Summer Holiday Makeup Essentials | What’s In My Beauty Bag Series Pt.5

hi guys welcome back to my channel so we
are on the fifth and final video of my what’s in my beauty bake series so if
you guys haven’t been tuning in or you’re just catching me for the first
time I started a five-part series my first one was um what’s in my beauty guide
kit what’s in my freelance makeup artist kit what’s in my beauty bait for the
teen or minimalist and skin types what’s my beauty baked for various skin types
and now this fifth and final video we are doing uh what’s on my beauty base
hot vacay so these are gonna be the top products that I recommend for going on a
hot holiday and why and if you guys are wondering where I have been if you guys
follow me on the regular and you’re wondering like did she fall off the face
of the earth I kind of did and I apologize I’m so sorry cuz as most of
you know if you’ve seen my videos I film and edit primarily on my phone and my
phone went completely on the fritz and the camera wasn’t working and so I
haven’t been able to do anything and now I have a new phone he also kind of had
at the same time some kind of life-changing news which I will tell you
guys about I can’t tell you in this video but if you guys click the little
subscribe button and subscribe to my channel I do regularly upload videos
every Monday so I will keep you guys posted and I think that I might even be
posting a few extra videos just kind of bonus video since I have
been ma for so long I feel like I have to catch up cuz I have so much I want to
show you guys that all being said if you guys are interested in seeing what I
recommend for products for a hot holiday then stay tuned for the rest of the
video let’s start with skincare because I
think that’s the most important thing I don’t care who you are you need good
skincare in your life so what I suggest is obviously you always need a really
good cleanser I have normal to oily skin so make sure that you’re using a
skincare that is right for your skin type and if you guys didn’t see my skin
type video what’s in my beauty bag for different skin types I will link that
right here above so you guys can click that after this video and check that out
I will also try to link it down below in the description for you guys to check
out as well so I use the dream clean by Lyme life I
love these products because they are all-natural and organic ingredients so
they’re very good for your skin because skincare is meant to go into your skin
kind of treat your skin so you want to make sure that you have quality skin
care right after I cleanse I make sure that I put on an eye serum this is also
the line life I aspire eye serum it has Aspen bark and carob so it’s
anti-aging so most of these products are gonna be anti aging because as most of
you know UV rays are very damaging to our skin so you want to do have as much
like repairing skincare as you can and then lastly I have these four products
and what I do is I take and mix them in sort of like a cocktail so I just take
one pump of each so first of all I take one pump of this is calm balm so this is
a moisturizer and it has aloe vera in it and we all know how good aloe vera is
for anyone who’s been out in the Sun for maybe too long so I put that in my hand
then I would add the soutache this has a Sanji mushroom a very good anti-aging
serum it’s more like a light moisturizer so I add one pump of that too and then I
add one pump of the must-do facial oil or sorry due date it just recently got
changed to due date and it is a facial oil that it’s good for everything like
everything you guys it is good for priming your skin before you put on
foundation it’s a good hydrator it’s good for you can put it in your hair as
this year um you could put it your husband can put it in his beard or
anything like that as a beard oil if he has which I just found that tip out and
I think that’s so cool so that would be really sweet for like
the Father’s Day present as well for the last part of the little cocktail I add
one drop of this one drop wonder it comes in a little dropper like this and
it is more pricey item but what’s so cool about this is that it is one
ingredient in this bottle and it is peripheral pomodoro oil and so what it
does and why I recommend taking it on a hot holiday is because it makes your
skin cells less sensitive to UV rays so it’s not like an SPF where it’s blocking
the Sun um from penetrating your skin but more it is it’s taking your skin
cells on a cellular level and kind of just making them less prone to sunburn
sun damage stuff like that and what it also does is take all the other amazing
ingredients and these products that you’ve created your little cocktail with
and it takes them and amps them up and it’s a carrier oil so what it does is
help bring that down into the deeper deeper layers of your skin to really
penetrate nice and deep and get the full effects of your skin care so it’s a
really cool product that is everything that I would pack in my bag for my skin
care so now for the makeup and the tools what I would suggest and this is really
cool and I just realized that this is soda this is my own palette so this is
my limelight file cone a foundation and two concealers and it comes in this
amazing palette it is so sweet you guys um and what you can do a couple things
that you can do that’s really cool is you can take and mix it with the due
date oil that you put on your face you can take and mix it with that and make
it sort of like a BB cream for a less coverage if you kind of just want that
like natural glow or what you could do is take this is the number five buffing
brush from limelight and you can take the concealer in so here I have the
highlight shade for under my eyes and this is my skintone shade for blemishes
but these concealers are water proof so you could take a little swirl of this
and just buff it in little circular motions all over your face and then
you’re gonna get that very subtle like is your eye makeup I don’t know but it
just gets rid of any like redness from hormones or sunburn or anything
like that you have if you’re at like the beach or something like that and then if
you get wet it’s not gonna totally like wash off your face because it is
waterproof so it just kind of like beads off it’s really cool so that is what I
would recommend for if you do need a complexion enhancer and then this is so
cool I love this this is the lime leaf trio palette um what’s it called I don’t
know if that’s the exact name for it anyways um so you get these three
powders you can choose you can choose to peel it peel it you can choose to fill
it however you like but I put in my translucent setting powder a bronzer and
a blusher and then you have everything just boom right here in this palette so
you can take this is the number one brush and why I love this brush is
because it’s like multi-purpose I can do so many things with this brush so it
really takes down on all the things you are packing in your bag so what I do is
take the bronzer and you can take and just pop that on for a contour take and
contour a contour wherever you like to contour then you can take your blending
brush and this is the blending brush from unique I love this brush you guys
if you don’t have this brush like I have not found a blending brush that I like
more than this brush and why I love it is because it’s so puffy and it’s so
like spread out that it just it gives such a good blend it’s so good so then I
use my bronzer and I just go and contour my crease a little bit and that is what
I wear for my eye shadow because it just gives you that little bit but it kind of
looks like beachy like it just gives you that really nice summer sun kissed glow
and then you can go back in with this same number one brush pick up your
blusher on the side instead of on the tip like we did for the contour and you
can rub it on the side and then just give yourself a little pop of like
peachy pink peachy pink color back into your cheeks and this is really nice and
summery because it’s nice and warm I will link all of these products below in
the description box if you guys want to check any of them out and be sure to
leave me a comment if you have any Shinzon anything like that if you guys
love like this is just going into the more high-maintenance hot holiday
because I know some people when they’re in the Sun they like to wear minimal
like I’m just getting a town being my natural self but there’s some people who
just like to yes take it up a little bit so this is where I found this awesome
palette and I love it this is a highlight and contour palette from Pier
cosmetics and so it comes with two contour shades and to highlight shades
and I love these highlight shades so you could just use your bronzer that you
have in here but these just give you just a little bit more depth for all the
extra if you’re a little bit extra and so you can take this number one brush
again just give it a little tap and just take back here and just take and deepen
that contour just a little bit like maybe you have a sexy date to go on to
to go out one night like maybe you just want to give that extra little pop to
your makeup so this can kind of like make it a little bit more evening and I
just keep it back here by the ear just to like just crisp that contour up a
little bit and then take on the side of your brush seam brush pick up some of
this highlight and then just go and sweep that on the top of your cheekbones
and then this gives you like a really nice like when the Sun hits your face
and you have a highlight on your face just looks so good
you can also take some people do need to fill in brows some people do not if you
are someone who is like me and you have like 10 eyebrow hairs and so you don’t
want to be high-maintenance but you’re like legit you guys I need eyebrows what
I would suggest is this wonder brow brow gel because it is waterproof it is I
have tried tested and true like waterslides with my kids and my brows do
not come off if you’re hot and sweaty like it’s so hot people has no brows
understand this and your brows are like you accidentally touch them when you’re
like wiping the sweat off your brow boom your brows gone not with this this
Wonder brow brow gel is so awesome but the
we thing is if you do have very very sparse brows I would start with taking
one of these contour colors depending on if you’re a blonde or a little bit
darker and just pick up some of that with this is the number fourteen brush
and it comes with a spoolie and an angled brush on the other end so it’s
really good for packing light as well cuz it’s two in one take and pick up
some of that and toss your brows on and then afterwards go in with this Wonder
brow brow gel and then just sweep it over the hairs take this spoolie and
just make sure that that’s all combed through and this you guys will fall in
love you’ll completely fall in love I would say when you’re ordering it go a
shade darker like I use the brunette one and so that would match like my brows
right now so you might need to go a little bit darker if you have darker
brows and it also comes when you order it I’ll post a link for this as well but
it does come with its own spoolie too and I would suggest making sure that you
wash the spoolie off after cuz like I said like when this stuff dries butter
poof two last things what I would recommend
some people might suggest a waterproof mascara and if you love waterproof
mascara then you go get your favorite waterproof mascara I do not love
waterproof mascara cuz I just have a hard time getting it off and it just
then then it pulls out my eyelashes anyways I found this new double-decker
lashes from butter LONDON mascara that gives me the closest thing I’m wearing
it right now only the mascara two coats and it is the next best thing to false
lashes you guys it makes your lashes so huge so if you love your false lashes or
you have lash extensions then go ahead and rock those but if you’re just like a
natural mascara that I would go ahead and try this try this out and let me
know what you guys think of it in the comments because I I just really love it
it’s my new favorite mascara then for lip products I would suggest a gloss
because keeps with that whole natural kind of sunkissed vibe that we’re going
with so this is the color piece in the lime leaf and it’s really cool it’s like
blinged out on the lid I love the packaging
the news lipglosses so then if you like your lips to stay a little bit longer or
we’re doing our makeup for like an outing then I would pair it with this is
the enduring lipliner number two in Lyme life just a super nice nude that you can
pair it with or you can wear this alone as a matte lipstick I have one less
product I almost forgot this is the Tarte East provo liquid
highlighter this is again for my ladies who are extra so you can take some of
this product you could put it on your face put it on your cheekbones put it on
before you put on your foundation or you can just take a little bit and pop a
little bit of this on your collarbones on your calves on your shoulders and
just get that really nicely check that out yeah okay so you get that really
nice like summery glow thing going on to your whole body this is so good I’ll
link that below for you guys too and so let me know what you guys think of this
video which one was your favorite out of the five let me know I’m very curious to
see what you guys thought of this whole series if you like this video click like
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you guys over take care and I’ll see you guys on the next video bye

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