Supermodel Irina Shayk Shares Her Beauty Secrets | Get Ready With | Harper’s BAZAAR

– This is how it really is. Normally we’re screaming and yelling. You don’t have to drink your poison, I’ll get you a good coffee. (everyone laughs) I’ll be right back everybody. (upbeat rock music) – Paris. Josh is obsessed with the short hair. So that was his idea, and the reference was Christy Turlington, right? – Yes. – From 90’s? – Yeah, early ’90s.
– Because we love her. She is a
– Is a goddess. – Goddess and style icon, and she always has her hair on-point. (upbeat rock music) – We’ll actually wear MAC on the shows. – Like she really knows how to do, now I’m answering questions don’t worry. (Harry laughs)
– Yes please. – I took over. (laughs) – No, she’s actually really on that so. – [Harry] She’s really good. – I’m doing, she’s talking. – Yeah. – I learn my technique in Europe. So there we do more how you say, more natural, we respect the person. It’s more highlighting, its sheerness, its about the skin shape, but not not transformation complete. (calm pop music) – I have a older sister, she love to like, experiment. She decides to pluck my eyebrows. Because she wasn’t sure if
she wanted thin or thick eyebrows on herself, so she decided to try (Harry laughs) this on her younger sisters, so I had like, a super
thin eyebrows for a while and I definitely prefer just
a thick, natural eyebrows. Well my definitely favorite look is Steven Meisel from Versace Campaign, because it was kind of
like this iconic makeup, this beautiful green eyeshadow and you know, just like, natural hair, so this look is definitely
send out for me, just they way how he place his leg, and the way how he shot
it was really iconic. (upbeat pop music)

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