Spanish Tango Mask of Zorro TUTORIAL Guitarra mascara del zorro

Hi, i will teach you this song The intro is conformed by 3 “chords”
(in fact there are no chords but we will learned anyway xD) this this and this well, lets learn FIRST “chord” Put you Middle Finger in 8th (first String) then, Little finger in 10th (Second String) then Ring finger in 9th (third String) and at last, Index Finger in 7th ( Fourth String) And we play, it must sound like that from here, we will go to the “Second Chord” , actually is really easy, just put any finger in 5th (1string) and another finger in 5th (2string) Just play it Down The “third Chord” we will go to 7th with Ring Finger (1th string), then index finger in 6th (2nd string) and Middle Finder in 7th (3rd string) there you got our “third chord” now the song…can be played like this….i mean this way if you dont have the skill’s yet to play it so fast with the “Runner Finger”
(xD i Baptize that movement ) What I do is play with my middle finger back and forth just change you “chord” That is the Intro, I remind you if you can not play “the Usain Bolt’s Finger” we’ll, just play as you can (baptized again xD ) ok, the next Part , must be sound like this how ? 7th (2nd String) and 5th (1string) ,
i play first 2th string then 1th string again from here, i´ll move 8th (2nd String) and with de Ring finger in 9th (3th string) and play third string and second string lets move again, one position this time and again, play 3th and 2nd String finally, play in 5th (2nd String) 😀 That’s the intro. The next part is this… well , lets put Ring Finger in 8th (2nd string) then Index finger 5th ( 1 string) and we can go down with ring finger to play 7th (1 string) or we can use Middle finger too so, play 2nd String – 1rst String and when i am going down i will play together with the Six String must sound like this or you can alternate with the other finger that, we will play 3 times 1 2 3 in third time , at last when we touch 1st string and Six string we will touch again but just the 1st string then we play in 8th fret (2nd string) 8th using little finger (1 string) then i remove and play 1rst string then i remove again and keep touching these string The moment I play the 5th fret i gonna play together with the Bas i mean Fith string slowly, must be sound like this here…i play again but now only first string i hope you understand from here , we will use Middle Finger in 7th (2nd string) then Ring finger in 8th and again Index finger play 1rst string together with the Bas (Fith string) so, we have this And repeated 3 times We have this, from beginning Same here on the third ocation when we play 1rst String and 5th Together must be play again, one time 1st String the 2nd string then go down Ring Finger to 7th (1rst string) we take off to let 1rst string sound in 5th fret and finish adding Little finger in 8th Fret (2nd string) and the Six String together we have this The Next Part, start same but change in this part ok , start same so we will doing the same
Start in this Position that is the same as the first Part so the change is this we touch 7th fret (2nd String) then 8th fret
and 5th fret ( 1rst string) but now with the 4th String Together

25 thoughts on “Spanish Tango Mask of Zorro TUTORIAL Guitarra mascara del zorro

  1. Hola! oye….por favor, haz un vídeo de cómo tocar Ezio's Family de Assassin's Creed! por favor, lo agradecería mucho escuchalo

  2. You teach it clearly, and easily understood, thank you for teaching, even though I do not understand your language but you translate it. Thank you very much 😀

  3. great video I tried the tabs but I see you using the 6th string where it says play the 5th? can you update the tabs thanks for the lesson

  4. hola alan! me encanto el video! No sabes cuando va estar la segunsa parte? 😁 me encanto mucho!!

  5. Hola me encanto este tutorial, ¿tu guitarra tiene cuerdas nylon o son metalicas?, saludos de Chile y sigue asi.

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