Subtle Summer Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial- KayleyMelissa

(calm instrumental music) – Hey everyone, Kayley here. So today I’m doing a
little makeup tutorial, a lot of you guys asked
for a tutorial on this subtle smokey eye that I was
wearing in a recent video, so I’m gonna show you guys how to do it. I’m using the Carli Bybel
Palette for most of this, so it’s affordable, a lot of you guys probably already have your hands on it, ’cause I know it’s super popular. And I think this look is pretty easy, so let’s go ahead and get right into it. (calm instrumental music) So I’m gonna start with this
Dermalogica Hydrablur primer. This is new to me. I like that it’s hydrating and it feels really good on the skin. And I always make sure
to hit my under eyes so there’s no creasing. Okay. All right, moving on to foundation, I’m using the Milani Conceal + Perfect. This is my new go-to
foundation, it’s so beautiful, it’s got the best, just, finish to it. It’s a little dark for me, so I’m gonna blend it down my neck. But if you’re looking for a
good drugstore foundation, I really recommend this one. (calm instrumental music) I’m gonna blend this out
with a Sephora 95 brush, it’s kind of like a dense
blender brush in the middle with a stippling brush on the outside. And I’m just going to buff this in in little circular motions. Try to get everything as even as possible. (calm instrumental music) Now we’re gonna move on
to the Tarte Shape Tape and my Artis brush, my friend Tati, who is also on Youtube, gave this to me when I asked her if
they’re worth the hype. She was like, “Yes, and you have to take “this brush and try it out.” So thank you, Tati, I’m now
obsessed with Artis brushes. I’m just gonna take a little
bit over the bridge of my nose, under my eyes and probably hit my
chin and my cupid’s bow just a little bit for some extra highlight and blend it out. And speaking of things
that live up to the hype, this Tarte Shape Tape
concealer is no joke. I know everybody raves about it, but it’s because it’s awesome. (calm instrumental music) All right, I think that is enough coverage for me. Oh wait, I forgot, this little guy that decided it was the
perfect day to pop up. Decided that this was his moment, the day that I was gonna film this video. Let’s take a little
bit of extra concealer. Just see if we can make
him hide a little bit more. You know, he’s still gonna be there, we can’t get rid of him completely, but at least it’s a little
bit less obvious now. Okay, so now let’s set everything. I’m gonna use this Kat
Von D setting powder, I really like this one,
I used it the other day and my makeup lasted so well, and the finish was so, so pretty. So I’m just going to take this Sigma F25 and go over my face with a light layer to set everything in place. (calm instrumental music) All right, so let’s finish off the face, I’m gonna do a little
bit of bronzer and blush and I’m gonna use this It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow palette. I actually really love this thing, so I’m gonna be using the
bronzer and the blush from it. And I’m gonna start with the bronzer. Just a tiny bit through the hollows of my cheeks, or at least where I would like there to be hollows of my cheeks. (calm instrumental music) Same thing on the other side. I really, really love this bronzer, it’s very like buttery and blendable and I like the finish, just
of this palette in general, it’s very natural looking, but very glowy. (calm instrumental music) And now on to this nice
kind of natural coral blush, just gonna pop that over the tops of my
cheeks for a little glow. Then for my highlight, I’m
actually gonna switch away from this palette, this is
a really pretty highlight, just a tiny bit icy for this look. So I’m gonna use the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Radiant Lights. It’s a nice, pretty, golden highlight. A little bit of this goes a long way, so I’m just gonna kinda dust it over, I like to call this
the outer V of my face, just like along the top of my cheekbone and around the outside of my eye. Just gonna focus out there. And then before we move on to eyes, I’m gonna use the L’Oreal
Infallible Makeup Setting Spray to make sure all this is locked down. To prime my lids I’m going
to use this Fiona Stiles Eye Primer, I love this stuff. I always remember after
I’ve done my face makeup, this is a nice thing to do at
the beginning of your makeup. Now that we’re primed, we’re
ready for this smokey eye. So I’m gonna be using the BH Cosmetics and Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette. I just got this one and
I’m obsessed with it, like I get why everybody loved it so much and why they came out
with a second edition. So I’m gonna go for a nice golden glow here with the eyes, I’m
going to mostly focus on having like a nice,
kind of bronzy shimmer and then really go in
on that smokey eyeliner. For my lid’s base color, I’m going to use this nice dark brown highlight
that’s in the palette as my base, I’m gonna
mix it with a tiny bit of the golden highlight
that’s right next to it because I’m a little fair skinned. But if you’re more medium toned, you could just go with that one shadow. Just gonna sweep that over my lid, you can see that insane
pigmentation coming through. And I’m actually gonna
take this a little bit into my crease, this
overall shadow application is gonna be a tiny bit on the messy side but I think the overall look
ends up being very pretty. (calm instrumental music) So now I’ve been into really
kind of haloing my lids, which is when you do a really light color right over the center,
so I’m gonna take that kind of golden highlight that she has in the nice, big rectangular
pan and I’m going to put that right over the center of my lid. And I’m patting it on
with a more dense brush so I can really get that color payoff. (calm instrumental music) And then I’m gonna take that same kind of champagne-y gold color into the insides of my inner corner. Or just into my inner
corner, I’m not really sure what the insides of my
inner corner would be. Stick it right in my eye. That is a lot of shimmer,
I am not mad at it, but now we’re gonna go into the crease and kind of just define things. I’m not going for a cut crease or even a statement-y crease of any kind, just wanna give a little bit
of depth and dimension to it. Let’s go in with another fluffy brush into this kind of warm, bronzy color, and that one’s gonna go through my crease, add a little bit of warmth to the look and a little bit of definition. And you can modify this for your skin tone by basically going for
something that would be like a really, really warm bronzer on you. (calm instrumental music) Bonus, when you use really
warm eyeshadows like this and you have blue or gray eyes, it really makes the color pop. But I also think it really brings out the really pretty amber, kind of yellow tones, in brown eyes, so it’s
good for all of you. Then obviously we’re gonna
go under the eyebrow with a little bit of a matte highlight
shade and I’m just using the lightest skin-tone
shade in this palette. (calm instrumental music) This is a great chance to really blend in with that crease color
and make sure everything is nicely diffused and
very smooth looking. And a fluffy brush really helps with that, so definitely make sure
you have switched out for a really fluffy crease brush to get all this blending done. Now I wanna move on to
really smoking up the liner. This eyeshadow is definitely shimmery, it’s got a little bit of depth to it, but I really wanna add in
the punch with the liner. So I’m gonna start with my lower lid and I’m gonna use this little tiny brush that I picked up at Namie’s recently. I love this little guy ’cause
it really gets right in that lower lash line and you
can really blend things out. So I’m gonna go with this
kind of medium brown shade from the Carli Bybel Palette. And I’m going to really
smoke that gently into this lower lid. And because my eyes, because I like to kind of pull the shape of my eye out a little bit, I’m gonna focus a lot of
the depth on the outside. (calm instrumental music) Now I’m gonna get to the
actual eyeliner on my top lid, I’m going to be using this Ciate eyeliner, which is one of my favorites ever. It blends really, really well,
but once it’s set, it is set, which is basically all
you need in an eye pencil. So I’m actually gonna just like gently touch this along my lash line and then I’m going to
blend it out a little bit and we’re gonna blend some
dark brown eyeshadow over it ’cause I like a very, very smudgy liner. So little gentle taps
like this are a great way to make sure you never
accidentally add too much product and I find it helps you keep from getting those like skid marks
if you go way too fast and then you have those
awkward peaks in your eyeliner. This has a brush on the
other side of the pencil which I have somehow kind of
messed up, but I still use it. We’re just gonna take little, tiny swipes and just kind of blur
the edge of that liner. And this is why I’m
keeping it kind of close, or I kept it kind of
close to the lash line, because you don’t want to end up blending so much that it takes over your lid, you just want to smoke out the top of it. And if you end up smoking out too much, you can go back in and just touch it up a little bit. The very last thing I like
to do to this eyeliner is do a little bit of dark brown to kind of help blend that
bronzy shade into the black. But, so there’s not a really dark brown in the Carli Bybel
Palette, so I’m just gonna pull out my Lorac Pro Palette,
which is very well loved, and just use this really dark brown to kind of blend everything together. Obviously you can use
whatever dark brown you have. Just gonna take a little
pencil brush and smudge and blend. (calm instrumental music) All right, so now we get to
move on to the lashes and brows. So I kind of like switch off so that each thing has a chance to dry as I go. I’m gonna start with
the Benefit Gimme Brow through my brows, this helps
to define your brow hairs, keep them in place, but it also adds in little false fibers to help
your brows look thicker. I already have pretty thick brows, but I have sparse areas like anybody else, so I like to kind of build up. (calm instrumental music) Okay, so while that
dries, I’m gonna move on to the eyelashes, I’m
going to first curl them and then apply the Tarte
Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara because that one is nice and lengthening and defines kind of the ends
of my lashes really well. (calm instrumental music) Today I’m going for a really
lashy look with this tutorial because I think the lashes
plus the smokey liner is a really pretty look. And, obviously, I ended up
hitting my eye with the mascara, I’m gonna wait for that to dry, you should never try to move wet mascara or else it’s just gonna
streak across your face. Which I’m very, I almost
did with that brush. That would’ve been great, just, (whooshing) mascara line. Now while that dries, let’s
move back to the eyebrows. I’m just gonna use my Anastasia Brow Wiz and just go in and define my brows, add a little bit more to this area, pick up my arch a little
bit, just the use. (calm instrumental music) So now that the brows are
sisters, not twins-ified, we’re gonna, I don’t even
know that that means. Now that the brows are ready, we’re gonna do one more coat of mascara, but first, I have this little
eyelash brush, comb, thing, which I bought on a whim and
I actually really like it, so I’m gonna just like
comb my lashes a little bit and then I’ll add some mascara after that. This is just like the coolest thing, you like wiggle it in and brush it out and it makes the ends of your
lashes look so nice and wispy. Then we’ll go back in, we’ll
add a little bit of volume at the base and everybody’s
gonna be asking you if your lashes are fake,
and you’re gonna be like, “Ah, no, they’re mine.” ‘Cause you did like 5,000
steps on your lashes, which is totally worth it. So I’m finishing off with
the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, this
one is awesome for getting that volume at the root
but wispyness at the end. So I have this routine that I do, I like to place it against
my lashes, blink and wiggle, then blink and wiggle, and
then don’t do anything else. And usually it works. ‘Cause I am really bad at doing
that like wiggle and pull, can’t do it, but I can do this. And it still gets me that
pretty volume at the base So it works. And that is the eye look, so
let’s finish off with the lips. All right, for my lips the
first thing I’m gonna do is just line them a little bit. I’m using ColuorPop’s Lip Pencil in Brink. And I’m actually gonna
go really light with this ’cause this color is a tiny bit dark. (calm instrumental music) Here’s actually what I do, I make my little line
and then I’m gonna… (calm instrumental music) I’m going to add on the Kylie Cosmetics with Kim Kardashian collab lipstick. This one, honestly, I have a love hate relationship with this whole line. The colors are amazing. It looks great when you first put it on, but you absolutely, 1000% have
to have a lip liner under it or else, like it’s gone in 30 seconds and it just doesn’t perform as well. So you definitely need
a lip liner under it. I’m using the shade, what is this? Kim, I’m using the shade Kim. (calm instrumental music) And there is your subtle
summer smokey eye. I really like this one
because it’s a more subdued smokey eye, I’m not usually
somebody to go super over the top with my makeup,
and I know a lot of you have told me in the
comments you’re not either. So hopefully you guys enjoy this for your smokey eye occasions. Or if you really like being
extra with your makeup, pull this out for a Tuesday,
it’ll be cute there too. So that’s it for today guys, I will see you guys in my next one. If you haven’t already, be sure to hit that subscribe button. If you are subscribed,
consider hitting that little bell notification
so you’re notified the second that I post a new video. And that’s it, I will be back next Saturday with another tutorial. Mwah. Bye. (calm instrumental music)

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