Summer Makeup for Savvy Seniors

Hi, Sharon Danley here, with another Two Minute Beauty Tip. This week we’re going to take that fresh non eye makeup
look and add just some eyeliner and lashes with a little bit of contouring
only for another fast and easy look that has just a bit more intensity to it. OK the number one thing to do is to make sure that your eye lid is neutralized and a lighter color put on. I like to use the Mac Naked Lunch mixed with the
highlight color that I use from Palladio it’s two shades lighter than my
foundation so I mix the two of them together I just cover my entire lid with it. Next I’m
going to take a flat edged angled brush a nice thin flat one and I’m going to use black eyeshadow to create a soft and yet still defined eyeliner OK, so what I’m going to…I dipped my brush into the black eyeshadow and I’m going to place a
line like so then I’m just going to go along….. fill in the line at the outside and just
go along close close close to my lashline and especially try to get in
between the lashes because at this stage the lashes are thinner and you can see –
you know – you can see the white spaces between the lashes so if you can get
right in there and just push the product right into the lash line but that’s…… the
best look that you can get for that. Now I’m just going to pull back here so that
you can see the difference in the two. I’ll do the other one and get right back
to you. Next I’m going to apply false lashes and as you may or may not know
I’m a huge fan of Kiss #02 for a natural everyday look. You don’t have
to trim them, they’re the perfect length – very natural looking – especially for
our age group. And what I do is put a little bit of glue on a porous surface
and let it let it kind of get a little bit tacky while I’m adding or putting on
my foundation and then when I finished with that foundation then I run the lash
along the strip and then I apply it. And we’ll just zero in here make sure you
can see me OK – and I’m going to blow on it one more time just to make it a bit
more tacky so I just placed down in the centre first – then apply in the inside corner then
grab and apply to the outside corner and then I grab my lash with the false lash
and squeeze it together in the outside corner, then in the center, and then in
the inside corner – and voila! And while there’s still a little bit damp I may
push them up a little to just have them stand out a bit but you can see when I
pull it back a little bit it adds just that little bit more of a dramatic look.
OK I’ll apply the other one and get right back to you OK so there’s the
liner and the lashes what I like about the liner done with an eye shadow is
that it gives a soft yet defined line it’s not too harsh or too heavy it has
no sheen to it so it’s I think much more appropriate for this age group. So
now we’re going to step it up a little bit and add a bit of contour around the
corners of the eyes. I’m goning to use one of my favorite little dome brushes
it’s just a simple little tiny dome brush that I use for a lot of the little
filler in places and I’m going to dip this into Brun by Mac and my dark grey
shadow and all that I’m going to do is – and I’ll zero in here – it’s just give a little bit more definition to the end of my eye and
underneath. So I’m going to add just a bit in here over top of this eye shadow liner…… ……..and just spread it…… ……and then underneath along the lashline Now depending on the situation I can
make it lighter darker or whatever but this for my eye if I want a little bit
more intensity just gives me what I need without having to get really really
involved with the line of makeup. So let me just pull back and see. You can see
how that gives more oomph to the eye. OK, I’ll do the other one and then get back
to you. Now pulled back you can see again where that adds just a little bit more
oomph and helps to bring the eyes out this way because, together class, as we
age our eyes become rounder and it appears as if they’re smaller so
elongating this way helps to counter that. Now for the piece de resistance is
the gel liner on the underside of the upper water….. of the upper lash line or better known as your waterline. It’s also referred to as tight
lining. You can use a gel pencil – I know that they have those out now. You can
apply just with the pencil or you can you know rub your brush on the pencil
third on that way I still prefer the gel because it wears better so let me get
that out. OK I’ve got a little dome brush here with a tiny bit of dark brown
blackish gel and I’m just applying it to that water line right underneath the lash line where the lashes I should say and with
what’s left on the brush I’m going to just windshield wiper my own lashes
underneath the false lashes. When pull back you can see how that adds just that
extra tiny little bit of drama and when I look up you don’t see “the whites of
their eyes” so to speak it looks it looks much better than the other side where
you can see that white line which is it detracts I think from the overall look. Let me do the other one. Again this is nice and fresh and it’s just got the eyes pumped
up for a nice fresher summer look but for the evening or for a special event
or a low lighting or something like that and if you want to just pump it up a
little bit more that’s we’re going to do next I’m going to take this handy-dandy
fluff brush that I’ve had for probably 30 years I just keep going back to
it when you have something it’s good and good quality it never lets you down and
it lasts forever. I’m going to dip that into my standard cool taupe. And I’m just
going to dip a couple of times and I’m going to – for my eye, because I have a
lid – well that’s you know generally disappearing – but to help bring it bring
it out a little bit more I’m going to just put some in the crease of my eye
and then add a little bit more at the end but just very lightly. The thing is though because my eyes have aged like they have – where my crease used
to be when I look up like this and that’s usually how I apply my makeup
it’s fine what I’m looking like that – but that’s not the way I go around talking
to people. When I’m looking like this just regular my eyelids drop down so
what I have to do is you move the crease up more so that I can you can
see the darkness just a little bit more when your eyes are just looking at
somebody in a regular and not cartoonish light way. So let me just zoom in here
and I’ll show you what I mean. So I’m going to apply it here and……. …….go up higher……. …..and because my eyes tend to droop
sometimes in the corner here I’m just going to add a little bit more in this
corner. And the trick is to blend it blend it blend it blend it blend it and
then step back and you can see how that adds more dimension to my eye but and I
think that’s fine for our demonstration purposes but you can see with either eye
it’s okay just depends on the look that you want but I think I’ll even myself up
for the balance of the day – be right back. So that’s it as far as the eye makeup is
concerned for a little bit more intensity for summer. Now for those with
hooded eyes instead of taking the approach that I just took up going into
the crease line – those with hooded eyes would apply their their makeup right
along the edge of their lashes like so deposit the weight there and then blend
it up and out and again with more weight at the outside corner than the inside
but blending it up and out is the approach that you want to take with a
hooded eye. But the most important thing for a hooded eye to have you know strong
strong lash line is to use false lashes and the gel liner on your upper
waterline that will give you the most impact and then whether you want to
apply eye shadow or not again that’s just up to you. And one more thing now that my eyes are a little bit darker, I may want to increase the intensity of my brows I think they look fine like they are, but you know, I can intensify them so I will I will do that actually just because. So let me see
and I’m just going to take that dark gray shadow that I use and I’m just
going to just intensify a little bit with short hair like strokes…… and you can see it’s just a little bit
darker – not a lot – just a little…….. Let me do the other one here……… and using feather like strokes where
wherever you can gives that impression of it them being little like little
hairs rather than train tracks. Now I could go darker still but I’m not into
the Joan Crawford look for today. So there you have it. A nice fresh summer
look for those of us that are over 21 the lips are strong and they’re bright
but not overly bright – not you know your lips come first and the rest comes
second. Eye make up with or without I make up the look can be great just a little
bit of eye makeup or the whole enchilada. And again because of humid weather that
we’re all experiencing now the Palladio (check description box for updated products) dual finish wet/dry mineral powder is
again a classic it just wears really well. You may glow with a lot of the humidity, but you won’t be melting. Anyway that’s my take on the over 21 set for a nice, fresh summer look. Enjoy practicing yourselves and we’ll see you next time

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