Slow Russian – Listening lesson 6 – Makeup

Hello everyone and welcome to lesson number 6 of the Slow Russian video course! Today we’re going to talk about makeup. So, we’re having a girly video today. Have a look at the description box of this video to see the list of words we’re going to use today. Those will be “makeup”, “to put on makeup”, “lipstick”, “mascara” and many other words connected with makeup. So, let’s get started! This is my cosmetic bag. There are cosmetics. The bag is heavy. Because inside it there is a lot of cosmetics. I have lots of cosmetics. Because I like makeup. Let’s have a look at what is inside of the bag. Mascara. With mascara girls color their eyelashes. Eyelashes. We take the brush and color the eyelashes. I color my eyelashes with black mascara. I like black mascara. But many people like colored mascaras. Purple, brown, green. There are many-many different mascaras. Mascara for eyelashes. And this is eye shadow. Eye shadow palette. With eye shadow girls color their eyelids. Apply eye makeup. There are eye shadows of different colors. These are my favorites. And this is lipstick. Girls color their lips with it. This is dark lipstick. Dark shade. Many girls like red lipstick. Bright red. Today red lipsticks are very popular in Russia. But they don’t look good on everyone. For example, red lipstick doesn’t suit me. That’s why I don’t have red lipstick. And now a little bit about makeup in Russia. Russian girls like makeup. Not all of them. Some don’t wear makeup at all. But the majority of girls (very many) like makeup. They wear makeup every day. When they go to work, to college, on a date with someone Makeup is very important. And that was it for today. Thank you very much for watching. Don’t forget that you can practice all the new vocabulary in my next video – TPRS Russian Course #6. Go right there and practice the makeup vocabulary. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to receive more Russian videos. Bye-bye!

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  1. Макияж – Another loan word from French I'd guess. In French, it is "le maquillage". Like пляж, этажный, тротуар, гардероб

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