Start your own Color Street Nail Polish business!

hi! I’m Trisha Whipkey, Independent Team Leader
with Color Street Nails. These nails are Fabulous! OK, So anyways, you’ve tried the nails, you’ve
been wearing them, and you’ve been noticing that when you go somewhere people are commenting
on how great your nails look. and you get to say, I did them myself! OK, so, now what? Have you thought about how easy it would be
to switch over to a business and start making some money off of people noticing your fabulous
nails? It’s seriously that easy! Yeah, you have one product to learn, you don’t
have a whole full catalog, the catalog is different styles. what I do is I have nice little sample packs. they’ve got my business card in it, they’ve
got the sample, it got the prep pad, mini file, and on the back of my business card
is the instructions on how to apply. So, now, when I go to pay for something, and
hand the clerk my credit card, and they go Oh! I Love your Nails! I say, Thank you! I did them myself! If I give you a sample, would you let me know
what you think of it? And, there we go! a lot of the time, they’ve
already been on my website and have already bought before I even make it home. it is that easy! Why aren’t you joining me? Seriously! In the kit, you get 10 packs of strips. you get this handy dandy little book, it gives
you tips, all sorts of tips and tricks, there’s really no tricks to it, but, anyways, ideas
to run your business. You get to be on our wonderful teams, they
are so supportive!There’s all kinds of trainings being offered on our teams, it’s just wonderful!
tons and tons of fun! there’s drawings every month, I mean, it’s great! Let me pause here a second, Sorry. Sorry about that! But, I wanted to show you this! Look at this! My business fits in this little, lightweight
bag! Yeah. I carry this bag with me, and People buy strips. I sell strips right out of my bag. yeah. that simple! that easy! Also have pocket here that has sample supplies,
and all that. Got this pocket with my business card and
my Square. Business on the Go! So quick, so easy. It’s so much Fun! So, if anybody has any questions on anything
feel free to message me. Just shoot me a message or comment below. whichever you’re more comfortable with. Umm, if you’ve gotten my business card, you’ve
got my cell phone number, you can call me or you can shoot me a text message. huh, and my mind just went blank again. so anyways, yeah. you can start this business
that easily. From there, if you want to, you can do Nail
bars in homes, which, again, are just fun, it’s just a bunch of people, bunch of ladies
getting together and we do our nails together and sit and visit. It’s a blast! You will Love this business. And, like I said, any questions, feel free
to ask me. and, I guess I will talk to you guys later! Bye!

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