Smokey Rose Gold – Eye & Face Makeup Tutorial

*Techno music* You know how sometimes you have an itch while you’re in public that’s right inside your nostril? Like no boogie funny stuff here legit itch and you just gotta…I don’t want you to be ashamed anymore sometimes you just gotta itch the itch no matter what it looks like don’t judge me. Now that that’s out of the way. Let’s get to makeup alright you beautiful babies before we can look like the best-case scenario of a double eye infection we gotta take it back a few steps to naked face! well definitely not totally naked I already kicked on a bunch of pale people fluid and brows so that we can skip the base steps but jumping right into the fun with step 1 I am taking a NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk as a base to cover my lids in white. If you don’t have this or any of the products mentioned then that is more than ok just use the closest thing that you have. The important thing here is to get the lid as light as you can with the cream color so that the white pigment coming up next will stick and show as well as possible. I’m also using that in my lower waterline to keep our eyes
looking nice and open later when we have a lot of darker shadow underneath. The white pigment I’ll be using is Makeup Forever star powder in 90943 which I love for this because it has a tint of pink when it hits the light so it’ll compliment all the rosy colors that are comin’ but again use what you got. I’m using a dense flat packing brush to tap the pigment directly onto the white cream base. Keep your head tilted forward or to the side when using pigments to avoid
fallout. Next I’m using Colourpop’s Summer Lovin’ shadow on a fluffy brush to lightly begin brushing some of that color into the outer crease of the eye blending as I go. I use a mix of circular and small swiping motions while slowly pulling the brush away from my skin as I move higher towards the brow. I’m also pulling that
colour on the outer corner of my lid and fading it out towards the middle of the
lid. Using another flat packing brush I’m laying that same peachy shadow under the lower waterline trying to keep the white on the actual water line clear though.
You can put this on haphazardly at first just to get the colour down but be sure
to blend this out a lot with a fluffy brush after. I wanted this look to be particularly
smoky so I blended pretty far down but do it to whatever degree that you wish.
Using that same peachy color things are getting a little unusual here in the
inner corners of the eye right under where the brow starts. I’m using a fluffy brush and a lot of product to gently sweep small arches leaving this a little
messy and unblended with the brush marks still intact. It may not seem wearable to a lot of you but I really like the way that this addition changes the
overall shape of the eye makeup from far away and also fluff the social idea of
wearable because anything you’re wearing is by definition wearable. Do what ya
dig. Next I’ll be taking my VV dirty enigma shadow from Melt to start adding those deep smoky corners. I’m using a small pencil brush in the crease at
first just to lay down the color where I want it in the outer crease corner from
around the middle to directly above the outer end of the eye but without
actually connecting it all the way down. Not connecting it down on the side is
how you get the illusion of a cat eye without winged cat eyeliner. Leaving it
open and light on the sides will give the illusion of lifting the eyes. Use the
same maroon shadow and brush to pack the color tight under the lower waterline
and then use a fluffy brush to blend out both that and the crease area. Take a
black shadow, any black shadow and we’re going to repeat exactly what we just did with the maroon shadow except in a slightly smaller area so it doesn’t
completely overpower that maroon. Lay the color down in the outer crease and
under the water line with the small pencil brush then blend. The only
difference being that I actually blend this out with pencil brushes to keep the black concentrated and contained. To do this I took the pencil brush with
leftover maroon shadow on it and lightly tapped or swept over the black until it
was sufficiently smoky. Blending with a little bit of maroon shadow also helps
prevent the black from looking more gray when it starts to blend out, it keeps your colors as rich as possible when working with form shadows. Quickly I’m adding a tiny bit of that leftover
maroon and black combo on my blending pencil brush into the very inner spot of
those inner arches to give them a little more dimension. Then I went through one more time with that original fluffy brush to make sure that everything was as blended as I wanted on both the brow bone and well under the lower waterline. Carefully add mascara to the upper and lower lashes making sure to avoid
getting any black specks on your lid. Then if you’re a lash addict I think wispy or separated chunky
lashes like these compliment the look best so that you can still see the light
color on the lid easily. Lashes make the best difference! Now you could leave it like this but I
was feeling sparkly so I’m adding glitter. I’m first using a glitter
adhesive from Violet Voss to get my lid nice and sticky but if you don’t have
this you can also use a very thin layer of clear lash glue. While our glitter
adhesive is still sticky I’ll be adding a mix of white and silvery glitter the first is OCC’s Fae Glitter and the
second is from the too faced Nikkietutorials collab called gliterally.
Yes literally! Hehehe sorry that was awful..Don’t sweep glitter on pat firmly and just like with pigments try
to keep your head tilted forward or to the side as you work to avoid fallout on your cheeks. Glitter, no glitter, glitter no glitter. My boat is definitely glitter. Which do you Zombaes like better? Time to tie in the eyes with the rest of this pale potato face. Step one away from potato status is to contour. Since I am at my lightest today I’m definitely making sure to take a
cool contour color because warm contour colors on a really light skin usually
look too orange even though they work on the middle
range skin tones just fine. I’m also applying a peach blush to keep the warm
tones throughout the face and I put on a highlighter after this but it appears as
though I didn’t hit record. Whoops. Then I’m taking a nude lip pencil that was
unnecessarily difficult to apply and lining all the way around my lips obviously. I’m filling that in with
Makeup Forever C107 lipstick. This is from their new collection Artist
Rouge which I am really digging but any warm nude tone lipstick will work. I also thought about pairing this eye with a dark crimson lipstick and I still think that
would look super sexy! So if anyone tries it please tag me I wanna see it! I wanted to alter the color of the C107 lipstick from a tan to a little more peachy and
give it some ombre lip glam action too so I took their white lipstick from the
same collection this is C600 and I’m placing that in the middle of the top
and bottom lip in layers blending out between until I get the intensity that
I’m looking for. This look is maybe a bit bold for some of you but remember you
can always alter the color palette to something else like using all neutral tone tans, browns, dark browns instead of the peach maroon black. You can remove parts like the
really smoky underneath area or the arches at the bridge of the nose. While I do these to give you the specific steps to a specific look you can take any
tutorial on this channel as a template for your own alterations. Please
subscribe if you’d like to continue seeing more and I’ll catch you zombaes for the next video. Byee!! Feelin’ brown today *gasp* A wild doge appears! This is a good look for my mouth. Oh my god. What if this was like trendy? To just…What would you call these? [bleep] lips? Pasty [bleep] lips? Can’t put that in the video.’ll never know what I said! I hope.

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