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Hello my loves! Welcome to sifa’s corner. Today I am going to create this look inspired
by Taylor Swift’s makeup on Look what you made me do. This eye makeup is extremely wearable and
it will look good with any outfit. So stay tuned and consider subscribing if
you haven’t already.. I am starting off with Urban Decay primer
potion. This is the first primer I have ever used. So I used this primer pretty much for everything. If your under eye area creases and concealer
settles there, use a little bit of this primer before your concealer. Most of the eye makeup is done with Make Up
Geek shadows today. I am using Beaches and Cream from makeup geek
as a setting base. Though you won’t be needing anything after
the Urban Decay primer, but I have found that if you do so the final result comes out smoother. Next, I am using Makeup Geek- crème brulee. This is just 1 shade darker than Beaches and
Cream. I am using this shade with makeup for ever
brush as a transition shade. Just build up the color layer after after
and you will have a soft beautiful crease color. After that I am taking The Nubian palette
from Juvia’s place and using this warm medium brown. With my Sephora crease brush, I am placing
this color at the base of the Crème Brulle shade. Next I am using Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear with
Luxie Beauty small blending brush. As you can see, I am using this color mainly
on the outer 3rd of my crease area. I am blending the color inwards the lid so
that the outer transition color doesn’t get too dark. Next shadow is Anastasia Beverly Hills FUDGE
and this is one shade darker than cocoa bear. I am using the same Luxie Brush and placing
this shade on the outer corner in a C shape. I have found that using a smaller brush for
darker color helps to manage the color better. If you use a large blending brush with darker
color, it gets difficult to manage. The next shadow is Kiko Milano water eyeshadow
in 208. I received this shadow from octoly and this
is the first time using it. You can use it wet or dry and the color is
absolutely beautiful. At first I am using this shadow dry on my
lid area. It works better dry if you use it with fingers. To define the edges more, I have dampened
my brush with a bit of facial spray and using it to curve out the crease area. Next shadow is Makeup Geek GLAMOROUS, which
is a Copper-gold color and a bit darker than the Kiko watershadow. I am using this color on the outer half of
my crease. It will create a nice gradient of light to
dark gold. As the gold shadows covered the crease area,
I am using crème brulee again with makeup geek crease brush. And then Cocoa Bear with the luxie brush. To clean up under the brow bones, I am using
Beaches and Cream with this BH cosmetics angled brush. I am going to finish the lower lashes after
the face makeup, so I am using Make Up for ever mattifying primer. Here’s another hack for you, if you have
smile lines around your nose and lips, use Urban Decay primer potion there. This is the only product I have found works
on my smile lines. For foundation I am mixing Makeup Forver Y
445 with Fenty Beauty 310. After that I am using urban decay naked concealer
under the eyes and on the high points on the face. To set the face I am using laura mercier loose
translucent powder with a powder puff. After that I am using the darker shade from
gallany cosmetics Glamazon as my contour color. You can see I still have some translucent
powder on my face. After contouring, I am wiping this excess
with a powder brush. This way the contour looks less harsh. Now to finish the lower eye, I am using crème
brulee first. Then with this small makeup geek crease brush
I am using cocoa bear to darken the lower lash line. I am gradually adding the color to build the
depth. Now I am using Anastasia Beverly hills FUDGE
with this Sephora angled brush and using it on lower lash line. To blend it I am using Cocoa Bear. For the lower waterline I am using Lancome
Lame liner. This champagne-white color will add a nice
shimmer on the lower waterline. For my liner, I am using Prestige Vinyl Liquid
liner. This is a very dark black liner with a satin
finish. After that, I am using their Triple line ink
pen. This is a cool product as you can use it to
make tiny lower lashes. As my lower lashes are not very prominent,
I am using this liner to make small lash like lines. This step is totally optional. You can skip it if you want. To brighten the inner corner, I am using fenty
beauty Metal Moon highlighter and I am finishing the eyemakeup with House of Lashes Iconic. I am using the metal moon again as my face
highlighter. After that I am adding some color on my cheeks
with Makeup Geek Infatuation. I used to use Mac Melba all the time before
using this color, now I am loving this shade more. For the lip, I am first using Urban Decay
Disturbed lipstick. You can use the dark color with a lip brush
to define the edges. For the second color I am using Buxom- Red
Inferno which is a cool toned bright red on the middle of my lips. It will create a slight ombre effect. Now to set the face and add some dewiness,
I am using Pixi Beauty Makeup Fixing mist. Aaaaand here is the finished look. You can use any lip color to go with this
eye makeup. So what do you think about the look? Like it? hate it?? Let me know in the comment below! Till my next one, stay healthy, stay beautiful
and stay with sifa’s corner.

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