Smokey Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial Video With Robert Jones

Ok, so I’m going to do a smoky eye on a hooded eye because I’ve had so many requests from all you girls to do that. Really a hooded eye is perfect for a smoky eye because you want to deepen everything because remember for a hooded eye, to be hooded, look straight ahead for me Aaron, it’s just all this fleshiness is what makes it is what makes you consider it a hooded eye. And so anytime you darken that in any way shape or form it will push it back and open the eye up. Now I do want Aaron to be able to wear this look during the day, or not during the day, I take it back! I do want Aaron to have a softer version of this look because she doesn’t need to look extreme. So I’m going to still highlight. Now on, look down for me, on some hooded eyes you can still see lid right here. Look straight ahead, as she opens her eye, you can still see the lid right here. I’m going to lighten that how I’ve done in the past with smoky eyes to give it a little more soft effect and to keep the eye truly open looking. So I’m going to take my beige crème shadow and I’m going to just go over it. Now I’m
using my number fourteen brush because I have such a specific small area that I need to apply that crème to. So I’m going to take that and apply it instead of my number twenty-two which I normally use here and just get crème right on the inside corner of that lid. Once again a little crème right on the inside corner. Ya’ll all know how I am about wearable smoky eyes because they can be so much fun to wear but they need to be not too harsh and not all of us hit the gene pool jackpot to wear around this heavily made up smoky eye all the time. Plus you don’t want to look like you belong on a corner working for a living. Then I’m going to go over that with a little bit of a matte beige. Now when I say matte beige, it’s just a matte beige. Now I could tell you a specific brand, a specific shade, but if you already own a matte beige, you don’t need to buy another one. I’m going to go back over that area with my matte beige to set that crème. What’s going to happen is this will help just keep this area a little lighter when I do my whole smoky application. Which will make it look softer, more wearable. Now I’m going to take my normal highlight brush my number twenty-two. Going to take my number twenty-two. The important thing about a highlight brush is that it’s stiff. See how it doesn’t have a lot to give to
it? It’s a stiffer brush because I’m laying color down. I’m going to take that matte beige I’m just going to do right at the brow bone. One of the biggest mistakes you make on this eye, eye shape is highlighting too much at the brow bone. ‘Cause that would just make the lid look puffier again. And our goal is to push the lid away. Even though we’re doing a smoky eye, it’s still the same goal with a hooded eye. As it always is. Now you know how I like to do a layer of mascara first. So I’m going to do a layer of mascara, curl the lashes. Look down for me. Remember it’s opening and closing as you walk it out to the ends of the lash. Which gives you a better curl than sitting there and holding it once for a long time. Using my detailed eyelash curler I’m going to get the corners. Look down for me. ‘Cause you know how I loves me really curled eyelashes. Look down and over that way. Now I’m going to do my first layer of mascara. Now I usually do my first layer waterproof because it helps hold the curl. And you can see what a difference lashes make. Using just by doing this one layer of mascara. Sorry, didn’t want you to blink. ‘Cause you only need fifty mascaras. Ok, now I’m going to start my smoking up her eyelid. Of course I’m going to take my number twenty-seven brush ’cause as we know, it has a kind of give we need for
blending. So it really helps because the bristles are so pliable it really helps you blend as you go along. I’m going to take my matte taupe once again if you already own a matte taupe it’s just a nice skin tone type shade. Any time you’re using a midtone it’s close to your skin tone just a little darker and it helps to start to shape the lid and start the blending process. So I’m going to take my matte taupe and I’m going to start just all across the lid working it up towards that brow bone. Remember you’re starting at the base of the lash line each time and you’re adding color ’cause you want it to be the deepest at the lash line. And you’ll notice that because I use that
highlight shade on the inside corner it’s keeping that area a little lighter, helping it be a little more subtle and also, open for me, making the eye look a little more open and awake. You’ll also notice that her hooded eye is looking a whole heck of a lot less hooded right now. And I will say Aaron doesn’t have an extreme hooded eye hers is I would say on the more subtle side. And she was born with her hooded eye. It’s not acquired it was probably her original eye shape so it’s not extremely extremely hooded. But it’s definitely hooded. But notice because we highlighted this we’ve now darkened all that fleshiness. We’re starting to see her eye shape as less hooded. That really helps it. That’s why I said that it a hooded eye really can wear a smoky eye very very well. Now I want to make sure and bring my midtone, you know how I always talk about bringing your midtone all the way in, this brush is harder to get it in there. So I’m going to go ahead and grab my number eleven because I can just take a tiny bit of my midtone and I can go back over and bring it in a
little bit better for her with it. Ok, now I’m gonna take my number, now I want to really start creating that definition at the lash line. Now we’re going to line
with pencil. We’re going to do a darker shadow and blend it up and out. But I’m going to start with my little bitty number forty-one brush and pushing color into the lash line. Once again this is just to create really
strong depth, look down, at the lash line so that when we are through it looks
smokier. Just pushing it right at the base where they grow in between the lashes. Where the lashes grow out of the lid. And you can see how much definition that adds at the lash line. We’re now going to start with our dark shade once again taking my number twenty-seven brush ’cause I want that really blending out effect. And I’m going to start with just a nice subtle matte, I’m using a nice matte burgundy. Once again it’s complimentary to her eye
color. You can see by me just bringing it up how much it makes her eyes look bluer. But if you already have a matte burgundy, any matte burgundy will work. A matte brown will work, a matte copper will work. I’m going to take a little bit of matte burgundy ’cause I love me some burgundy and I’m going to start, open and look down for me, start blending it up from the lash line out. Taking my number twenty-seven, twenty-eight
brush and blending it out. A little bit more matte burgundy on this eye. Alright, now I’ve started to create the depth I want. I am going to get more depth and I’m going to show you how. But first the next thing I want to do in this kind of order of the way we’re doing everything is I want to line with a black eyeliner. I’m going to go right at the lash line. I don’t use eyeliner much but I always
use it for a smoky eye because you really need that depth and darkness that an eyeliner will give
you. So I’m just going to get some black eyeliner right along the lash line. Ok, so I’ve got my black eyeliner right at the lash line. I’m now going to take my flat wide eyeliner brush, my number eighteen and I’m going to take some black shadow and go over it. Now as I’m going over it I’m laying it down, open and look down, I’m laying it down, scrubbing it into the lash line then pulling up. What this does is it really gets the color into the base and blends out and gives you a smudgy effect at the base. That’s one of the reasons why I love this the fact that it’s so wide. Does two things for me at once. And you can see how that is really making a nice dark depth at her lash line. Once again the tighter we keep the super darkness on the smoky eye the more wearable it is for everybody. I’m going to take my thirty, I’m just going to barely go back over it. Kind of blending it up. It’s clean right now the thirty. No color on it. I’m going to take that thirty again, once again just a little matte black shadow just in the corner barely blending it out as I pull it up. Just gives us that little extra added depth to really look smoky. Blend it out. Okay now I’m going to clean up underneath her
eyes with a little crème and put a false lash on top and I’ll come
back. Ok, so what we’ve done while we were away is I cleaned up underneath with a little eye crème and I went ahead and put on some false eyelashes I have not blended the lashes together with her natural yet. Just some subtle ones. I just always think that a smoky eye really helps add that intensity. And then I have foundationed the bottom half of her face and concealed. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my midtone it’s a matte taupe shade, look up for me, I’m going to go right underneath her eye with my number thirteen brush and I’m going to start to add some definition some smudginess. If I were just to take the dark and go there it would not create gradation and I always want that gradation so I’m going to start with my midtone. Just going right along that bottom lash line. Then I’m going to take my dark burgundy and my number thirteen again. Now I’m going to keep this as close to the lash line as possible. It’s almost like you’re just drawing on a line, I’m not blending it down. Just to start to create that darkness. I always like for my smoky eyes to be a little tighter the underneath color. So I’m staying really close to the lower lashes. Now I’m going to because I think it’s a little more modern
right now I’m going to take and I’m going to line the inside wet tissue of the eye and that’s where I’m going to get my depth Now, if Aaron’s eyes weren’t nice and big and open, I would not want to do this because it would close the eye in but because she does have nice big open eyes, I can do this. And it starts to create that depth that we want for that smoky look. Ok, then I’m going to take my number eighteen brush Look up for me. And I’m going to go right at the base of the lashes and just kind of touch with what’s left of that black shadow smudging it in Once again to start to create depth. Now we’re going to start with our mascara. Once again, look up, a little bit of color on those bottom lashes. Now I’m going to blend her natural
lashes into the false lashes. Once again I always like a defining mascara for this, look down. And I’m just brushing up and blending them together. Whenever you’re using false lashes what really helps them look more natural, look down and over that way for me, is make sure you get her natural lashes
really well mascaraed on the inside corner so you don’t have a sudden starting
point with thick lashes. Look down and over that way. So that where the lash starts or begins, the false lash, really looks splendid. Alright, now I’m going to start to add a little
color to her cheeks, to her lips. Remember since we’ve done such a dramatic eye we want less color on her cheeks and her lips. I’m going to do a little bit of bronzer to start with the start to give us some
color. People might think you’re working the corner being this dark during the day. Did you see Aaron, she must have got a new job on the corner. Taking a little bit bronzer, bronzing alongside the nose. Can you do a broken baby doll where one eye is closed and one eye is, yeah close, pretty close, just a little shut. I had this one model and she could do the broken baby doll – it freaked me out. Like she could literally hold one eye closed and the other one was completely wide open. I was like, you look like a broken baby doll. Ok, now we’re going to add a little bit of color to the cheek. Just going to do a soft peachy. Smile for me. You just want a tiny bit of color. And you’ll notice that with her pale skin I used a pink based bronzer rather than an orange based bronzer. For those of you that don’t have a pink based bronzer just mix a tiny bit of your blush in with your bronzer. And then we’re just going to do a very very subtle lip, you know me, love my glossy lips. So I’m just taking a nice sheer peach lip gloss and giving her lips just the subtle-less hint of color. You could line them if you felt like you needed to. I don’t want any definite definite line to them so I am just glossing. ‘Cause actually Aaron’s got pretty definite lip shape. What we need for this is we need a person, no I’m just kidding. What we need for this is we need your three shades, your highlight, your midtone and your contour. I guess the most important thing about this to think about is because it is a hooded eye and we’re doing a smoky look on it, in order to keep it looking a little more open, I did highlight this inside corner
and made sure that when I did my smoke that that area stayed a little brighter so it kept the eye wide open. I did keep my liner as tight to the lash line as possible. When doing a false lash on this look on a hooded eye as well, I would make sure you curl your natural lashes really well ’cause it helps lift the lid as well. And then do a softer false eyelash, don’t make it too thick or too heavy. And then of course as with any smoky eye look keep the rest of the face very minimal. And not too overdone. Okay so let’s take a look at the colors real quick that we used. And then we will come back with the finished look. We’ve used a crème beige we’ve used a matte beige over that crème beige and then we have a nice taupey midtone a rich matte burgundy than a black matte that went over that Then on the cheek I just used a subtle peach and then on the lips I used a very sheer peach gloss. I didn’t use anything with a lot of opacity to it.

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