Starry eyes makeup tutorial

*insert cringey posing* welcome to my channel we did it, i finally started a youtube! this is a voice over because i didnt talk at ALL during this video if you want to know how to get this look, just keep watching! BEFORE we start this video I did start off with foundation and concealer already applied if you have an questions about what i used in this video, refer to the description down below so I’m starting off this look already with primed eyelids with the NYX cant stop wont stop concealer I’m going in with the Norvina palette with the shade “soul” all over my eyelid. we are making sure this is is very diffused and soft looking. now we’re going in with “Love” all around the edges just to soften it and almost act as if it is a transition shade we just want this to be super smokey adding “soul” back onto my eyelid because we kinda lost it with all the blending swiping that all over my lid making sure the entire lid except the center is covered. now we’re fixing the edges with a clean brush and now we’re going in with the shade celestial we’re putting it NOT in my inner corner and NOT the center, but in between those two places. now we’re taking “seaside” (from the Riviera palette) and we’re putting that in the center I REALLY want this to be super bright and super opaque so I’m going to layer it a little bit as you can see, it wasn’t getting as bright as i wanted it to so I sprayed it and then reapplied THIS is the intensity that I wanted. I I’m looking up right here because I have hooded eyes and through out the night, my face tends to go to it’s resting position and everyhing transfers onto my upper lid, so blending up to the top helps avoid that problem. now taking “Mediterranean,” I’m putting that right next to celestial you really just want it to marry into “seaside” (center shade) you may notice that I’m bouncing back from each eye it’s because both sides were coming out a little uneven with the colour opacity, so i just went back and changed it. now I’m brushing off all of the fall out making sure my under eyes are as clean as possible. this is a trick i like to do with a fluffy brush when my edges aren’t as diffused as I want them to be I just brush it around and blend it all together and here I am just adding colours back into what we lost when we were blending. making sure everything is deeper and brighter. and now I’m doing my inner corner with “seaside” this is Kandeolove “fyrestorm” glitter, I’m only using the stars and a Duo lash glue make sure it’s brush on, it’s the easiest to use and it’s my favourite glitter trick whenever i use glitter liners or glitter at all. makin sure this is even, I do have very uneven eyelids, oneside is higher than the other so I like to just take my time map it out, and understand where everything needs to go because I am kind of a perfectionist -nervous laugh- here I am mapping ahead of time just kinda understanding where I’m going to put everything I’m using a pencil brush and the shade “soul” back under my eyes and making sure everything connects what a lovely face im making now I’m using two dip brows (ash brown and granite) i’m using a flat brush to kinda do my brows I couldn’t find my angled brush so this is what I used and I actually kinda prefer it? then I do hair like strokes in the front, center and end of my brow now i’m going in on my other brow, as you can see i do have a scar and sometimes I really like to completely cover it, but today I was just like… eh you have a scar. we’re just gonna show it. now im going in with my brow wiz in granite and i’m just kinda darkening up the brow fixing my arch and making my eyebrows as even as possible. and as you can see, my scar was being annoying today and didnt necessarily want to be covered. and then i do this face to see if my eyebrows are even now using granite brow powder and really defining the out- side of my eyebrows and now we’re using ash brown dip brow gel just setting my brow hairs into place and adding a bit of color and then Honey anastasia beverly hills lipstick, aka my perfect nude! and hen I go in with Nyx suede lip liner in the shade London and line my lips to match this nude lipstick shade I realise i do my lips a little backwards, BUT this helps it from feathering and really keeps it lasting all night long. and then i add lipstick back on top, over the lip liner. Now i’, going in with the sundipped glow kit, just putting that all over my face just the two lightest shades because i am kinda fair right now. so hollywood highlight… UGH its so gorgeous.. an amazing loose highlight. just putting that on my cheekbones my brow bone and little bit above I want my skin to look like skin. just SUPER hydrated. adding a little bit to my inner corners and my nose to bring the look together. a little bit on my chin πŸ™‚ then a little bit of Nars love blush, this is one of my favourite blushes it works really well for my skintone. now i’m going in with loreal telescopic mascara using KISS lashes in the style 01 sit there contemplating life a little bit while your lashes dry and i like to apply my lashes with my fingers center, then outer corner, then inner corner sometimes i’ll use tweezers like right now just to adjust the inner corner and then i pinch it together WOW look at that difference already sometimes i add mascara if it isnt fusing as easily as i want it to and then i pinch it together with my hands or fingers i should say LOL just making sure that lash is stuck on there and to finish it off FINALLY we using bottom lash mascara and of course i got it in my eye because i am super clumsy THIs IS THE LOOK IDK WHY IM SO NERVOUS I ALREADY FILMED THIS?!?! IM DONE !!! if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up down below, and subscribe follow my instagram leave me a comment down below, tell me what music you’re listening to. Whats your favourite song? anything on the radio? I have glitter in my hair. I will see you next time in the next video. HOpefully i will make it soon! I’m gonna start to be consistent on youtube because I finally got the first video out and I feel… this could be nice πŸ™‚ anways. SEE U NEXT TIME

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  1. Shelby I’m so proud of you βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸΌ gettt itttt I’m looking forward to more videos πŸ‘πŸΌ. Keep it up !!

  2. I love your makeup technique. But what really made me subscribe was how relaxing your voice is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Here thanks to Ms. Ravndahl πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    Lovely look, cuppable face, perfect level of enthusiasm.

  4. Your so artistic and ive just been waiting for editorial look inspo to use in my everyday makeup, i am just so happy you started a channel 😭❀

  5. found you thanks to Sam and I've been saving alllllll your looks on instagram! such a lovely look, can't wait to see your next video!! xx

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