminds me that you have at least one "imperfection" and are a human and not a literal goddess. Favorite creator on YouTube, so intelligent and grounded.

  44. I feel like my skin is definitely like yours. Oily and acne prone. But have you ever thought of going with a dermatologist and getting procedures done on your face? Like chemical peels or anything like that? So much stuff out there that can improve the scars. I’ve been looking into it and wanted to see what you would recommend! Thanks!

  45. New subscriber (from Mary’s channel). Great video! Now that I’m in my 30s, lighter coverage works a lot better for me, too. Xo

  46. you're so beautiful! i'm so glad i found your channel – i just learned so much. from finding your instagram, i would have had no idea you had acne prone skin, you always look flawless. it's also nice to see a fellow creator who isn't uhhh 17. thanks for being awesome!

  47. Can i ask you a question?i am wondering because i Not Really a fan of Contouring. It makes my face to strong and manly.
    i Keep it Light 😂 but if i contour my jawline it looks like dirt 😢 thats sucks.

  48. So appreciate the time you take to share your knowledge, it's like sitting with a good friend, it lifts you above the crowd of "you tubers" that sound like an infomercial

  49. how do u get ur extensions to stick up so much i have monolids and eyelash extensions but they dont show up from the front

  50. When I first watched this I so appreciated the simplicity. Since then, I’ve developed acne and scars, and this tutorial is everything to me right now. Thanks Claire!

  51. thank you!! subscribed! yes(!!) natural eyelook but lots of thoughts on base makeup 🙂 do you have suggestions highlighters + contours for your type of skin but also get some flakes during the winter? im debating between the fenty beauty trio (lining, starstruck, amber) & the kevyn aucoin countour volume 3. not sure whether i should just buy contour separately + hourlgass gold flash. i wear lenaige bb cushion 23sand so i'm like a medium skin tone

  52. Love your base routine. Something I can follow easily and fast. And I love that use your fingers all the time!! I have the same type skin and eyes as you, and youre my go to youtube makeup artist. Thank you for posting great videos and helping me with my skin and makeup routines. ❤️🙏🏽🔥

  53. omg Claire awesome videos! All around: details, extra info, tips, tricks, etc! Not to mention you're gorgeous with or without any makeup!! Keep it up girl!!

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