Stamp Storage System in my Craft Room

Hello crafty friends it’s Jess from and today I want to talk to you a little bit about my stamp storage and I’m gonna try doing this video live
instead of with the voiceover So we’ll see how it goes I wanna show you how I store my stamps I take them out of their original packaging and put them in zip lock bags I like
this better because eventually the polling and on polling have the original packaging I tend to read them
so I just like to have it in a bag that she’s a little bit more careful and his reply back to a great Jack I
found me on ft and I’ll put a link to be at the
cellar in their product description below Sam
to share you today my name’s Nick stamps but I’ll show you a little bit more
about CARSTAR my staff overall after I put
them with their cam backing sheet take a back issue to the original paper
and the stamped themselves put them both in
a bag and that way when I want to hear the stamp I can just pull out the stamp set and use them you see all
my stamps are stained that’s because I don’t mind them being
seen it doesn’t affect them and driving not afraid to use any kind in Canada
after I placed them in these bags which are pretty much the
perfect size for the average stamp set although with some other smaller stamps
it’s a little bit big for them but it still does the job so I don’t
worry about that I take all our the stamps there are some more and I
placed them in a makeup bag I like to have portable storage because I bring my stamps to my sister’s house my mom’s house in
other places to stamp and so I don’t want them all and plastic buckets that doesn’t help me I
like to have them in bags I have a lot of your body back they are expensive and impractical but already
collector staff love it and makes me catherine pretty
because they do say in a bucket on my craft death so you can
see all these banks and so I thought don’t and I placed them
inside the bag by their companies to all my new
internet star together in the same back into why no when I wanna newman’s nope stamp but I
just need to find this caller bags pat on the back of like them because they’re lined met your makeup and so if you make up
spilled then you wouldn’t have to worry about it
because they cannot easily all here but the stuff is washable so
all that can be set right to the wash saw it as an income ice dancers I am
thinking when touching the bag I don’t have to
worry about it on chasing all the other crazy SRS and stop for some the other contains a is I a group dance by categories when I don’t
have a whole bunch by the same people so as the same company and shows
here’s a different pattern and their body bag I know inside the scatter Obama Adriel mom Helfand paper smooches and so because I associate pattern with companies that
help but there are some companies that get
their own pattern I love long-bond keep watch my videos you
know I use a lot of blonde bob and sell I actually have two bags at the
same pattern with all my lawn fun stamps and I’m so I
sort them by critters all my critter stance on the
spot and smaller sets saw an overall on the
small facts 12 I wanna crater stamp I can head to
you this back but if I want a different long
run I have the same bag but the other ones on your way to a store stance one more
kind of stamp that I have I have a lot fact these are all my background I do
the same thing in terms of putting them in is a block but with background damn
effort them in large court sized Ziploc brand bags I don’t get these a
hottie like the other one day to get his at my local grocery store and you could store your other stamp in these bigger banks for the welfare but there’s
so much wider I prefer the skin here what and so I just take them at their
original packaging again place them in a ziplock so make sure to
keep the backing paper so that way when they’re in my drawer here I can
kind of look through them and see what they are without taking
them out completely and then this store which is like the perfect size cuz its
yes six inches wide and 6 inches tall and farm most my back of death Express x4
small think and nicely and alright next to where I stamp and actually more I record video so I
can easily put in an app and so does my two ways of storing stamp
sister background stamps and then I store my on regular clear
stamp set I don’t have a lot about breast and with
the block stamps when I do pages decorate my room for example these to you this I found at a library
sale I was a kid I love where the wild things
are and this is something that I picked up my recent trip to London I did use them
for decorative purposes so you can see them just around my room
hope that was helpful especially to others who like to keep the surprise
portable like I do there you can see my basket with all my stamp bags inside it if you like this video give it a thumbs
up and subscribe to my channel wanna see more crafty videos or videos where I talk about my scrap
storage you can check out my scrap room at my blog at blog that just craft that comment I hope to
see you again

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