Stage Makeup Tips & Techniques : Stage Makeup Eyeliner

The next part is eyeliner and there’s quite
a bit involved with eyes as you can see, but it’s because eyes are so expressive on stage.
So you need to really make sure that they really pop on stage and look just right. So
there’s a couple ways to use eyeliner. A lot of make-up artists swear only by liquid eyeliner,
and it does work very well in a theater experience. It takes a lot of experience to put it on
though, but there are manufacturers now that make it in a pen form so that you don’t have
to just have that steady hand and because that’s difficult sometimes to get it just
the right thickness. You don’t want it so thick so it’s a pretty fine line, but it really
makes a big difference on stage, lining the eyes. And they also have cake eyeliner as
well that you dampen the brush and you can dip it in there and you have a little more
control. I actually like that quite a bit as well. And then there are eyeliners that
are just in pencil form. And it’s really important to make sure that your pencil is always sharpened,
so make sure that that’s nice and sharpened, and then also another thing to remember is
try to use something that’s more of a brown or a brown-black. Unless you’re trying to
create a very dramatic effect, don’t use just black. And so you just close the eye and being
gentle here because the eye is a delicate area, try to get as close to the lash line
as possible and this is true also for men. A nice natural line right along the lash line.
And then of course if you have something more dramatic, you can bring it way out to the
sides, you can do lots of things with eyeliner.

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