Sweater Nails, or if you’re British, ‘Jumper Nails’ – Gel Polish Nail Art Tutorial

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do a sweater design. Now, in England, we call them jumpers or pull overs? Adam: Jumper! That’s it.
Kirsty: Jumper. Kirsty: Not pull over?
Adam: No. Kirsty: Is that really old-fashioned? But in lots of places in the world, they call them sweaters. Now, to me, a sweater is somebody that sweats a lot. Adam: like a student? Kirsty: Yeah, but we don’t, so we gonna do a sweater. So in my head then, I had a vision of a man sweating really bad from running a marathon but that’s not what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna do… they’re basically the knitted pattern of a sweater or jumper as we like to call it. That doesn’t mean them kind of jumpers. Right! So, I’m gonna do two designs for you because I just love you so much, and I just think any two of these don’t ya. We’re gonna do a shiny one and we’re gonna do a matte one, so that’ll be nice. Oh, yeah! I am going to use this colour. It’s grey. because we wear sweaters when it’s a bit grey and a bit miserable outside. So, I’m gonna do two coats of this colour. If you were doing this on a natural nail, you would apply the urban graffiti base coat. If you were doing it on top of an extension with a nail, extension as in, acrylic or hard gel, you would just go straight on to that. I’m gonna pop that in the lamp. While that one is in the lamp, I’m gonna pick this one for you. And this is like… I don’t know how to describe it, it looks like a *muted mint*. I also really like this colour. Look at that grey green! Is that a better description? The muted mint**. Adam: Yeah!
I also really like this colour. Look at that grey green! Is that a better description? The muted mint**. I also really like this colour. Look at that grey green! Is that a better description? The muted mint**. We’re gonna use the same gel polish to create our design. We will need to flash cure these as we do them. So, first of all, I will map out this line. So, I need to get this line right before I make it thicker. One of the great struggles of being a nail artist is drawing perfect straight line. Just about see it can’t you. Sorry Adam! I’m gonna flash cure that, just so it doesn’t move. What you can do is, when you doing straight lines, so put a little dot there, know where I’m heading towards. I’m starting at the same place here. See that’s equal. Now, I’ve done it, I can just thicken it up a little bit. I’m going to cure that now. Now, I’ve got those lines on, what I can do is, make those a little bit thicker, basically, higher. So we’re gonna add some height to them because obviously, when you have a jumper or sweater, whatever you wanna call it, it’s…the knitting isn’t a different colour, is it? So, you do it like the cable-knit. So, once I’m happy with where the pattern is, I will go back over and just thicken it up. Basically, make it higher by adding more product. And then, down the middle we’re gonna do this one a cable knit. Basically, we’re gonna do these curves coming down. We need to keep adding as you go because if you’re doing a continuous motion, you will run out of gel polish, and you’ll need to keep adding that. I’m gonna cure that. So, you can see that’s a little bit higher now. I’m gonna cure that and we’re gonna basically mirror image that. It’s gonna go like this. What I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna top coat that with the urban graffiti top coat. This is gonna be the shiny one. You’ve gotta make sure you drag off any excess because it will diminish the effect if you put too much on. So, go back over, just drag off the bulk. All you want to do is add the shine. You get some clients that want the shiny look even though I’ve never seen a shiny knitted jumper in my life.. I’m just gonna pop that into the lamp. So, you can see the embossed effect. Embossed! Adam: Embossed.
Kirsty: Embossed. Adam: Not a T but D.
Kirsty: Embossed . Adam: You say it like a T but it’s a D. You don’t say it like the D, so it sounds well. Kirsty: Yeah, I know.
Adam: You say it like a T but it’s a D. You don’t say it like the D, so it sounds well. Adam: You say it like a T but it’s a D. You don’t say it like the D, so it sounds well You can see the embossed effects that you get but it’s all sealed, it’s nice and shiny. It’s so shiny! Shiny jumper! Hmm! Never seen a shiny jumper. Was worth it. Right! we’re gonna do a matte one now. I’m gonna change this line, do it a little bit different, give it some ideas. So again, I’m gonna do a line and then I’ll go back over it to make sure it’s thick enough. Right! So, down the center of this one, what we’re gonna do is these shapes that remind me of stairs. So, see what I mean? It’s kinda like a step. This one needs one one there as it is continuing and what you’re gonna do is connect. You are not gonna touch the gel to each other but you’re sort of gonna sit them in the spaces. So, we are here now. It’s like a nice little pattern. It’s not too difficult to do either, but it looks really cool. Does anybody wear a knitted jumpers anymore? Adam: I’ve got one.
Kirsty: Are you? Do you know what you remind me of? Cricket! Adam: Hmm.
Kirsty: Off a cricket jumper. So, I’m gonna go over that, make that higher and you know, going over it twice is enough. You could go over it more if you want it to, if you want it to make it huge Well, it doesn’t need to be huge, it doesn’t you know, just needs to be embossed. You just using the very tip of the brush to tickle the gel into the place that you want it. Now, down these edges, what we’re gonna do is, simple lines going down. We’re not touching this line here, we’re just doing simple line. So, now we have the design complete, we are going to make it matte and we gonna use the urban graffiti matte coat. So again, apply it and then, drop off any excess. You do it nice and slow. It will help to reduce any bubbles. And pop that into the lamp. Then, I’m gonna use the gel residue wipe off solution to take off that sticky layer. And by doing that you reveal the matte effect. So, you can see the difference in those two. You’ve got a nice shiny one and a nice matte effect one. Adam: What’s that?
Kirsty: I did not ask you anything. [voice from the phone]: ”We were talking about you.” ‘Are you sure, not me?’ Kirsty: What? So, I think they both look really nice. Which one’s your favorite? Shall we have a vote on it? Adam: Yes! We need you to comment below if you are a lover of the shiny gloss knitted effect or the matte knitted nail. Let us know what you like. All the products I’ve used today will be listed below as always. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. I also have snapchat which is KirstyNails. So, you can chat me on there. Send a little message if you want. I try to reply to everybody. And so yeah, Don’t forget to vote. Which one do you like the best? See you later! Bye bye! Because I want it quick, I’m gonna… What? Adam: See what you’ve done?
Kirsty: What? Adam: Look behind you. Kirsty: Oh, the gaps?
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: I’m sorry Adam! Mind the gap.

100 thoughts on “Sweater Nails, or if you’re British, ‘Jumper Nails’ – Gel Polish Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Tfs.. I still find it so interesting how many words that mean differing things in the same language : sweater= jumper, trunk= boot, cookies= biscuits, = tennis shoes = trainers, there are just so many! !

  2. I love them both, but I just love wearing shiny nails.. currently I have glitter that's not encapsulated and the roughness is driving me nuts..but I've just been teased by my hubby that I change my designs too often…so I'm keeping until I need to refill!!!

  3. Watched this vid again. And I like both. Just not shiney. Have u tried using acrylic powder on the design? And how would u do that?

  4. It's called Pullover here in Germany, no idea why but even my grandma only knows this term for a jumper/sweater/pullover.

  5. How often do you change your nail designs? You just had them done for your New Year's Eve party wearing your bling bling dress! 😳. It doesn't matter though…always amazed by your nails…😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️( just wondering 😜)

  6. First of all I am a knitter and love the cable techniques. These na I ls are gorgeous. I really like the matte look but love both designs!

  7. I didn't realise this would be so simple! I thought it would involve faffing around with acrylic gel or something.

  8. Anyone else think this sweater effect would look wicked awesome in the thermochromic (temperature color changing) colors for the fall?

  9. Your frick'n phone LMFAO that was hilarious. I'm so glad you kept that in. I absolutely loved your reaction 😂❤️

  10. I love them both that would be a hard decision to pick one but I guess I would have to say the mat. I love love your videos.

  11. Naio Kirsty and Suzie are my Nail tech. gurus. However, me who is not Nail tech and doesn't want to be and doing for own nails.. I felt this video saved my day. Why? Because Suzie showed in the end that you need to put power which I can not do that becuase I can not order Acrylic power. But Kristie showed another way is to use a matte coat. Now talk about that heroine! 🦸🏼‍♀️

  12. Interesting to see your progress. All the other sweater nails I have seen actually have acrylic powder or glitter sprinkled on the embossed sections. I guess maybe to make them stick out more? But it is nice to see I don't need to include that part if I don't want to. I just discovered this nail type in the spring and so I have had to wait until this season to try it. Plus the fact that my lamp is crap makes it hard to do the intricate designs because the lamp does not cure properly.

  13. I loved it!! My favorite is the matter. What do you use to hold your tips,I'm assuming you created it with your creativity.

  14. Do you wipe in between curing if using a sticky top coat gel? I would like to think so but just want to make sure before this turns disastrous 😖

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  18. I wonder if someone could come up with a Fairisle design or if some already has. For those who dont know, Fairisle is knitted with two or more colores in the design.

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