80 thoughts on “Squeaky Clean Brushes!

  1. she makes a big deal about drying the brush with the brush drying upside down but when she rinsed the brushes the water was going directly into the ferrel… :/

  2. Guys go on amazon and get the makeup cleaning scrub for super cheap . Heres the link of the one I got :


  3. this technique is the best… it works for me too.. i have been doing this for a year now and my brushes are perfect and looks always new and works perfect….

    thanks mishelle xxx

  4. I just watched another current YouTube beauty guru do almost the exact video- same technique, same tips, almost word for word! Her video was from 2014 and this is from 2010. Coincidence? I think not. I wish people would give credit where it's due. Thank you, Michelle Phan, for teaching us all how to clean brushes effectively and inexpensively.

  5. I remember so vivid in my mind how i watched this video when i was like 12/13 and i didnt even have Make-up but i just loved to watch Michelle Phan‘s Videos 🙂 i‘m 20 now and i still admire her so much

  6. I actually still do this to clean my brushes and for real, it works amazing, I had them for so long and still work amazing ! I should replace them anyway XD

  7. Wow the OG of makeup when it wasn’t crazy drama fill the good old days and hope she see this it’s now 2018 soon to be 2019

  8. I watched this about 5 years ago ..I am surprised that time flew…I am still using this method for cleaning my make up brushes.It works amazing ..

  9. Everyone who doesn't have any brush guards and still wants to do this get either a sandwich bag or clingwrap and put it over the lid of a cup/glass, if it doesn't stay in place use rubber bands. Then, poke holes for the brushes depending on the size and it should hold the in place as long as the hole wasn't too big.

  10. Remarkable vid! Good luck with your makeup videos. You would make my day if you watch my newest video and also leave a comment . How to Clean Makeup Brushes https://youtu.be/U5VIrGNCQ1g 💋

  11. Back in the day I was the only one in my makeup school who didn’t have stained brushes because of this video. Still clean then this way 😊

  12. This worked so well! I had a brush that was completely white when I bought it and had turned dark brown, but this turned it like new!

  13. I still use this to clean my brushes…nothing else works this way. Why does this woman know everything?!?!?!

  14. If you don't have brush guard just cover them with a cut open zip-lock, put a rubber band around the handles, and have the brushes held up by a pencil or something sticking through the rubber band on top of the glass. Or you can DIY a brush holder by making it out of hot glue!

  15. I still use this method on my e.l.f. brushes and they lasted a long time. Kind of wish the brush guards were still five dollars 😆

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