Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today, I’m gonna be showing you this no makeup makeup look very sunkissed I also did some faux freckles as well, so I really hope you guys enjoy There’s also going to be a giveaway in this video, so make sure you check out the description on how you can enter So starting off with the bare face. I do have a top one you just can’t see it I promise I am wearing a top primer I actually use a new one The Velvet skin primer by the face shop when I was trying this out I didn’t really like the texture But I kept it on all day and my skin it looked amazing at the end of the day, so I really recommend it for Foundation I actually decided to go for a tinted moisturizer As this is a no makeup makeup look and it’s the summer edition I wanted something that was very light on my skin So this is one by nas in the shade San Tropez and it blends in so nicely I use my fingers because I felt like it would give the most natural look I Do have a slight tan on my forehead So I had to work it all the way up into my hairline to make sure that I was one shade Loved the look that this gives to my skin it looks so natural and so glowy For my brows I use the Maybelline brow for size pencil it’s very very small is actually called a micro pencil It gives a really natural look to your brows I start at the end and work my way forward Just making sure that there are no sparse areas, and they look nice and thick I Also just brush them through to make sure that all the product is distributed evenly and that there are no harsh moorings I Didn’t really want to wear eyeshadow for this look but surprise surprise. I just went with bronzer instead I feel like every makeup tutorial just like runs on my eyes But I just love the way it looks just to give my eyes and definition. I apply bronzer Also applied a lip balm, and this is tinted so you’ll see my lips Go really really pink, but don’t worry like it’s just a lip balm ruining My eyeliner I actually use a brown eyeliner just so that the look was very soft and not too harsh This one is by Tony moly. I think it’s how are you saying it? I don’t know who sent me, but I love using brown gel eyeliner it just really enhances your natural lashes and doesn’t look too much of a pen I Also called my lashes. I never wear mascara without curling my lashes it makes such a difference I really recommend doing it if you went as far on a daily basis Then I just use one of my favorite mascaras at the moment and that is the iconic mascara eye lashes along But they’re not graceful this mascara Mitchell lashes look so full absolutely love it They love the way that this makes my lashes look and make something very fluttery and full. I don’t think it’s too expensive either So moving back to my face I went in with concealer. This is a new one by e^x one in the shade number Three is super full coverage, and I really didn’t need much so I put way too much on my hand I was like where the heck so I just put it randomly all over my face So I just blended that underneath my eyes, and then also like I said on my forehead and my chin and Then I use my finger again. Just to blend that in and make sure that I gave a really natural look How do I use one by a tooth house and again? This is my first time using it? It was a really good toddler, but I did feel like it gave a white card on my skin at the third translucent powders But overall it is a really really good powder. It kept me matte all day Otoscope out my skin a little bit I use an old favorite by Maybelline this makes you look so chiseled and also quite bronze at the same time I really really like it. I applied that on my cheekbones and also on my forehead as well just to bring the color back in I Also took that down the side of my nose to define it slightly to Wash I use the new NARS palette that just come out actually going to be giving three away So make sure you guys check out the description box on how to enter But I applied that on the tops of my cheekbones and also down the bridge of my nose as well Then I took the clean brush I really recommend using a clean brush if you want to do this like whole Sunkiss look on your nose It just blends out and makes it look really really natural It doesn’t make it look too posh, so I just use a clean brush to blend it all in Just gives a really cute flushed I’ve been in the Sun for too long kind of looks For highlight I use this deep color, and I think is in the shade Cleopatra is my favorite drugstore highlighter It’s very similar to champagne pop in color, and so it’s very gold and it looks amazing in sunlight Plied that on the tops of my cheek bone on my brow bone Anywhere where I wouldn’t actually get kind of glowy if I was in the Sun My faux freckles use the same pencil that I used in my brows If Super super soft so it gives a really natural look if you want something that is more obvious I would maybe use like a gel liner or something but but a natural fretful look this pencil is Perfect so I just applied that on my nose and on my cheeks, and then blended it out with my finger So my lips I decided to go for something that was really similar to my natural lip shade This is a lipstick by NARS in the shade gypsy is literally like my lip color, so I use that and then blend that in I Wanted something that was a little bit more pink and like more summer appropriate so I use a lip pencil in the shade Let’s go crazy I didn’t use too much because it is Super pink, so I just dab that over the top and I created more elliptic just the look I kind of wanted to go for but that is if my no makeup makeup looks summer edition It’s super flushed and glowy and I absolutely love how it came out So I really hope you guys enjoyed this he did remember to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if I’m already Like I said, I’m also doing a giveaway on the blush palette I use in this video so make sure you check out the description to that love you guys so much And I’ll see you my next video


  1. you are so beautiful!!! and its from a girl's point of view…lol…you should become a model for Charlotte Tilbury…

  2. Linda desse jeito, com uma pele maravilhosa dessa, se fosse eu andava por aí sem maquiagem 🤣❤️🇧🇷

  3. Why she’s so gorgeous I seriously can’t, I’m so zoned out by her beauty that I’m not even paying attention to the video lol

  4. I can't describe how much i hate those "step one : be pretty" you guys are annoying it deosn't make sense , u have to be pretty to do a makeup look ? Ugh grow up and stop being dumb

  5. Damn I wanna try this, but I doubt it'd look good on me though. BTW You look like the younger version of Nicole Scherzinger in the thumbnail 💕

  6. ME:
    uses foundation
    Liquid blush
    4 eyeshadow
    Liquid lipstick

    And I'm still wondering why I didn't achieve her look.

  7. yes but like you are a goddess and we common people hoping to not look dead won't benefit from this video 😓😓 cause we lacking the raw materials like a beautiful face

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